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15 Photos Showing How Weird And Wonderful Our World Is

Image Source: Twitter

If you need to take some time off to distract yourself from work or worries, you are in luck! The following list will be more than enough to make you smile and even laugh! The images on the list will show you exactly how weird and wonderful the world is! This will make you realize that nothing is worth the worries and all you need to do with your life is live it and enjoy it.

1. Here is one weird way to greet someone

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, someone created a really nice and informative guide on how to greet someone by shaking each other’s ankles! The cool graphics are admirable, but the idea seems to be a bit controversial. After all, you need to admit that touching someone’s ankles several times a day would be awkward, especially on a rainy day! We have no clue if this is an actual thing or it was nothing more but a joke, but we need to state that we refuse to do it if it becomes a new trend!

2. These are a real bargain

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there you have it! If you are wondering how to spend $2.50, this is the best possible way to do it, period! Maybe it will be the closest you will ever be to cat, and it is good enough for us! The finger cat paw add-ons look very realistic, too! However, you probably realize that most people would react to this product the same way the cat on the box did! The sheer amazement, the shock and the question ‘why’ would probably be normal reactions, too.

3. This is not the typical public restroom

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, it would be an awkward experience to use this toilet in the presence of another person! Just look at that interior design! What were these people thinking, anyway? Whose bright idea was this? Leaving huge windows between the separate toilet cabins was obviously done when the toilets were installed, but the question ‘why’ remains! Nobody would like to chat with the person next door for sure! Imagine how embarrassing it would be to actually use this restroom!

4. Here is one way to make money from Bitcoin

Image Source: Reddit

While people are busy following the cryptocurrency markets in hopes of returning their investment, someone found a clever way to make real money from the Bitcoin craze! Seeing these huge stacks of chocolate coins really made our day! We love a great business idea when we see one, and the person behind this surely knows how things are done! Everyone loves chocolate and the price is ridiculously small, so the business must be booming!

5. Yes, this is a DIY limo

Image Source: The Chive

People live DIY! We need to admit that also have a soft spot for DIY projects. Some individuals are willing to go the extra mile and their projects start as DIY ideas but end up in a disaster! However, in some cases the projects avoid taking turn for the worse and there is an actual end result! We guess that whoever created this ridiculous limo van is probably really proud with the machine, but we think that it is not what you would expect to see when the words ‘limo’ and ‘van’ are actually in the same sentence.

6. There are no shortcuts to great abs

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Beautiful and strong abs are among most people’s dreams, there is no doubt about that. Many people actually get to live that dream, but they paid a high cost for it. It takes a lot of work and sweat, as well as willpower and restrictions. Most people consider the sacrifices to be too big, so they are stuck without visible abdominal muscles. This man obviously decided to defeat the system, but we guess that a tattoo is just not going to cut it! The pun was unintentional, but it worked out good. Yes, that one was unintentional, too!

7. Some ideas are really good life hacks

Image Source: The Chive

It seems that people find it harder and harder to socialize! The busy work schedules, the tech gadgets and social media robbed us and we lost the feeling of what it’s like to be really alive and surrounded by your close friends and family. If you accepted that reality, there is little that could be done, so you might just play along. As you can see, some person is obviously feeling the same way and the priceless piece of advice she gave everyone is mind-blowing!

8. Here is one interesting product

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We all know that most self-defense gadgets are supposed to de hidden or disguised as other regular objects. However, creating a pepper spray bottle that looks like lip gloss is definitely something extra! If there were no labels on the package, nobody could ever suspect that it was actually something very different! We hope that whoever bought this pepper spray bottle never gets to use it!

9. We hope that this is not already a trend

Image Source: Reddit

Do you get the strange feeling that every now and then different segments of the fashion industry are just stalling? It is a phenomenon that we have noticed several times before. It is easy to notice when that happens, because people start materializing all kinds of crazy ideas, hoping that some of them may actually become a hit and revive the industry. Well, we guess that a leather handbag shaped like a dog would never become a best-seller on the market.

10. Would you like to be seen in this vehicle?

Image Source: The Chive

There are a lot crazy custom modifications that you could do to your vehicle, but we guess that putting a Shrek head on the roof is game changer! As you can clearly see, someone spend a lot of money, time and effort into turning this large car into something really unique. It even has the teeth on the windscreen, making it look like a giant mouth. We are not sure how we feel about this car, but we are sure that we would never get in, because we would risk to be photographed will riding in it, and we don’t want that t happen.

11. Maybe there is a deeper meaning behind this tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

When we saw the photo above for the first time, we were really puzzled! We tried to decipher its meaning, but no matter how much though we tried to put in, we failed to explain the hidden meaning behind it. As you can see, this person decided to get a tattoo featuring jorts! This is actually an awkward thing to do, but it gets even weirder, because this person also added the saying ‘built, not bought’. Does this mean the person created an actual pair of jorts from scratch? We would love to see those!

12. Board games will never be obsolete

Image Source: Reddit

Some individuals are literally obsessed with board games, which is why the manufacturers keep on coming up with all kinds of random types! It doesn’t even need to be an entirely new game! All it takes is to rework a popular one and slap a brand new theme on it! As you can see, this plan actually worked and people will probably be overwhelmed to try BibleOpoly or the other new versions of Monopoly. We like that people try to think outside of the box, it in a lot of cases these attempts end up with a bang.

13. Nobody can escape their destiny

Image Source: Reddit

We love fortune cookies, because there is always a funny story to tell when you see the fortune! In some cases, the fortune becomes the reason for a new funny story! The person who saw their fortune probably did not expect that it could work immediately! But hey, who are we to judge fortune cookies! There are obviously great powers within them! This photo is the proof! We don’t see anything bad in loving a duck for the rest of its life!

14. Some photos speak for themselves

Image Source: DumpaDay

As you can see, this photo features only two objects and nothing more. What is even weirder is that the objects appear to be completely unrelated! However, nothing is what it seems! If you just take a moment and think about the photo, you will surely feel like a talented detective, because it would become clear what happened before this photo was taken. The pregnancy test clearly showed a result that the person holding the drink did not expect at all! We hope that everything worked out in the end, though.

15. This psychic is probably going to take a break

Image Source: DumpaDay

They say that there is no such thing as a bad advertisement, but we guess that this old saying is just wrong. As you can see, a simple accident can be equally bad for your business and for your car, too! Most people would probably thing that a real psychic could see such a disaster coming their way, but this is not what happened here!

Written by Nick Martin

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