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15 Times Things Fit Perfectly Together

Image Source: Reddit

While sometimes it seems that everything is going against us, in other cases the universe works as it should and things happen without putting in much effort. It is like all the circumstances were designed in our favor! The feeling is great and such moments often make great stories. We selected some examples for you to see and you can check them out below.

1. These pills arranged themselves

Image Source: Reddit

We believe in chance but sometimes things happen so unexpectedly that it is absolutely unbelievable! If someone told us about the way these pills were stuck, we would never believe! Fortunately for us, the person who stumbled upon this curious find took a picture! These pills almost defied the law of physics! We guess that nobody could do the same on purpose, because the pills support each other and it would be impossible to make them with bare hands.

2. Here is how things in nature fit perfectly

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably seen a lot of examples of unusual friendships in the animal kingdom. All kinds of species form unlikely bonds between them and the best part is that we get to see them! Sometimes they might be very different from each other but they could still be a perfect fit. As you can see, this is absolutely true and is valid even for animals as different as a duck and a dog! They look super cute together and we love the photo!

3. These gloves fit like glove

Image Source: Reddit

The pun we just created might not be that amusing, but it is still creative! However, this is not what the image here is about. Someone was able to find a tattoo that is obviously a perfect match to that amazing tattoo! The tat is impressive and rather unusual, but any kind of regular gloves would cover a huge part of it. This would ruin the effect for sure. Fortunately this person was able to find the perfect gloves! They look like they were tailor-made for this person.

4. Here is an interesting photo

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is really curious because it shows an unlikely art installation. We have no idea why these people did it but we love the end result. It looks like nothing we have seen before and that is a good thing! It makes the whole effort even more worth it! The packaging material is really curious and the way it fits inside the door frame is amazing! Of course, the whole thing had to be demolished in for the door to be used.

5. This is the perfect delivery

Image Source: Reddit

The image you see here is extremely satisfying to see! We have all taken delivery of many items and this is why we know that they are never as neatly delivered as this one! The delivery driver found the perfect way to hide the package or, in this case, make it less visible than just leaning it over the front door as most people would do. The way that the box turned out to be a perfect fit for that window frame is awesome! We would love to find our packages delivered like this at least once.

6. Here is one way to use the spaces in the center console

Image Source: Reddit

Most vehicles have all kinds of spaces left on the center console. Except the cup holders, there all kinds of pockets and other spaces left for small items such as small change, keys and everything else you could imagine. The annoying part is that they always make rattling noises when you drive because they do not fit perfectly in the space where you left them. However, someone found the best item to fill the space left in their center console. A double Snickers bar appears to be the best thing to put in there.

7. This is one really cool way to load a truck

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people overdo their job but that is not always a bad thing. As you can see, those responsible for loading this truck did their best to utilize the space of the truck bed. It looks like an art installation and we like it a lot but we are also sure that it took them a lot of time to achieve such a result. We believe that they would find it hard to pull off the same stunt again because the successful end result has something to do with luck and finding the right pieces of wood. The photo was taken somewhere in Norway.

8. Here is one sanitary kit that we would love to have

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Image Source: Reddit

Every perfectionist out there would be delighted to own a set like this one! The stylish design and the way all the pieces fit together turn the set into beautiful thing to see! If the quality of the products inside those boxes is as high as their stylish packages suggest, this will definitely be one must-have set! It was pictures in a hotel and we cannot believe the care the guests there receive!

9. This is our kind of arrangement

Image Source: Reddit

Kitchen utensils are often just stacked on top of one another. Nobody bothers arranging them because it is boring and maybe unnecessary. However, sometimes they can actually be a nice way to have some fun! It sounds weird but it is true! As you can imagine, it is not possible every time, but this set of bowl is literally begging to be arranged over and over again inside the big one!

10. Any kind of perfect fit is greatly appreciated

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you find symmetry and perfection in the weirdest places. This person bought huge flower pots for the huge terrace they have. Only after putting them on the balcony the person realized that the pots were the exact same size as the tiles on the terrace! This way they blend in the scenery in a seamless way as if they were there from the moment the terrace was built.

11. Here is a neat way to do your job

Image Source: Reddit

Not everyone loves their job but even in such cases there are moments when you feel almost glad to be doing what you do for a living. The image above shows exactly what we mean. This window cleaner snapped a photo of the most perfect fit between his cleaning tool and the window he had to wash. The person shared that this happened for the first time and we believe that the chances for it to happen again are slim.

12. Every book lover will love this

Image Source: Reddit

If you love books and you have a huge collection at home, you probably already drooled all over this image! The neat way these books are stacked is very satisfying to see. The curious fact about the image is that all the books actually contain everything Charles Dickens ever wrote! All his works of art seem to fit perfectly on that window sill and we like how it looks. We wonder how did the person who stacked found out that they would fit as tight as they did.

13. This is one way to haul a car

Image Source: Reddit

Some tasks seem way too hard to complete but they are actually not. When you need to transport a vehicle to a certain location, you don’t necessarily need a trailer. It all depends on the size of the car and the size of the cargo bed of your truck! This Smart car turned out to be small enough to fit in the back of the truck.

14. Now this is a weird thing to see

Image Source: Reddit

This photo definitely needs an explanation. One look at it would simply not be enough to figure out what exactly happened. As you can see, it is a sink but it seems to be full of something weird. It kind of looks like a thick liquid, but it is probably something else! Well, it turned out to be a chopping board! The plastic chopping board happened to be a perfect fit and got stuck on the bottom of the sink. We can tell that it would be hard to get out but we are also glad the person who dropped it snapped a photo before trying to get it out.

15. Here is one fit that will surely cost a lot

Image Source: Reddit

Not everything that fits perfectly somewhere is actually a pleasant sight. As you can see, someone probably missed a turn which resulted in an accident. We believe that nobody got hurt which is the most important thing here, of course. But what’s curious about the crash is that the vehicle turned out to fit perfectly in that narrow canal on the side of the road! It looks as if someone dropped it there from a small height but that was not the case, of course. The vehicle does not appear to be badly wrecked, too, so they probably repaired it with the insurance money. The driver got lucky this time!

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