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15 Photos Proving That Timing Is Everything

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that you need a lot of skills to take the perfect photo! It also takes years of experience and probably some talent, too. However, there are other key factors that can be a game changer! One of them is timing! Whether you were waiting for the perfect moment or it happened accidently, it is the end result that counts! Sometimes all you have is one exact second to take the shot! If you take the photo too early or too late, it will never be the same as the perfect moment you missed.

Check out the following list and see for yourself that timing is everything when it comes to taking good photos!

1. This is the best photo bomb we have seen in a while

Image Source: FunnyJunk

We cannot believe the caption this girl left about her photo! How could someone not like this amazing photo? We get that she wanted to take a nice photo with Phil Dunphy, but it turned out to be even better than the initial plan. As you can see, Walter White happened to walk right behind them, which is amazing. This girl got more than she asked for, and she should be very happy with her photo! We like it a lot!

2. Here is one intriguing photo

Image Source: Reddit

When you watch some kind of a sports event like a game or a tournament, there are always a lot of information windows popping up on the screen. Whether it is an ad or a scoreboard screen, you can always tell that they are digitally generated. However, in some cases you may be puzzled by what you see, and this example proves it. Did you notice how the seagull seems to be standing exactly on top of the scoreboard?

3. It seems that this cat decided to pack everything and leave

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes life forces you to make tough choices. This may require drastic changes such as relocating! The reasons behind such a decision are not always good, but this is just how life goes, we guess. As you can see, this feline accepted the facts and packed up everything necessary for its new home. The cat looks a bit sad to leave, but there is also some determination in that facial expression. Of course, this is nothing more than a funny picture and the cat is not driving the SUV, but it all looked like a movie scene!

4. Here is another proof that we live in a simulation

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of people who support the Matrix theory. It is a radical idea claiming that we are not living in a real world. These people think that we live in a computer simulation, much like the one in the Matrix trilogy. We guess that the supporters of this theory have a lot of reasons to believe in it, but it would take a lot more than some photos to prove that. However, pictures like this one make us wonder if there is actually some truth to what they were saying.

5. This is one really clever meme

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes the perfect timing for a photo has a whole new meaning to it! The timing here was done in the factory where this urinal was produces. As you can see, there is a label with a serial number on it. It does not appear to be something extraordinary, but you just need to read the number out loud. It actually says ‘for you to pee into’. This literally blew our minds! We love coincidences like this one a lot!

6. We all know that some birds steal food

Image Source: Reddit

We are used to seeing how seagulls steal food from people’s hands or plates! The annoying birds have zero shame when it comes to having a snack and they leap into action! Some people are amused by this kind of theft while other are horrified. However, it appears that seagulls are not the only food-snatching birds out there. This rooster literally nicked the ice cream cone this woman was holding, and someone was there to capture the moment.

7. Here is one stunt in the making

Image Source: Reddit

Watching cats play is one of our favorite things! We believe that the majority of the people online like to amuse themselves by doing the same! Our feline friends are always up to something, and we cannot get enough of them. If you have some time to spare, you could definitely take some great shots of your cats. This is what this person probably did, and it paid off! As you can see, the shot captured the moment one of the cats jumped behind the other. It is a real action photo of an actual attack!

8. Being scolded by Captain America is definitely worth the photo

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

Some photos are just meant to be turned into a meme, and we believe this one is suitable! As you can see, this person was fortunate to meet Captain America, which is not something that can happen to you every day! However, the initial reaction of the happy person was to swear out of excitement, which was obviously too much for the superhero! He immediately replied, causing a burst of laughter, which was captured on this photo. It is absolutely priceless!

9. This toddler was probably very unhappy from the second after this photo was taken

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people are just not lucky enough to keep what they want! We bet that this toddler wanted to keep the whole banana, but gravity had something else in mind. As you can see, someone captured the exact moment when the banana snapped and began its short journey to the ground. We bet that a real meltdown followed, because kids tend to overreact about such things.

10. Finding a mouse in your home never looked so cool

Image Source: Reddit

The majority of people are afraid of mice, and there are a lot of reasons for this type of fear. However, mice are not that bad and despite they can cause significant damage sometimes, there is something cute about them. This photo is definitely a proof of that! Just take a look at this little guy trying to act as climber! This mouse looks almost like Stewart Little in the middle of a stunt! We guess that this person really enjoyed finding this brave little guy and we are thankful for the photo.

11. Here is another cat attack in process

Image Source: Reddit

This is another cute feline attack in the making, and someone was lucky enough to take the perfect photo. The unsuspecting cat in the front seems to be chilling without sensing the danger! As we already mentioned, we love seeing cats during playtime, because there is something really wild about them. Sometimes cats resemble their bigger versions in the wild, and we like seeing these similarities.

12. This photo will make you laugh for sure

Image Source: Reddit

Going to the local drive-through restaurant is always fun, but sometimes it offer more than that! Imagine this person amazement upon seeing this polite dog ordering a drink! Of course, it is not the dog who ordered, but the angle of the photo it sure seems this way! This is one of our favorite photos in the whole list and we cannot stop smiling after we saw it.

13. Here is how a Gatorade shower looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Being a journalist is a lot tougher than most people probably think. It involves a lot of hard work, not to mention the numerous dangerous situations that can occur. However, sometimes these situations are nothing but funny, and we are glad that some of them were capture on photos of videos! As you can see, this situation is no exception! The photo shows the exact moment when a reporter I literally showered with a bucket full of Gatorade! The person who poured it was aiming for the player, but he missed.

14. This man is unaware of the funny coincidence he was involved in

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, some of the most perfectly timed photos are really unexpected, and this one is a nice example. This man is completely unaware that he had a bowler for a few moments! The funny photo is super fresh, and we like how the bowler goes together with the person’s striped sweater! It was probably an even more amusing thing to see in person.

15. This one is not about timing, but it is about perfection

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people believe that there is no such thing as a perfect product. We guess that this statement is close to the actual truth! No matter what category you may point out, you are likely to never find a flawless product in it. However, we guess that this is not always applicable. As you can see, someone found the perfect bra and took a photo of it! The bra might look unusual and probably a bit kinky, but it also look quite comfortable! We guess that you can call it perfect! The color is nice, too.

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