15 Questions Retail Workers And Serves Want To Ask Their Customers

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There is no doubt that working in the retail sector can be challenging. In fact, working with people is hard, regardless of your niche. As you are about to read, those who work as servers or retail workers have a lot to share from their experience. They know just how difficult can be to please people. The ups and downs of being a server or a retail worker are explained below.

1. The prices

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Here is something we have all seen take place, despite the fact we don’t work in the retail sector. People love complaining about everything and they feel they have the right to do it all the time. Well, here is a newsflash: they should not do it.

2. The abuse

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This tweet is a good addition to the previous one. While most clients yell and complain to the worker in front of them, some customers can actually understand it is not the worker’s fault for whatever they don’t like. Still, they feel they should say everything they have in mind.

3.The masks

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We believe that many people are not fully aware of the concept behind wearing a mask. They seem to tolerate an annoying thing everyone does: they take off their mask when talking, which is exactly the time when it should be on their faces.

4. The comments

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People often comment on the service they receive immediately after they walk away. This is something that irritates retail workers because they could take some criticism if they realize they did something wrong. Still, customers never say it to their faces.

5. The complaints

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Sometimes, customers are so irritated or unhappy with something that they feel the need to tell the staff they will never come back again. Needless to say, retail workers could not care less, as it is not their business.

6. The shouting

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This is something we could never understand, which is why never do it. There are countless ways to ask for help or assistance, but shouting this is definitely not one of these ways. We guess it is kind of disrespectful for the staff.

7. The line

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There is nothing harder than trying to keep customers in a straight line except for asking them to keep their distance. Most people seem to be careless when they wait for their turn and retail workers find it impossible to explain why is that important.

8. The questions

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Sometimes, customers seem to enjoy wasting a worker’s time. This tweet suggests such a situation. As you can see, there are things that can consume a retail worker’s time and energy. We guess this is a relatable tweet for many people.

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9. The manager

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Ah, there is a classic scenario that we could never miss including on this list. Needless to say, one of the things employees dislike the most is when customers want to speak to their managers. They are not magicians and they could hardly make a difference.

10. The cards

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Here is another classic case of inappropriate behavior. On many occasions, the customer’s card gets declined and they instantly feel the need to take it all on the employee. This is pointless and people seem to think it is the employee’s fault.

11. The question

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Sometimes, you see something and you cannot help it but agree. This is how we felt after reading this tweet. The thing people do when they realize the product they want is not in stock is to blame the nearest employee. This is not the thing to do.

12. The awkward thing

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Yes, it is kind of awkward that some people think that taking their mask off or pulling it down would help them hear better. Well, it will not, and there is nothing they can say to justify such a thing. Masks are a must and all clients should wear them.

13. The odd questions

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People can easily cross the line when they start asking an employee personal questions. This is not acceptable and we guess employees do not like that one bit. This tweet reveals one of the most frequently asked questions of them all.

14. The jokes

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Here is something we have witnessed a lot when shopping or going to grab a cup of coffee. Some people cannot help but make jokes while their order is being processed. More often than not, these situations are awkward, as employees don’t get why people do that.

15. The obvious obstacle

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Servers from everywhere could easily relate to this tweet, as it describes something that happens all the time. People don’t feel the need to help servers when their hands are full because they think that it is not their obligation to do so.

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