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16 Of The Best Clapbacks You Have Ever Seen

Image Source: Twitter

Social media platforms often become an arena of fierce debate. These situations sometimes end up with a bang. However, there is another kind of feuds that involves people or different kinds of corporate social media accounts. They roast each other a lot whether there is a particular initial reason or not. In the majority of cases this type of conversations becomes is something really funny that we love seeing. Just a single post with a few words in it can be more than enough to start a feud like that!

We have selected some of the best clapbacks we could find. Check out the list below and enjoy them!

1. Here is what a classic social media roast looks like

Image Source: Twitter

If you spend a lot of time on social media and particularly on Twitter, you probably know all about the official account of Wendy’s. We don’t know if there is just one person behind the account or a whole team manages it, but one thing is for sure – everyone can get roasted by them! As you can see, someone tried to act smart and deliberately asked Wendy’s to roast him. Of course, they roasted him by refusing to do so, which is a classic move.

2. Roasting can become a chain reaction

Image Source: Reddit

There are many ways to tell someone that you prefer to not have anything in common with them. This is exactly what happened here. One performer shared his idea about a theme song and asked for support by a DJ. Instead of willingness to collaborate, he received a denial in a funny way. DJs started commenting below the post, saying that they will pass this opportunity.

3. You need to know who you’re messing with before starting a fight

Image Source: Reddit

Mocking someone online is easy, but it can backfire in your face instantly. Some people are not aware of that and they use every opportunity they see to start a fight with someone by mocking them. Someone did exactly that here, but he instantly regretted it. The user was provoked by this musician’s outfit and the name on his guitar. He definitely thought that he would make fun of the musician, but he shut him down in a brilliant and funny way.

4. Some clapbacks are short and simple

Image Source: Reddit

It doesn’t take much to reply to someone and put them in their place. A lot of users cannot foresee what would happen to them if they try to act smart and shame someone. Of course, things do not work that way, and they would often find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Someone managing a company account tried to make fun of someone, but that someone’s answer was brilliant.

5. This person is missing the point of holidays

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we did get a bit emotional by reading this. However, it is still not right and such an opinion is just plain wrong. If you celebrate a certain day, you do it because you can relate to that holiday. Christmas and Easter are for everyone, but Mother’s Day is only for those who gave birth to one or more children. If we start making assumptions like her, we would end up in a situation in which everyone would celebrate all holidays. The point of having a certain day dedicated to something is to celebrate that particular something.

6. This is one of the best clapbacks on the list

Image Source; Reddit

Things have changed a lot in the past few decades. It seems that the things people value the most have shifted towards the material side of life. This is sad, because the others tend to judge you based on what you have or how much you earn rather than like you for who you are. This woman decided to share her vision of how relationships should be built, but another user quickly shut her down. It was well-deserved, of course.

7. Sometimes we just need to accept things as they are

Image Source: Reddit

This funny clapback really made us laugh out loud! Netflix were able to brilliantly shut down Neil deGrasse Tyson after he posted on social media. He implied that the all-time classic Armageddon was a poorly made film with a lot of impossible things in it. We know that the laws of physics were not actually studied by the film producers, but this is a movie and nothing in it needs to be realistic or plausible. We enjoyed it just as it is!

8. Here is how all customer support accounts should treat people like this

Image Source: Reddit

If you have work experience in the fast food field or in retail, then you know what kind of people there are out there. Some of them can literally create a problem out of the blue. As you can see, someone directly attacked Campbell’s by addressing their social media account. It seems that their customer support employees were told to treat such people the right way and so they did! Their reply was very witty and spot on!

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9. Everyone gets what they deserve on social media

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people are able to show their attitude without thinking about the consequences. You probably all remember that US Olympian who overslept and cursed on TV, after which he won the gold! This was really impressive and everyone was proud of that achievement. However, it seems that some people can see only the negative side of things. After someone commented and criticized the gold medalist, another user stepped in their clapback was also pure gold!

10. Women are full of surprises

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that as much as men try, they could never fully understand a woman. Sometimes you try as hard as you can and just when you think you have it all figured out, you see that you are not even close! However, some people cannot even understand themselves! As you can see, the ridiculous question this woman asked does not make any sense. You cannot expect something specific from someone when you just told them to do the opposite!

11. This is probably one the cheesiest pickup lines ever

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of ways to start a conversation, but the huge variety of pickup lines is probably the funniest possible way to do it! It sees that many people still believe in this approach. This means that we get to see such situations and have fun! As you can see, someone decided to use on of the cheesiest pickup lines ever , but it instantly backfired!

12. Such clapbacks are very satisfying to see

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people use the best possible approach to reply with a sassy answer to someone who asks for it. As you can see, someone posted a rather controversial question which immediately attracted the attention of the right person! If you are about to argue with someone over a thing like that, you better be prepared with a definitive proof that Jesus really walked on water. Otherwise everything remains just a legend. We like the sarcasm this person decided to use in order to shut the other person down.

13. A bit of sarcasm is all it takes to clapback in style

Image Source: Reddit

When somebody chooses to show their poetic side by expressing a certain opinion, there will always be another person who would definitely try to mock the first one. You can expect that such a situation is prone to turn into a proper feud, even if it is a short one. This example is the perfect one! The person who tried to act smart was quickly shut down and even shamed by another user who joined the conversation.

14. People who deny undeniable things are easy to shut down

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably heard that there are a lot of people denying vaccines and their benefits. The topic is rather controversial and everyone has their own point of view. However, we cannot deny that vaccines are a must and modern medicine can prove their positive effects. They are essential for the populations in certain parts of the world. As you can probably imagine, saying that modern medicine is not helpful is simply not the right thing to do, but someone did it anyway! The clapback was well-deserved here.

15. This is a really funny situation

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes people really fall in the trap themselves! Someone decided to find something negative in Bella Thorne’s photo, but it did not work out that well. As you can see, trying to shame her for something proved to be a fail. She was able to brilliantly respond to them by simply saying what the necklace actually said.

16. Here is an example of some fine trolling

Image Source: Instagram

Fans can be really obsessed with their idols. However, everything needs to have a limit. This goes for the merchandise and different souvenirs fans want to get their hands on! We have heard of different absurd items that fans buy, like pieces of hair or underwear! This shirt with a performer’s sweat still on is definitely a weird thing to want. What was even weirder was that the singer decided to toll his fan by wanting his shirt back!

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