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15 Pics That Must Have Been Taken In A Parallel World

Image Source: Reddit

There are weird things out there that could steal your attention in a matter of seconds! Some of these pics will make you look at them for a while in order to believe your eyes while others can literally make you cringe. Seeing a compilation of images showing such objects, people or situations may actually be the thing you need to amuse yourself from the daily hustle and bustle!

1. Here is something appropriate to kick off the list with

Image Source: Imgur

You will probably need to take your time with this one and let what you see sink in for a while. We tried to study the photo and we cannot decide whether it is a left or right hand. In fact, we cannot even decide it is a hand or a foot! Trying to figure out what it actually is might take forever so we gave up! Maybe some of you will be able to solve this mystery. We are not sure if we even want to know the right answer.

2. Now this is a car tire like you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Car design has come a long way and many things about it have changed dramatically over the years. However, some things about it remain the same or they at least look the same. The tires are among these things and while their characteristics change, their appearance is basically the same – we see the good old black rubber all the time. This person probably wanted to try a different approach but we believe that this feathery look is not going to be a market success.

3. This is not your average fish

Image Source: Reddit

Many people consider fishing to be the best hobby ever! The reasons they have are something we could agree with. If you decide to go fishing, you will probably head for a location that is beautiful and quiet, which means that you will get the ultimate rest. The hustle and bustle typical for the big city brings a lot of stress and fishing can relieve it! Sometimes you can even have a cool story to tell after you went fishing and whoever took this image will have one was well.

4. Nature works in mysterious ways

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that nature is capable of throwing unexpected surprises at us all the time! We already know a lot about the flora and the fauna but it does not mean that we cannot be surprised by it every once in a while. Whoever found this hybrid was probably more than surprised! As you can see, it resembles a tomato that was cut in half, but it appears to have strawberries growing inside! It might be an optical illusion, but it surely looks peculiar!

5. This early model Mustang got an extreme makeover

Image Source: Imgur

As much as we are used to seeing different modifications made to many different types of vehicles, there is always something new that can make our jaws hit the pavement. In this case, the modification is quite controversial and most people would probably consider this to be a joke. We also guess that a classic Mustang should be treated in a different way, but who are to judge, anyway! As you can see a lot of money and effort were put into it!

6. Some pets are probably better off without going for a walk

Image Souce: Imgur

We guess that a man’s love for their pet is truly something worth discussing, because it can go beyond any limits! Sometimes, however, it takes a weird turn and things end up looking awkward. It is one thing to care for your pet but taking your fish for a walk in the park is something completely different! As you can see, this man created a setup enabling him to take the fish out. The special aquarium looks neatly crafted by the whole thing just feels wrong.

7. This is the only Porsche you would probably never drive

Image Source: Imgur

The world of automobiles is always an interesting topic because it has so much to offer. This is especially true when it comes to customizing a ride. The possibilities are endless and sometimes people do their own thing instead of following a certain trend and that is how the unique custom rides are born. Well, sometimes seeing such a one-off car can make you wish that it was never made! This Porsche is definitely a nice example! They ruined a perfectly good sports car just to make this artistic look that probably nobody would like.

8. Here is a person with a distinctive hairstyle

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Image Source: Imgur

We believe that hairstyles can be as different as people’s characters are! After all, your appearance reflects who you are! If we assume that this is true in all cases, then the person in the photo must have a huge sense of humor. Despite his mean look, we believe this image was taken just for laughs! This is obviously not his hair! He put some sort of a dry hedge on his head to achieve the absurd appearance we can see in the photo.

9. Now this is a mystery nobody could solve

Image Source: Imgur

We often see images that are controversial for some reason. Whether they show something questionable of they simply hold a trick question, such images can spark a real debate. The photo above can obviously raise a few questions and the main one is clear enough – how could this be even possible? If we assume that it did not actually happen like the tire tracks suggest, then what really happened here?

10. This is a genuine image

Image Source: Imgur

Chances are that every few minutes you spend online you can come across an image that appears to be altered. Such images look too surreal and something about them just bothers you to the point that you need to know if it is a genuine photograph or not. This picture above is one of them for sure! The jellyfish looks like nothing we have seen before and it even resembles a 3D-generated object. Regardless of the way it looks, the image is absolutely real and this jellyfish apparently exists in real life.

11. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Imgur

Curiosity is something embedded within each and every one of us and the only difference is that some people are a lot more curious than others. This is why whenever we see something unexplainable, we all want to know more details about it, but some of us want this to happen immediately. It turned out that even a simple thing like this tiny door is enough to spark our curiosity, not to mention that we fell in love with the cute setup.

12. It turns out that some cats actually love hanging around bars

Image Source: Imgur

This is an image that will puzzle most people but cat lovers would probably be delighted to see it! As funny as it is, we need to add comments about a few details about it. First, it appears that the cat is not in the right mood and probably came to bar to cheer up a bit. Second, we are not sure how that could happen because it appears that there is only water and cat treats on the bar! Maybe the atmosphere at that bar is enough for the feline to feel better.

13. There is obviously a serious problem with this building

Image Source: Imgur

We have seen all kinds of construction issues and some of them are really unexpected. As you can clearly see, this is one of them! Apparently the building was flooded and water came rushing in from literally everywhere! And by saying ‘everywhere’, we literally mean that. Seeing how water flows from the electrical sockets on the wall is definitely something that is not right and we hope they cut off the power supply to the whole building.

14. It seems that this is a real warning sign

Image Source: Imgur

When we saw this for the first time, we thought that it is a cleverly designed prank, but it turned out that the sign is legit! While it has to be specific and informative as every other sign, this one only announced something that would either happen or not, which makes the whole setup pointless. After all, they could have delayed putting up the sign until it was clear if the road was going to be closed at all or not.

15. Here is another person walking his pets

Image Source: Imgur

Some individuals are not into traditional pets. Everyone could raise a cat or a dog, but we believe that it takes a special person to have two huge pet snakes! Even more, this person probably wants everyone to know how extra he really is, because he took the snakes out for a walk. Well, it is not an actual walk, because they can’t walk, but the whole thing looks extremely weird. It is definitely a scene worth featuring in a movie or a TV series.

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