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15 Times Well Known Companies Tricked And Deceived Their Customers

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We all know that most trade relationships are not as pure as one of the parties involved might assume. In fact, we think that deception happens all the time but the deceived party is most often not aware of what happened. As buyers of everyday goods and food, we all must pay attention to the ways in which companies try to deceive us. The list below suggests more than a few secret ways used by manufacturers to trick clients. They are curious to see because you will never look at some products the same way again.

1. The yogurt 

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Here is a classic example of how a small trick can lead to profit. The Chobani yogurt cup size was reduced to 5.3 oz from its original 6 oz size. This was not accepted well by clients because the price was not changed accordingly. As you can imagine, the manufacturer had to make a statement and they explained that consumers would now be able to compare the product with the competition because they use the same 5.3 oz packaging.

2. The announcement 

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Cadbury decided to take part in the battle against obesity and their goal was to make all their products with fewer calories. They decided to limit their four-piece packages to 200 calories tops and that is a great idea but one tiny detail ruined the whole thing – they never changed the price and they should have done that as well.

3. Coca-Cola

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We all love Coke and that is a fact. We are used to paying money for sweetened water but at least it tastes good. Still, there are things we find hard to accept. On some markets around the world, Coca-Cola’s larger 2-liter bottles were reduced to 1,75 liters but the price was never changed. Needless to say, they should have reduced it.

4. Powerade

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The case is similar here, too. Powerade bottles were reduced in size and they shrunk from 32 oz to 28 oz. The difference is significant and you can easily distinguish the new from the old bottle, as shown in the image above. Still, the manufacturer didn’t reduce the price, seemingly to the examples above.

5. Hefty

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The Hefty bag cartons are very popular in some countries because they are really handy for every household and people use them all the time. There was, however, some disappointment in the product after someone noticed that the cartons now contained only 80 bags instead of the usual 90 pieces.

6. The juice box

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There is nothing like having a glass of orange juice while enjoying breakfast. If the whole family loves it, things get better, as you can save money by buying a bigger box. In this case, it is arguable if you save anything at all, because they shrunk the size of the family pack box but didn’t touch the price.

7. The T-shirts

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Here is how one person decided to share what they noticed about the cheapest white shirts sold everywhere. Manufacturers often replace cotton with synthetic materials to reduce costs and then results are disastrous: shirts are almost transparent and they wear down much faster than they should.

8. The pint

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We believe that people everywhere need to know about this. The standard size of a beer pint in the U.S. is 16 oz but more than a few bars cheat by pouring beer in 14 oz pints. The size of the two is exactly the same but the bottom part of the 14 oz version is thicker. This is the kind of thing that can cause trust issues.

9. The cereal boxes

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Here is how we can all get more trust issues – the cereal boxes comparison. It seems that many cereal companies decided to use the same tactic – they gradually reduced the size of their product over time. They did not reduce the price while they were at it and people became furious. It is quite understandable.

10. The Heinz sauce

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There is a great variety of Heinz sauces and other products out there but someone was observant enough to notice this partiuclar product. The bottle was nearly 10% bigger before and the price was worth it but shrinking its size and keeping the price at the previous rates meant that it would become more expensive.

11. Twix

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In an attempt to reduce the calories in a single Twix bar, the manufacturer decided to reduce its size. In the end, Twix is now 14% smaller than it used to be but it has fewer than 250 calories. Still, the price of the delicious treat was never changed.

12. The toiler paper rolls

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Now, this is something people probably never noticed. It seems that manufacturers were clever enough to reduce costs and to increase their profit by altering with the paper roll size. You can see that it is not that big of a difference but given the scale of the production, they surely make a higher profit.

13. The chips

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Only the most devoted Pringles fans would be able to notice this and it appears that someone did notice a slight difference in the usual size of the chips. As you can see, they shrunk the chips’ size and when you think of the large quantities they sell, you can understand why their profit increased as well.

14. Mars

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Given the fact that Twix and Mars are produced by the same manufacturer, it is no suprise that they used the same tactic once again here. The Mars bar is still many people’s favorite dessert bar and there is no suprise about that, as it is delicious. Still, changing the size of the product and keeping the price is a no-no.

15. The cookware

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Now, this is one of the best examples on the list. The Pyrex cookware was known to be rigid, and the glass used to make the products was heat-resistent. The last few years proved that they changed the materials they use and the cookware could not withstand heat anymore.

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