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16 Amazing Images That Will Help You Make It Through The Day

Image Source: Reddit

t doesn’t take much for someone to be amused. Some free time, maybe a snack and some quality content, of course! If this is what you were looking for, you are in luck! This is definitely a list that you will like. It is compiled of sixteen random photos and memes that are nothing but amusing. Sit back, relax and have fun!

1. Here is a piece of clothing suitable for Mondays

Image Source: Instagram

If you feel like the beginning of the week is too much to handle and you simply cannot socialize with the colleagues early in the morning, we got you covered. You just need to source this grandma’s outfit and proudly wear it in the morning, because you actually mean what’s written on it! Of course, if you have that big smile on your face, it would be even better than having a grumpy look.

2. This is really frustrating to see

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that the best thing to do if you need to get some work done is to start doing it! Of course, this is easier said than done because the majority of people tend to postpone everything. This goes especially for those annoying tasks that we all face! It is a vicious circle because when you postpone you always get stuck with an impossible amount of work for the time you have left. Just see the photo and you will agree.

3. It sounds like this is the coolest school ever

Image Source: Instagram

Someone posted these photos online and shared the sweet story behind them. The person who shared the photos explained that they were taken next to their sister’s school. This cute dog turned out to be the neighbor’s pet. The gentle giant liked the attention that all the students gave him, so he adopted the habit of waiting every day for them to pet him! It seems that all the student experience the best start of the day possible!

4. These cookies look amazing

Image Source: Instagram

If you are anything like us, then you have sugar cravings in most of the time! We believe that all sugar treats are one of life’s simple pleasures and we enjoy them. However, if you want to avoid a guilty conscience, you need to be picky and select only the best ones. This is a strategy that we also adopted and we must say that it works. We would gladly pick these cookies any day! Just look at the mesmerizing colors and the sprinkles!

5. This is one relatable meme

Image Source: Instagram

People are unique in many ways. However, there are things that are common for the majority of us. We believe that one of these things is the way we stack clothes on a chair in the bedroom! We have no explanation for it, but all of our friends do it every day! It is like a weird trend that nobody talks about, but everyone follows! It may be convenient, but it is not a nice thing to do, yet we are still doing it!

6. Social media is a funny place

Image Source: Instagram

It is no secret that social media was able to drastically change the way we live and this is not necessarily a good thing. People start behaving weird sometimes and they do it without a particular reason. This includes moments when they lie without having to do so in order to get some attention. This is kind of sad, actually. The person in the photo above probably wanted to get e few likes or at least some compassion.

7. Here is one other thing that social media triggered

Image Source: Instagram

You probably know this, but thousands of break-ups occurred because of people’s social media accounts. Technology became the main part of our lives which means that we literally live through technology. This means that it is easy to get caught if you do something wrong. And infidelity is definitely wrong! This is why when one partner is on their phone and having a good time, the other becomes suspicious at one point.

8. Here is something ridiculously funny

Image Source: Instagram

This hilarious meme is actually a classic template which can be referred to ‘expectations vs. reality’. We guess that there is a lot of truth to it, but the important part is that it is also ridiculously funny! Those things about the predicted future might be true one day, but putting a human inside a wobble bubble cannot get in the way of science and technology.

9. Sometimes things are not what they seem at all

Image Source: Instagram

Photos are really cool because you never know what secret they might hold, not to mention that an editing wizard can turn a simple image into a masterpiece. However, there is even a better way to create a clever and deceiving photo without the need of filters or editing. It all depends on the photographer’s skills, the timing and perspective. Of course, some luck is needed, too. As you can see, someone nailed the perfect moment and made a simple grass field to look like something completely different.

10. Here is something we all do

Image Source: Instagram

Some of us do this all the time, actually. It is the kind of thing that only close friends or colleagues do. It may seem pointless to the majority of people, but that is the idea behind such actions! It sounds more complicated than it is, but actions like these are nothing but fun. Instead of showing the friend next to you the funny content you saw online, you forward it to them and then expect to see the reaction.

11. This is absolutely impossible

Image Source: Instagram

It is no secret that the students’ favorite sound is the school bell! We still remember how the first bell ring was more than enough for everyone to jump up and start packing their bags. Nobody could wait a minute more, because that would be a waste! The teachers always tried to restore the order, but nobody listened or cared. Those days were really something else and we feel nostalgic right now.

12. Sometimes saying something is not worth the effort

Image Source: Instagram

This clever meme is super funny because most of us have been in such a situation! That feline reacted just like any person would! The facial expression says it all! This happens mostly when you are arguing with someone who only sees as far as their nose. Starting a feud with someone who is not willing to see a different perspective is a waste of time! This is why the right thing to do is just to keep calm and avoid comments.

13. This will never become a fashion trend

Image Source: Reddit

Fashion trends have a lot of followers and people keep up with the ways of the trend they like. However, some people prefer the personal style and they are willing to show it every time they can! This man thought that the best thing to do is order a custom shirt, but the end result was more than curious. We understand that mistakes happen all the time but what kind of human being would have arms as long as these? This is absolutely hilarious!

14. Here is some passive-aggressive behavior mixed with politeness

Image Source: Imgur

This sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it apparently happened for real! The cul-de-sac communities are obviously tight and if someone does something wrong, they are expelled from certain activities, such as the neighborhood BBQ party. It seems that Helen is not going to mess around, but she kept the polite tone. Those words written in capital letters were the rough part where the message escalated a bit. This is one serious ultimatum and Christi would probably not take any chances. When you see a haircut like that you should know that things are serious and you should listen, nod and agree.

15. This is the cutest photo on the list

Image Source: Reddit

A photo does not need to be funny in order to be amusing. Every time we see something as sweet as this couple’s sense of humor, we are in awe! What you see here is what a relationship should look like even after decades spent together! They probably looked different than the people from that add when they were young but this is not what’s important. The smiles these people give each other and the love they share is what counts. Of course, there is a resemblance and this is why they took the photo.

16. Here is how happiness looks like

Image Source: Reddit

If you haven’t seen a green dog before, this is how it looks like! The cute doggo looks extremely happy and there is a good reason for that! It looks like someone spray-painted the pooch but it is not what happened. The canine simply spent some time rolling in the grass! The lawn was freshly cut, which resulted in one happy green dog! Of course, it would wash out eventually, but we are glad someone took a photo for us to see.

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