15 Relatable Comics Picturing Real Life Relationships

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Relationships are a very complicated thing, and there are a lot different little details that can add value or jeopardize them. It all depends on the people, actually, and the bond between them. However, when you see that something in another couple’s relationship is similar to yours, you immediately get curious about whether there are other similarities. As it turns out, there are a lot of things that happen pretty much in every relationship, and this is a very interesting pattern, not to mention that seeing someone behave the way you and your partner do is rather comforting, because you feel that you must be on the right track and you are doing everything right.

If you haven’t seen something relatable soon, you are in luck, because you are about to see a list of comics that will surely make you relate to them, because you will find a lot of similarities between them and your own life with your partner.

Enjoy them!


1. Height differences are cute

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A lot of people are probably in this situation, and it is perfectly fine, because you don’t choose your partner by their size, but rather by their personality and the way they treat you. However, those of you who have a significant difference in height will surely agree that there is something very sweet about it, and there are numerous ways to compensate it as well, which adds to the whole experience of sharing your life with your partner.

2. Cutting some slack on your partner is a must

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Knowing that your partner is not particularly good at something does mean that you need to treat them bad for it. In fact, sparing them the negative comments is a must, because one person’s feeling can be easily hurt by the one they love, and nobody wants that. One of the most common things for which this rule needs to be applied is cooking, and you just need to be extra careful with your reactions, even if the meal tastes horrible.

3. The appearance doesn’t matter

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Here is one thing that can serve as the absolutely best test for the way your partner treats you. Real love is blind, and therefore the appearance or the style of the person you chose to share your life with does not matter that much and you just need to love their inner self, because it is all about the personality. The body of each person will change over the years, and they will not be the same person physically, but their heart, mind and soul will stay the same.

4. Childish games are a sign of love

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Well, we must admit that we have all been there. Showing your significant other that you love them can be done in so many ways, and this is only one of them. Playing with your girl’s body without making fun of it is a cute way of saying ‘I love you’ and shows a special kind of affection that people seem to forget about, but it should be shown on a regular basis.

5. Showing support is essential

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We all have our bad days and we feel down for all sorts of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for feeling sick are having a hangover or catching a cold, and everyone hates these moments. However, when that time comes, you will surely feel the support of your partner, no matter how ugly the situation may become. After all, when two people get married, they agree to be together in sickness and health, right?

6. The important things in a relationship cannot be bought

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Everyone would agree that the best thing about having a sincere relationship that is full of love and affection is the fact that there is a strong bond between the two people in that relationship, which makes them want each other’s company as much as possible. This is the reason why real relationships are not based on anything else but trust, desire and love, and wanting just to see your partner is among the best feelings in the world.

7. Underlining what’s important is crucial

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Everyone has a past, and that is perfectly fine. If you are in a relationship that makes you feel good and you feel each other’s love, that’s all that matters, actually. The things that are left in the past must simply stay there, and if there is one or more episodes that bother your partner for some particular reason, you need to make sure that you show that nothing matters except your current status. This will get rid of all doubts that your partner might have.

8. True love causes overreacting sometimes

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We could all agree on this one for sure! When you get used to living with your partner, you get attached to everything about that way of life, and if it needs to be interrupted for some reason like a business trip, for example, or visiting the relatives, things can get a bit out of control and some overreacting might come into play. Missing someone while they’re gone is nothing but a sign of love, and there is no need for extra drama, but most of us still do it.

9. This explains a lot of people’s behavior

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Some of you might not take this very good, because it is not easy to face the truth about yourself in certain cases. However, once someone who actually acts like that realizes the mistake, things might take a turn for the better. We have always wondered why people are so picky when it comes to finding a partner. This is a mistake because by rejecting someone for their appearance you lose the chance to get to know them.

10. Break-ups are always hard

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There probably isn’t a living person today that has not been in a break-up, and this means that we are familiar with the way it feels. Sometimes things can go smooth, but in other cases it could be a very sad or painful process, and we hate it when that happens. However, each break-up means that it leaves room for something new to enter in a person’s life, and that is a good thing if you are lucky enough to find something better and feel whole again.

11. Finding the right words is tough sometimes

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One of the hardest things to do is find the most appropriate words to use when the time to express your feelings comes. A lot of us have done it a funny or even weird way, because it not always the romantic scenario that is put to good use. People do stupid things sometimes, because love makes them do it, and that is actually not a bad thing when it comes to expressing your feelings. If you are sincere and truly mean what you want to say, the words would hardly matter.

12. Sometimes you just need a little push

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There are probably a lot of love stories that never happened because on the people was just too scared to reveal any feelings at all, which is a very stupid thing to do. If you love someone, you have nothing to lose and you should express what you feel immediately, because keeping it inside of you is far worse than a rejection, and it is definitely worth the try. If you fail to do it, but your crush feels it, then you need to consider yourself lucky.

13. When the time to admit your feelings comes, you will be very nervous and that is fine

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One of the sweetest feelings in life is the moment you are about to open your heart and soul and just pour their contents in front of the person you have been in love with for some time. It is a gamble because you might get rejected, and this causes a lot of nervous episodes, sweaty palms and a blurry mind. However, all of these things do not matter as long as you are able to express those feelings fully and hope that the other person feels the same.


14. Most couples suffer from anxiety

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Today’s world is not that easy to live in, and maintaining a relationship proves to become harder and harder. One of the most common problems for every relationship is the anxiety of one or both of the people in it. In most cases this anxiety has absolutely no ground, but it is still present and constantly trying to ruin your experience. The fact that it can go on forever proves that love conquers all and can overcome even a thing like that.

15. Some people cannot be far apart for too long

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Some couples are extra close, and by extra we mean that they literally do everything together and spend all their time together. It is a rather controversial behavior, but those who do it find it to be the only way for them to be together. Some couples love their personal space and the individualities of the people in that couple need their own air to breathe, but some people really chain themselves together and spend every day by each other’s side.

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