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15 Photos That Will Definitely Make You Smile For The Rest Of The Day

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Everyone wants to feel completely happy in most of the time, but life does not work that way. Even if you are in a constant state of joy, there will surely be moments when you are feeling down or something will annoy you. This is actually a good thing, because you can appreciate the good moments by experiencing the bad ones. Even if you get stuck in a bad period of time, some kindness and a good deed are all it takes to restore things back to the most positive level possible.

Allowing an inmate to visit his sick mother is just an example for that! Check out the list to see more wholesome things.

1. Taking pride in other people’s achievements is awesome

Image Source: Twitter

There are a lot of people who are compassionate enough to feel happy about their achievements and success. Of course, not everyone you know would be like that, but it is more than enough to have at least a few of them by your side. This is a nice example! Someone graduated from university and their proud mother decided to turn the Master’s degree into a bed cover! This way everyone would know about the success!

2. This is an amazing act of kindness

Image Source: Reddit

We have always believed that as long as we see such acts of kindness like this one, the world would still be a good place. After an Instagram user sadly lost their dog, one the followers unexpectedly sent this painting as a gift. The amazing artist recreated the dog in incredible details. It had an even bigger impact, because the artist turned out to be born with a disability and she cannot use her arms. The painting was created by using her mouth and feet! This kind and touching act of generosity was probably a big help after the loss of the dog.

3. Here is a nice surprise

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes the little things in life are all that matters. They have an even bigger impact is you did not expect them in the first place! As you can see, this person had no idea that he was in for a nice surprise! Imagine what it felt like being in his place: you find a remote with a button you have never seen before. Then you have to decide whether to press it or not. We guess it was a risk, because the owners of the house were strangers to you and you did not know their preferences and tastes. However, it turned out to be a national symbol instead of something scary or inappropriate! We love such small and positive little details.

4. Caring for your family members is essential

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that we should always love and respect our family members no matter what! However, it seems to be harder and harder to do, because our busy schedules and frequent work trips make it nearly impossible. But the right thing to do is take our time and do what we need to do. This young man sets the perfect example with this post! He captioned the photo, saying that his 86-year-old widowed grandmother hasn’t been on a holiday for more than a decade, so he took her on a cruise!

5. This is the most wholesome thing ever

Image Source: Twitter

Get ready to get your tissues out! This amazing story is all about the good vibes in the world! This family went to pick up the birthday cake they ordered for the 11-year-old daughter’s birthday. They were stunned to find that someone paid for it and the reason for that was heartbreaking! There was a note attached to cake, explaining that it was paid for by the mother of a girl who passed away and today was also her birthday. We love this cause, because the idea to spread good after losing someone is amazing!

6. Some encounters happen in the best time

Image Source: Reddit

This is another example how something seemingly small can make all the difference! The photo shows a truck which is completely stuck in the mud. The driver must have been close to giving up when this jogger showed up. There was language barrier between them, but they somehow figured out a way to communicate by gestures and signals! The truck was free in no time, and each of the two men went on their way.

7. Here is why you should do random acts of kindness every time you have the chance to

Image Source: Twitter

People need to realize that spreading goodness is not that much of an effort. Everyone could do it without skipping their usual responsibilities. This post is a nice example! As you can see, all this woman did was to pay for the next person’s coffee. It costs just a few dollars, but for the other person it was something priceless! A small act of kindness was able to turn this person’s whole day around and probably gave her hope that better times were coming.

8. Here is what determination can lead to

Image Source: Twitter

This little girl really gives the best example of what determination looks like! She spent three years developing a board game which her blind uncle could play! This is something outstanding and we guess that it took a lot of effort and love. Creating something like this proves that nothing is impossible if you want to help those in need and you do it from the bottom of your heart.

9. This is another example of perfect timing

Image Source: Reddit

We already mentioned that some encounters are not random at all! It seems that strangers often meet in the best possible time. Sometimes these things happen for an obvious reason and can even save a life! When a woman had an asthma attack and had no inhaler, a stranger showed up and gave her his own inhaler to use! This is just one simple example of random goodness in the best possible moment. We need to trust the timing of our lives.

10. Some people often go above and beyond their duties

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes people go beyond their usual duties and join forces in order to be able to make a difference in other people’s lives. The people from Ada County Sheriff’s Department in Idaho decided to do something amazing and arranged a surprise for a hundred children from disadvantaged families. They took the kids to Walmart and bought them everything they needed before the beginning of the school year – shoes, clothes, backpacks and supplies.

11. Paying respects to someone is worthy of applause

Image Source: Reddit

We were deeply touched to see this! One Pizza Hut location decided to close on of their booths in honor of a regular client who passed away. The elderly man was a veteran and visited the place every day of the past 40 years! Such dedication needed to be honored and we are glad that the staff decided to pay their respects in the best possible way!

12. Here is something rather strange, but good for the environment

Image Source: Reddit

This is a good example of how everyone can contribute to society by doing something small! This person obviously has a strange habit that is actually good for the environment! As you can see, he uses his side mirror to stash his cigarette filters instead of just throwing them out the window! We guess that it might appear to be strange, but he avoids littering! This is all that matters in this case. Maybe some of can adopt a similar habit, which would be admirable.

13. Taking care of other without a profit is a wonderful thing

Image Source: Reddit

One Reddit user posted a photo with a beautiful story about doing the right thing when nobody asked for it. The person and a lot of other passengers were stuck for hours after their flight to Seattle was delayed. Fortunately, a beef jerky bran representative happened to be among the passengers. She noticed that a lot of people were hungry after the long wait, so she did something amazing. She actually gave out all the sample packages she had to the people around her! We guess that she was praised by everyone, because she earned it!

14. Here is a photo of a good deed in the middle of Union Station in LA

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of something small that can change someone else’s life! This passenger stopped in the middle of the station when he saw a homeless man. He opened his suitcase and started digging up clothes to give to the man! It is a really touching thing to do, and the generous person has our admiration! This is how you set the right example! He knew that he had to help, and immediately did it.

15. This is the way animals should be treated

Image Source: Reddit

This hare has been making a mess in one family’s garden, but they did nothing about it. After all, it is a wild animal and it does what it needs to do to survive. However, during another heat wave, the animal needed some help! As you can see, the hare gladly accepted the water offered by the people. This is the right attitude when it comes to treating animals! They cannot repay you back, but you need to be kind and help them when they cannot help themselves.

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