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16 People Who Proudly Do Not Have Any Regrets At All

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People can behave really weird sometimes and that’s not a bad thing at all. Every person has the right to express themselves in any way possible, as long as they don’t do any harm or something that is above the law. The best part about weird people and situations is that we get to see them, as well as the reactions surrounding the event. In some cases people can be sorry or ashamed of themselves, but often they have little to no regrets at all! The following list will show you some curious examples! The one you see above shows that nobody probably regretted playing a trick on that student who failed to specify the exact measurement of the notecard.

1. Here is why you should not let your kids do the important part of a celebration

Image Source: Instagram

Every celebration needs some sort of a culmination. This is the cake, of course! Depending on the theme of the party, the cake can be differently shaped and presented. However, even if the occasion is more than clear, people could still have different ideas about things should be done. As you can see in the photo above, this mother was not particularly proud of the cake her daughter ordered for her own graduation party.

2. This is not the best thing you could on the street, because it is kind of sad

Image Source: Instagram

There are numerous reasons why this biker decided to put a Barbie doll on the bike. This was done to draw attention, of course, but there surely is another reason for that. Maybe he has no girlfriend. Or worse, maybe she left him and he wanted to show that he didn’t need her at all. Whatever the case is here, seeing the doll sitting behind the biker is kind of sad, but it is also funny, because it is a clever idea for a joke.

3. This man is a genius

Image Source: Instagram

You are probably aware that most mass gatherings have strict control. When we are talking about a huge event such as a big game or a concert, there are a lot of safety precautions which need to be applied. One of the most common rules is not to allow alcohol at the time of these events. However, this person knew all about the rules and decided to skip them in the best possible way.

4. Here is one really bizarre accident

Image Source: Instagram

Every now and then we see a photo and cannot help but wonder how it happened. This photo shows such an accident. We find it hard to explain, because the floors were probably not made out of drywall, which would explain the hole. Whatever happened there, we hope that this person was not injured. We also agree with the caption, and his mom was probably not pleased with the situation at all.

5. This person has a huge sense of humor

Image Source: Instagram

Yearbooks are something special, because they contain every student’s thoughts. Sometimes students choose to write a declaration or some clever quote under their photos. Of course, some graduates use the opportunity to show off their sense of humor. This is what this girl did, and we are sure that she wasn’t kidding at all! Her smile suggests that she does not regret a thing and proved her mom wrong, which is great.

6. Here is one way to deliver a message

Image Source: Reddit

Family chores are annoying and boring! Some people like doing a particular chore like mowing the lawn or cleaning the garage. Despite that fact, most individuals would do anything to escape doing a certain chore. This is when a family war starts, and siblings fight to transfer the responsibility to someone else. This is what probably happened here, and the message is surely for the one who was supposed to hang the clothes. It is nicely done, too.

7. This is one neat advertising idea

Image Source: Instagram

You have probably seen variations of this idea before. It is one really clever way to advertise your business. The attractive way this small car was branded creates a clever illusion. It would be more than enough to draw attention. It also looks a bit funny and some people would probably never want to ride in it, but it seems that the man behind the wheel is pleased with how the car looks.

8. Here is how real support looks like

Image Source: Instagram

First of all, we need to say that this story was not confirmed. It sounds plausible, though. If this person was deprived of good sleep for a few days in a row, it is understandable that he needed to catch up. However, 25 hours of sleeping seems a bit too much. When the person found out that he slept for so long, he felt really awkward, but his friend showed some support and there were probably zero regrets after that.

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9. Some parents can step up their game

Image Source: Instagram

Being a parent is no easy task. This is especially true when the kids reach that delicate phase of the teenage years. As you can see, this mother was clearly fed up cleaning messes all the time, so she decided to try a different approach. The clever way she trolled her kid is admirable and she obviously had not intention to back down. The message was more than clear, despite that her kid decided to play dumb.

10. Here is something really clever that you would not expect to see in a public bathroom

Image Source: Instagram

Don’t get us wrong about this one. We know that this is a form of vandalism and it is not something to admire. However, if there is going to be damage to public places like restrooms, we would prefer for it to look like that. Whoever did this obviously has talent and is also persistent and no effort to clear the poetry off the walls would be successful. The vandal is obviously proud of the rhymes and we became fans, too.

11. Practical jokesters never regret anything they do

Image Source: Instagram

Chances are that you have at least one friend who is practical jokester and the majority of people probably think that he goes too far. Well, being able to pull off good pranks requires intelligence and persistence, which are among the qualities we admire the most. As the photo suggests, someone kept adding this witty note to someone’s apartment, and the owner was obviously pissed off. You can imagine that whoever did it had zero regrets.

12. People always like to have an excuse

Image Source: Instagram

The majority of people have a huge problem called procrastination. Doing something that we don’t like or even despise is not something we look forward to, of course, but it still needs to be done. In such situations we reluctantly begin doing what we need to do, but we would easily distract ourselves. This is due to the fact that we are not dealing with a priority. This person probably had more important things to do than study. Playing with their hedgehog was obviously one of them.

13. Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing this ridiculous photo was more than enough, but its caption really finished it off! After seeing the photo most people would think that there was a party in honor of the dog. A lot of people celebrate their pets’ birthdays, because they accept them as equal family members. However, this was not the case here, and we wish we could see a video. The woman probably had no regrets later.

14. Certain individuals like to feel extra all the time

Image Source: Instagram

Some individuals just can’t help it and they always strive to be or to feel extra! A lot of people would probably consider this to be showing off or a waste of time. What actually matters is that the person who makes the extra effort feels good about it. Everyone is different when it comes to enjoying life, right? This is why we love the camp setup someone did for their cat! We don’t think that it is an extra effort, because every pet needs to be treated like the rest of the family.

15. This is the kind of pranks that you can never forget

Image Source: Instagram

We already mentioned that some pranks are more than savage, and the people who come up with them have no regrets at all. The example you see here is particularly brutal, because everyone feels relaxed after spending some time alone at the bathroom. This calmness would be shattered into bits and replaced with sheer terror as soon as someone sees that artificial spider. Such savage pranks are not for the faint of heart.

16. Here is one really annoying trend

Image Source: Me Me

The people who usually post photos like the ones you see here have no regrets, because they think they fooled everyone. The woman with the Lexus deliberately took the photo and hoped that everyone would notice the car. People do this all the time and we guess that is a really annoying way of bragging. Owning a nice car is not something that you should demonstrate here and there, because you would not make a good impression. The others need to notice it without all the bragging and this is when it counts as an achievement.

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