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16 Fascinating Facts That You Definitely Didn’t Know

Image Source: Reddit

They say that we never stop learning, and we guess that it is true! Not a day goes by without the discovery of something new and fascinating! Every time you browse the internet you are guaranteed to learn something new. Even if it is a single random fact about something unexpected, it still counts as knowledge. If you feel like learning something new, the list below is the right type of source for you! Check out these random facts! You will be really stunned by most of them!

1. Koko the gorilla is apparently smarter than everyone thought

Image Source: Facebook

You have probably heard of Koko, the famous gorilla that was able to communicate with people by using sign language. This amazing animal was a real phenomenon, but Koko proved that she was smarter than everyone thought. After ripping a sink off a wall at the place where she was taken care of, she ruthlessly blamed the cat! Yes, that’s right. Koko deliberately framed the feline and blamed it via sign language!

2. Nobody knows why the hammerhead shark skull is shaped like that

Image Source: Reddit

While there are multiple theories about this, nobody actually knows for certain why the hammerhead shark’s head is shaped in that curious way. This is probably something that nobody could know for certain! Some of the plausible theories include that the hammer shape of the skull improves the performance of the creature while others suggest that it is beneficial for its senses which helps while the shark hunts its pray.

3. Here is one way to study history

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes teachers have the most unusual approach towards their students! The most dedicated ones try to understand the students and apply methods that are rather unusual but as long as they work, everything is okay! This photo is the best example! This history teacher decided to use Assassin’s Creed to illustrate how the architecture of Ancient Egypt looks like! It is way better than a boring lesson for sure!

4. This solar park is something else

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen solar parks before, but nothing like this! It looks too cool to be true, but it really does exist! The huge installation you see is the world’s only panda-shaped solar farm! It is located near the Chinese town of Daton. It spans across a whopping 248 acres! The cute panda bear shape was originally designed by a 15-year-old boy named Ada Li Yan-tung. We love the fact that a project of such insane scale adopted this amazing idea!

5. Airbus created this plane to carry sections of other planes

Image Source: Instagram

Meet the Beluga XL, the largest cargo plane built by Airbus! The impressive machine looks amazing, but its specs are even more amazing! It is designed to carry huge loads, some of which are really important to Airbus. These loads are the sections of the largest passenger plane in the world, which also happens to be an Airbus creation. Another fun fact is that the company management launched a pole among all its employees about the design of the Beluga XL, and more than 40% chose the Beluga design which is really cute!

6. This is not an ordinary forest

Image Source: Reddit

This may look like a simple forest, but it is much more complicated than that! You are looking at the largest living organism in the world, which is probably the oldest one, too. It is an aspen colony named Pando, which spans across 106 acres in Utah. The magnificent forest is actually connected via a complex root system. Every three is genetically identical to the other ones, meaning that they all are technically one three.

7. Here is one mega structure that no longer exists

Image Source: Reddit

Behold, the Kowloon Walled City, the former world’s most heavily populated area! It was located in Hong Kong, and after it was emptied in 1992, authorities leveled it to the ground. The whole complex used to take only two square hectares of land, which is roughly the size of two baseball fields. However, it was the home of more than 33,000 people! It sounds unbelievable, but it is a fact.

8. This is one really big quartz crystal

Image Source: Tumblr

Here is something that you definitely don’t see every day. The massive quartz crystal formation was found in Arkansas and it was carefully pulled out after a lot of digging. The estimated value of the massive chunk is about four million dollars. This is not the color that the quartz should have, but the photo was taken before it was treated with oxalic acid, which brings out the white color and the clear effect. But this was not the biggest piece of its kind!

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9. Here is the biggest quartz crystal ever found

Image Source: Kristall Galerie

Now this is what we’re talking about! Just take a look at that quartz mountain! It was discovered 33 years ago in Namibia and was put on display for everyone to see. However, it did not make it to the gallery immediately after it was discovered. It took a whopping five years to pull it out of the ground because of its size! The massive chink weighs just about 14 tons, so you can imagine that it was a challenge to excavate it in one piece.

10. This is not a scene from a sci-fi movie

Image Source: Reddit

Just when we thought that we have seen it all, a photo like this emerges from somewhere and leaves us stunned! The beautiful image is actually a scallop farm! It is actually the correct way to run a scallop farm and conservationists are okay with it, because the scallops are obviously still in the water. This is important because they continue to clean the water! The other method involves gathering the scallops by scraping which causes damage to sea beds.

11. Here is one unbelievable survival story

Image Source: Facebook

This story sounds like a Hollywood scenario, but it is completely real! As you can see, a small wooden cabin attached to a raft is drifting across the sea. One Indonesian teenage boy was able to survive for 49 days in it! The young fisherman had the worst of luck when the ropes attaching his fishing cabin snapped and the raft drifted away. He survived by drinking sea water which he filtered using pieces of clothing. The hut was found 1,200 miles from his home. Before he was rescued, more than ten ships failed to notice him! Imagine how frustrating that must have been for the teenager. But it is all well if it ends well, and we are happy about his miraculous survival!

12. This curious building has an insanely cool feature

Image Source: Reddit

When architecture is combined with art and creativity, objects like this building are created! As you can see, this is no ordinary building! The structure looks quite unusual, but there is more than meets the eye here. The main feature of this building is that it actually plays music! Yes, that is correct! The building is capable of playing a tune when it rains. This is possible thanks to the intricate design of the tubes you see. We would like to hear how the tune sounds.

13. This is not made out of Lego

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

We guess that some facts and photos are too crazy to be accepted as something real, but they still are a reality, or at least they used to be. This curious structure proves it! It looks like it was made from building block similar to Legos, but the reality is not that innocent. What you see here is a huge stack of TNT! The military blew up 500 tones in Hawaii in a total of three explosions during the so-called Operation Sailor Hat. The huge crater shaped after these explosions is still there.

14. This is one interesting structure

Image Source: Reddit

The designers of this structure were neither crazy nor drunk! It was supposed to look this way and it still follows its main function – to house the huge C-17 plane. It is called a nose dock hangar and it does what it is supposed to do, which is protect the expensive and vulnerable parts. The hangar had to be twice as high in order to house the whole plane. This would have been very expensive, which is why they opted for this clever solution.

15. Here one curious statue

Image Source: Reddit

Well, not all pieces of art are as impressive as this one! We cannot believe how clever it is! It incorporates two completely different images into one statue, and they are blended to perfection! What’s even cooler is the fact that the whole statue was carved out of a single piece of sycamore! The artwork is called Mephistopheles and Margetta and it is created to visually represent the good and bad characters from Dr. Faust, written by Goethe. This is one truly unique piece of art and it is definitely not something that can be replicated easily. Things like this one make us appreciate art even more!

16. Here is the difference between smoking and non-smoking areas

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that sometimes a problem is hard to realize unless it is too late. This is especially true when it comes to bad habits. The negative consequences cannot be seen immediately as they build up in time. However, the apparent difference between the two rooms’ ceilings is more than enough to convince you that smoking is bad for your health.

Written by Nick Martin

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