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16 Amazing Inventions That Should’ve Been Applied Everywhere

Image Source: Reddit

We live in a world where new things are literally everywhere you look! People come up with clever ideas all the time and this is a good thing, of course. We all get to enjoy the brilliant inventions or solutions to problems people come up with. The list below consists of photos showing how people were able to solve random problems or create amazing things for us to use and enjoy. These things should be available everywhere!

1. Now this is something really handy

Image Source: Reddit

We kick off the list with something brilliant yet really simple! This TV stand has a small built-in level which is a super cool feature! It saves you a lot of the preparations needed to mount it! It obviously saves from borrowing a level from your neighbor! We wonder why they don’t put this on ever TV stand! It would hardly make the product more expensive, but even if it does, it would be worth it because the stand would be more user-friendly!

2. Speaking of user-friendly, check out this toothpaste

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is a product that we definitely approve! In fact, every product should have such a chart in the back! You have probably spent a lot of time trying to figure out the contents of a certain cosmetic product or even some kind of food. There are ingredients that are unknown for most people, yet we gladly use the products that contain them. It would be far better to be aware of what we consume and use.

3. This is how customer care looks like

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of stores tend to brag that they have the best customer service. However, customer care means more than good offers and friendly staff. This Finnish store proved that the customers are more important than anything! The store managers decided to set up an umbrella stand so everyone would be able to borrow one in case of a sudden rainfall. This is amazing!

4. Yogurt just got better with this tiny addition

Image Source: Reddit

No, they did not change the recipe or something like that. The manufacturer of this specific brand decided to add a neat feature to the package which makes a lot of difference! The jar label actually has a list of the names of all the cows whose milk was used to produce the yogurt! This really creates a whole new way people look at the product, because they feel much more related to it!

5. Ideas like this one must be applied everywhere

Image Source: Reddit

This is not some kind of a brilliant invention, but it still represents a trend that should be applied everywhere! Someone came up with the cool idea you see and we think it looks like a piece of art! Using an old gas pump nozzle instead of a door handle is a nice touch and gives a vintage feeling that we like to see in every interior. It would probably not be suitable for all types of interiors, but the vintage trend becomes more and more popular which is nice!

6. Technology provides us with cool gadgets like this one

Image Source: Reddit

We loved this invention the second we saw it! What’s not to like about it? It solves one really annoying problem in a high-tech way which is super cool! Putting a toilet seat cover before using a public restroom is a must. Nobody wants to sit on the unprotected seat! Of course, not all restrooms offer disposable seat covers, but this clever device makes that possible! We guess all such places should use the clever machine.

7. Here is something simple and effective

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a clever idea is also extremely simple, which makes it genius! Even if you are not afraid of germs, using such a handle is still a good idea! The problem is that we have never seen one before. This means that it is one of those ideas which should be applied everywhere but they are not popular enough yet. We hope that this type of handle becomes an addition to every restroom!

8. This is one really clever idea

Image Source: Reddit

Most of you probably have a microwave at home. It is extremely easy to operate and there is nothing to it! All of the microwaves on the market are pretty much the same. However, some of them obviously have options that are not featured in all of the other devices. This particular microwave has a ‘chaos’ function, which sounds strange but it is extremely useful when defrosting something. The function automatically uses variable levels of power while the microwave is on. This means that everything would defrost evenly.

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9. Here is a clever solution to an annoying problem

Image Source: Reddit

If you regularly visit restaurants, you probably know about this common problem. When you leave your coat at the restaurant closet, in most cases you get it back but it is not the same as it used to be before you left it there. The reason is that it was next to a smoker’s coat! Smokers’ clothes are literally soaked in cigarette smell and it is very hard to get rid of! This was probably the reason why someone came up with a separate closet for non-smokers’ coats! It is an awesome idea!

10. This is the coolest inflatable raft we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

Summertime is the best time of the year! There is no doubt about that! The warm weather, the sunrays and the good mood are more than enough for a great holiday. Of course, you need a lot of accessories for the perfect vacation. One of the most used items is the inflatable raft. These fun products come in all shapes and sizes but the one you see here is brilliant! Of course, it is not a genius invention, but it surely is a funny one!

11. This is one very curious traffic light

Image Source: Reddit

Most traffic signs and systems for signalization are basically the same around the world and there is a good reason for that. If you go abroad and you are thousands of miles away from home, you should still be able to drive around and recognize the signs. However, some places around the globe feature things that are not common. This U-turn traffic light is such a thing and we think that it is a neat feature that should be introduced everywhere!

12. The tiny details matter the most

Image Source: Reddit

We love it when we see product design that cares about people’s comfort. Sometimes a tiny feature or addition to a well-known and wisely used product can make all the difference. The case with this shopping cart is exactly the same! As you can see, it features a cast cup holder, which is extremely handy! The neat cup holder hardly adds to the weight or the price of the cart, but it surely improves its functionality! Every cart should have this!

13. Here is one tricky poker table

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, this table can be used for many other occasions except a poker game, but it was designed to serve as a poker table. The main feature it has that makes all the difference is the way the cup holders were installed beneath its surface. This way nobody could accidentally spill their drink all over the table and ruin the game. Of course, other things could be hidden there which can compromise the game.

14. This is a feature we have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Just when we thought that we have seen everything, something like this comes up and leaves us stunned. It might be something really simple as a colored candle, but it is more than enough to make us feel good knowing it exists. And this is more than just a set of colored candles. The flames of the candles are colored as well! They look mesmerizing and probably add a nice touch to every party they are introduced to! We want to have a set and we will definitely search for this product. It should be available everywhere.

15. We want to see this in every theater

Image Source: Reddit

Going to see a movie means that you are about to experience a lot of positive vibes and enjoy a quality night out. Of course, it also has a few things about it that are not as they should be. One of these things is a real problem! When you enter the cinema carrying all your personal belongings and all the snacks and drinks you bought, there is hardly any room left to put them. As you can see, the managers of this cinema addressed the problem and came up with an amazing solution! This should be added to every theater!

16. Here is a vending machine like no other

Image Source: Reddit

Vending machines are everywhere, but they mostly sell coffee, beverages and snacks. It seems that someone noticed that these machines can also be useful in other ways and the idea you see here was born! This machine sells meat! It has all kinds of meat and we guess that these machines should be positioned in every store.

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