15 People Who Found A Solution To An Almost Impossible Task

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It seems that men accept it as a matter of honor to fulfill any kind of task! Doing a certain job in the best possible way is like a mission to them, and this is actually a good thing in most cases. Getting the job done right is essential, especially when it comes to efficiency and safety! We love seeing how seemingly impossible things get done by people who were more than determined, and this is what the list below is about. Some of the images are hard to believe or they are borderline ridiculous, but it is still funny to see them all!

1. This person is probably really good at Tetris

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of times when people tried to make something work, but this here is definitely on another level! The person who was able to stack all of these things on that truck needs an award, because the load is a lot bigger than the truck itself! As you can see, the vehicle could barely hold that weight and we guess that driving it in traffic would not be safe at all. Loading the truck is one thing, but thinking about safety is another story!

2. This is a matter of trust


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We guess that all group projects require a great deal of trust between everyone involved. The good plan is essential, too, and all the people who take part in it need to know exactly what they need to do in order for it to work. As you can see, these people had no plan, but they leaped into action! The man who climbed on that latter is really brave to do it, and he definitely has faith in his buddies who have the responsible task of supporting him. We hope it ended successfully!

3. Here is one controversial image

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People should always practice what they preach, and we really mean that! How could someone possibly think that people are going to believe them if they do the opposite of what they teach the others? This is what happened here. These men probably had to deliver this huge sign to a certain location. The sign was about the safety measures workers had to follow during their work shifts. However, the transportation of the sign is obviously in contradiction of all safety measures possible.

4. This is some clever thinking

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Sometimes a quick fix is all it takes if you want to get a job done. This person had no idea he needed to get his power tools out one more time after installing their new bed. The bed turned out to be significantly higher than the old one, and this caused an unexpected inconvenience. The nightstand was now too short, so the person knew had to fix it. Buying a new one would mean additional costs, so the person just drilled a few holes in the wall and mounted the nightstand a few inches higher!

5. Safety first, right?

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We believe that improvisation is the thing that can literally save the day and get the job done in a lot of different situations. The image you see here is the best proof! This person had a ton of work at his job site, but there was a problem. He forgot to take his helmet with him, and he definitely needed that in order to follow the safety regulations. Realizing that he had to improvise, he thought of the fastest and most efficient way to do it!

6. Sometimes ‘efficient’ is now equal to ‘save’

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We need to admit that sometimes the genius ideas people come up with are not the best ones in terms of safety. It is easy to see that the way this person decided to haul the pickup truck in the back of another truck is anything but safe! There is even additional load in the bed of the pickup! This makes things really efficient, but it looks like the pickup is about to fall off any given second. Driving behind this truck would not be a good idea for sure!

7. This is an unbelievable setup

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We hardly believed our eyes when we saw this one! You can clearly see that this man put himself entirely in the hands of faith! The ridiculous setup he created looks so fragile that it can give you instant anxiety! We guess that he is experienced in doing things this way, because he seems too calm, considering the rig beneath him! Any other person would be shaking and trembling because one wrong move and the whole thing would come crashing down!

8. This is definitely not a good idea

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You can definitely tell that the setup these workers created is not a good idea for a number of reasons! First of all, repairing that machine can be done in a numerous ways, but suspending it up in the air via a Bobcat and a few harnesses is not among those ways! The man who is pictured repairing the broken piece of equipment is either reckless or brave, because he looks focused on the repair job, instead of making preparations to leap back if something goes wrong.

9. Here is how not to cut through concrete

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Doing a certain job requires some essential things. You need to have the right tools and skillset for the job, and you also need to be equipped well because safety comes first. It seems that this worker skipped reading the safety instructions manual. He decided to cut through thick concrete wearing nothing but a shirt! We guess that doing something like this without safety goggles, a face mask and a helmet is nothing but reckless!

10. This man must be a professional

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This image is definitely not for the faint of heart! We actually like gardening a lot and we can watch garden landscape professionals do their things for hours and hours because it is so satisfying to see the result of their work! It gives you a certain feeling of satisfaction, we guess. However, not all gardeners are so comforting to watch as the rest are. This man gives us anxiety instead of satisfaction. We have no idea how he keeps his balance, but we hope he finished the task successfully!

11. ‘There, I fixed it’!

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Making the effort necessary to achieve the desirable end result is inevitable. If you decide to skip some of the steps, you are likely to achieve a result that is nowhere near your initial expectations! To give an example, we included this image in the list. There was a spot in this linoleum floor that was severely damaged, so it needed some attention. One of the employees decided to do his best and made a quick and easy fix. The problem is that it would hardly last long!

12. These two mean must be a great team

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As we already mentioned, one of the most important factors when it comes to working together with other people is the amount of trust you have each other! We believe that this is the basis of every successful project, and this image proves it. Without the man on the right, the other person would not be able to get the job done, but we still guess that the risk in this situation is not worth it at all!

13. Here is another example of clever thinking

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We appreciate the effort this man made in order to be able to protect his eyes, but there are some things that worry us. First of all, it is a cardboard box and it could easily catch fire, and second – his eyesight is surely restricted, so the quality of that weld is definitely questionable. The important part is that he did not give up and found a way to protect himself.

14. This has got to be joke

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Of all the silly and borderline ridiculous quick repairs we have seen, this one certainly takes the prize! We have no idea who did it, but we guess that it is not the right way to replace a side mirror! In fact, adding it changes nothing and we are convinced that it might be a joke. Nobody would use a dentist’s mirror to replace a car mirror!

15. This is one super clever invention

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Some people can make DIY wonders and this device is no exception! The man pushing it is probably the mastermind behind it, and his idea is definitely brilliant! Instead of chasing his animals in an attempt to gather them in one place, he came up with this strange, but useful rig! Seeing it in action makes us wonder why this isn’t an actual thing? We believe that many people would find it helpful. Using it is also not a big we guess, because it looks like it is made of lightweight materials.

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