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15 Times Kids Proved They Are Out Bright Future

Image Source: Reddit

There is no telling what a kid’s future might be but one thing is for certain: their childhood matters the most. Everyone’s start in life is based on what they see and learn while growing up. Some children are blessed to have a great set of examples to follow but others may be struggling more to get on the right track. The list below shows how some kids proved that their road ahead might be a tad harder than the rest.

1. The apple slices

Image Source: Imgur

The reality of most parents is similar to the one described here. Sure enough, this person meant to have a good laugh but the tweet is very relatable. Kids love sweets but if you make them eat an apple, they will surely hesitate to consume them all at the same time, as if it was something yucky.

2. The movie

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that Lion King is definitely one of the all-time favorite movies of a few generations. The story had a great influence on kids but sometimes that influence takes a wrong turn. Thinking that some kids really wanted to eat bugs after seeing it makes us think about their future development.

3. The dolphin

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is something you don’t see every day! Swimming with dolphins is something most people would love to be a part of but they need to follow instructions. In this case, one kid listened carefully and when the instructor told him to gently kiss the animal, this happened.

4. The photo

Image Source: Ebaumsworld

Kids love doing all kinds of wacky things but they act kind of weird sometimes. This tweet shows how that happens. The kid you see here was not aware of the concept behind family photos and simply joined the fun. This is something that not many children would do.

5. The attitude

Image Source: Imgur

There are many things kids do to make themselves feel all grown up but we believe that they should be told more frequently that being a kid is the best thing ever and they don’t need to act like grown-ups. They will eventually become adults and find out that such conversations are not the way to go.

6. The disappearing

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one funny caption for an interesting picture. This was the effect of camera movement and it seems that the person who took it was the kid’s parent. They obviously thought about going back in time and never having a kid at all but we all know that was a joke.

7. The joke

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another situation that most people would definitely find amusing. Needless to say, people who use knock-knock jokes are not accepted in a serious manner. When kids do it, it is a different story. In this case, the joke was funny in another way and we can imagine how this person felt.

8. The baby names

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Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of the funniest things we have seen in ages! Come to think of it, we have done a similar thing years ago but these name suggestions are pure gold and are like nothing we could think of. We guess that most of the names on this list are inapplicable.

9. The toy

Image Source: Twitter

There are many things kids get attached to and they are awkward sometimes. We believe that this plastic owl is not the best toy for any kid because it is not a toy at all. Maybe the little girl will realize that there are more suitable toys to play with.

10. The bag

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of those things we could relate to despite the fact we are all grown up now. There seems to be a better way for a person to use their purse but we guess that nobody would deny a bag full of snacks. There are moments in life we envy kids and this one of those moments.

11. The breakfast

Image Source: Reddit

People always say that breakfast is the most important meal for the day. We support that and we never skip it. However, having someone else prepare breakfast for you is a risky endeavor because you might end up with something like this. We believe that this person appreciated the kids’ desire to make breakfast, at least.

12. The dog cage

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that kids learn every day of their lives and sometimes the lessons they are given are extremely hard. No need to stop them from getting in trouble sometimes, as they will learn those hard lessons immediately. The tweet you see suggests that kind of situation.

13. The class

Image Source: Twitter

Signing up for additional classes is always a good idea and it could really broaden a kid’s perspectives. In this case, one person was kind of baffled to see what their kid made with the skills obtained at the after school classes.

14. The stare

Image Source: Reddit

Kids can act weird sometimes and there are more than a few reasons for that. Sometimes, there might be no reason at all. As you can see, this kid gave his mom the weirdest stare possible. We guess that waking up and seeing you kid with that facial expression is a weird feeling.

15. The teacher

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that people who are all grown-up can also be involved in situations similar to this one. As you can see, this teacher wanted to express their gratitude to their partner by serving her alcohol for the first time ever but he thought that putting her inside a dog cage was a safer scenario.

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