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15 Things That Actually Happened And Thankfully We Have Their Photos

Image Source: Reddit

Years ago it would have been impossible to immediately capture a moment worth sharing later, because there was nothing to take a photo with. The past two decades changed that, and chances are that there is a camera in almost every pocket now. This allows everyone to snap a picture of an object or an event that should not be missed.

We could all agree that most of us have an addiction to filming or shooting all kinds of things. Our phones became extensions of our arms, which is kind of worrying, because nobody knows what this is going to lead us to. We hope that we will not allow to be completely obsessed by the tech gadgets that keep popping out all the time. All we could do for now is keep enjoying the curious and sometimes unbelievable things that people were able to capture with their cameras.

1. These lizard eggs got us dreaming

Image Source: Reddit

Upon looking at these tiny lizard legs, we immediately recalled the moment we saw Jurassic Park for the first time many years ago. If we happen to find something similar to the thing you see in the photo, we would hope for the eggs to be actually special. Everyone would like to discover the last eggs of a certain species that was supposed to be extinct. It seems exciting but it would probably never happen.

2. Have you seen glasses as thick as thеse?

Image Source: Reddit

We were absolutely stunned when we saw those glasses! They are so thick that they must weigh a ton! Even if they were the latest lightweight technology, they would probably still be heavy. The curious thing about them is the kind of lens they used to make them. We guess that the prescription numbers would be crazy. You begin to wonder what the person wearing them is able to see without putting them on.

3. This beer can is not very informative

Image Source: Reddit

Vintage objects and items are among our favorite things, and this is why we love seeing them. This particular one is rather interesting, because you don’t get to see a can of vintage beer every day. It is actually a curious item, because the can does not say much, and you can’t tell the manufacturer or even the type of beer. There are no images or colors, and it is really basic, making it the complete opposite of today’s beer cans.

4. The weather-predicting stone never gets old

Image Source: Reddit

Chances are that you have already seen this somewhere, but it is still one of the best things you could find on the internet. It may seem a stupid idea to some of you, but when you think about it, the method is always correct and there is no margin for error. The only inconvenience is probably the fact that you cannot know the prediction in advance. This makes the whole thing more or less pointless, but it was not invented with serious intentions after all.

5. Who says that money cannot buy happiness?

Image Source: Reddit

We agree that money is not the most important thing in the world, but it is still one of the most important things in today’s world! You can buy a lot of things that would make your life easier. The example you see here is the perfect solution to one of the most annoying things in every household – the foggy mirrors in the bathroom. Of course, the heated version costs a pretty penny, but it seems to be worth it.

6. Nope, this toothbrush is not pregnant

Image Source: Reddit

There is a really simple explanation for the strange object you see on the photo above. The toothbrush is neither defective, nor it is supposed to look like that. What actually happened is simply a case of neglect. Someone left it running for quite some time, causing the battery inside to develop a lot of heat. It was apparently enough for the plastic to begin to melt.

7. You can judge about this community by the way they care for their young trees

Image Source: Reddit

Young trees are far more vulnerable to the elements and to different pests and insects compared to the older ones. This creates the need of some kind of protection for them. The authorities in this unknown town not only took the necessary precautions but they also made the protective layers loom like carrots. The whole idea is absolutely adorable.

8. Everything about Old Spice products is classy, even the way they fall when you drop them

Image Source: Reddit

What are the odds of this happening again? The chances seem to be pretty slim, and we even think that such a stunt would be impossible for someone to repeat it. Of course, we don’t actually have a video of the moment these containers fell down. However, we decided to trust whoever claimed that they simply fell and landed like that. It brings a certain kind of satisfaction to see them in that position.

9. This is a perfect grass circle on a piece of rock

Image Source: Reddit

Mother Nature often does amazing things that we find hard to explain, but we still admire them a lot! This may not be the best example, but it is still a curious thing to see. For starters, the grass somehow managed to grow on a rock, which is not that strange. However, the small patch has a perfect round shape, which makes things interesting. There is probably no reason for it to grow like that and the round shape is just a coincidence, but it is still a cool thing to see.

10. Nothing wrong with this photo, right?

Image Source: Reddit

Most people would love to go running through this field, especially the more romantic folks among us! The reason why is because the field looks like a nice scenery for a couple of quick selfies. However, we can assure anyone who dares to do it that they would be in a lot of trouble, because this is not a field. This is actually a lake! Despite the luscious green plants that stretch out as far as the eyes could see, it is not what it seems at first glance. We are sure that there were people that learned the truth the hard way.

11. Having a personal style is not for everyone

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing the way that this person decided to suit up made us think about fashion choices in general, and we failed to determine whether his choice of clothes was funny or genius. There are a lot of ways to look at it. The first one is obviously the rational approach, which clearly tells us that putting on a camouflage jacket and bright light-reflective pants is a strange combination, but another point of view suggests that he just might be a trendy fashion rebel who stands against the fashion rules. We respect that!

12. This person was actually lucky to see this

Image Source: Reddit

This made us want to dig out any old tubes of fast-drying glue we have sitting around the house. Yes, we hope that we can be able to make a similar little piece of art, but we understand that it was purely accidental. The way that the contents of the glue froze inside the tube is simply amazing and it looks like someone sculpted the whole thing with a lot of precision. Our experience is basically the same thing happening over and over again – the glue dries and we end up throwing the whole bottle in the trash bin.

13. Here is one curious discovery

Image Source: Reddit

It is a small world and people realize this fact every day in the most unusual or unexpected ways. Someone noticed that there was something familiar with the scenery around, and soon the reason for that became more than clear. The background was actually the same scenery used for the pattern on one of the coin’s sides. It may not look like much, but it is the kind of coincidence that does not happen every day and we find it to be fascinating,

14. This is one more thing that you don’t see often

Image Source: Reddit

The most probable reason for the difference in the colors of this man’s foot is bad sunburn. We don’t mean the chocolate tan he has, but the strong difference between the white and darker part. The perfect straight line between the two areas serves as a reminder for all of us to be careful when the sun is up and the weather is sizzling hot. There may be another reason for the difference in the skin tone, but we have no way of knowing it for sure.

15. This is the most unusual garden we have seen in a long time

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people like gardening and they give their best to turn the spaces around their homes into beautiful pieces of dreamland. However, some folks have the desire to do something worth taking a photo of, but they seem to pick curious ways to approach that goal. Having a lot of golf balls instead of flowers is probably not a very common thing among most gardeners, but who are we judge, anyway? It is different and looks good, so we guess it works!

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