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16 Photos That Definitely Should Not Exist

Image Source: Reddit

Life is definitely capable of offering you a lot of different situations and things to see. In some cases they can be soothing and relaxing, while others can actually give you anxiety and make you question people’s sanity. Of course, even small and seemingly insignificant things can look weird, too! However, all these things around us are actually essential to maintain a balance. This way we can appreciate the wonderful things that are out there!

1. This is a rather disturbing sight to see

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, someone created this weird mannequin display on the rooftop of a shop, and we cannot believe how creepy it looks! The idea behind it was probably to decorate the shop and make it more attractive, but it looks like some sort of a cult! Sometimes people think that their ideas are good and proceed to execute them, but the end result turns out to be a lot different than expected.

2. Here is something that can ruin some childhood memories

Image Source: Reddit

We all loved Sesame Street and we wish there were more shows like it today. However, it seems that modern kids have different preferences than the ones we used to have back in the day. We cannot blame them, because things have changed a lot since then. Maybe an attempt to make a throwback to the good old days of the show would help, but it should not look like the weird costume in the photo. This is not how Ernie is supposed to look like!

3. This was probably a prank

Image Source: Reddit

Pranks can be extremely savage sometimes and even if there is no harm done, they could still make you wish you were not involved at all! Sometimes pranksters are able to disguise their pranks perfectly and the unsuspecting victims will have no chance of knowing what is about to happen. This cake is the perfect example! It looks delicious and that icing sugar on top makes us want to eat a slice! After seeing the ingredients, we would definitely pass! We bet a lot of people fell for that one!

4. These are the worst shoes ever made

Image Source: Reddit

Fashion trends always come up with new and cool things that set the trends people like to follow. However, the mainstream products are nothing compared to the artistic touch some designers are able to put in their creations. The problem is that this kind of art is not always good or admirable. It is quite the opposite, actually! One look at these shoes and you would immediately agree with us. We would never want to touch this pair of shoes!

5. Sometimes people like to experiment with food

Image Source: Reddit

Trying different kinds of food is always fun, because there are literally thousands of things that we haven’t tried before. The variety of culinary wonders in today’s world is huge and we all have a lot to explore. However, in some cases you just know how something is going to taste without even having a bite of it! This was the case with us when we saw these weird muffins! You just know what to expect when you see their flavor!

6. All the pizza lovers might want to look away from this one

Image Source: Reddit

Pizza is among the best types of food in the world! There is no doubt about that. Pizza lovers all over the world accept the dish as something sacred and they often include it in their menu. What we like most about pizza is that you can eat it throughout the whole day! However, there are some things that should not be allowed! One of them is putting fruit toppings on pizza! Pineapple is acceptable by some people, but seeing banana on pizza is simply too much to bear with!

7. This kid is an evil genius

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that there are some kids who are a lot smarter than the rest. These geniuses are usually good at math, science, physics and other subjects. However, some of them use their brilliant minds for other things, such as savage pranks! We cannot believe that this teen scientist has developed a way to determine the best amount of sawdust that you can put in a rice bar without someone noticing! It is both weird and funny, and we like this kind of sense of humor!

8. This baby looks anything but sweet

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe you like seeing horror movies and your favorite kind is when an evil living baby doll is involved. If this is what you like, then you will also like to have this doll! Someone took the photo in a toy store, and we cannot believe it actually exists! As you can see, the baby looks quite sinister, and its facial expression is definitely not nice. However, the package states that it is actually a playful doll, but we are not buying it!

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9. Some food displays are too much to handle

Image Source: Reddit

We appreciate the effort of some chefs to create stunning food displays, but the main thing to consider is the initial idea. If the idea is bad, it actually does not matter how skillful you might be, because a perfect execution of a bad idea will always lead to disaster. Seeing The Little Mermaid made of fish and awaiting for someone to stick their fork is just too much. We would never want to touch that dish!

10. Some imitating products are more than ridiculous

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you see a certain item that grabs your attention for all the right reasons. In other cases the attention-grabber is more than weird! This is the case with this suspicious-looking potato chip brand. As you can see, they nearly stole the brand name and tube-shaped box another famous potato chip manufacturer uses. What we are puzzled about is the character they picked for the package. We guess that it was just an experiment meant to see how the customers would accept the product.

11. This is the funniest helmet ever

Image Source: Reddit

Having a personal touch in everything is nice. A lot of people like to have customized items and we respect their desire to be different. However, this also means that the preferred theme of the customized item would be the thing that would have the most impact. As you can see, this person chose a style that is absolutely ridiculous! Of course, it is a unique touch, but we guess that having something unique is not enough to look cool.

12. Yes, hotdog sushi apparently exists

Image Source: Reddit

The Kardashian family has millions of followers worldwide, and we would be unable to count them all! However, this is not the point here. Sometimes even these famous people can do something that would be considered a huge no-no. One of these things is definitely the meal you see posted above! Sushi with pieces of hotdog is a thing that would cause an outrage among sushi masters everywhere. It ruins the whole concept of the dish. But as long as it makes a kid happy, we are okay with it.

13. Aroma candles are essential for a good atmosphere at home

Image Source: Reddit

People love to feel cozy at home and there are a lot of ways you can bring comfort to any home! A nice warm bath, some ambient lighting and a bottle of wine would do the trick every time! When you add some scented candles to the scene, it all becomes complete! However, sometimes the romance could be ruined when you see a dead insect that is about to be burned by the candle flame. It is not that much of a big deal, but it is still not something you would want to see.

14. Here is the moment when we would say ‘no’ to candies

Image Source: Reddit

We all have candy cravings every now and then, and sometimes we just cannot resist the temptation! However, there are moments when you simply need to say ‘no’, and you need to do it for the sake of your health. Of course, there are other reasons as well. Just take a look at this candy machine and you will see one of those reasons. Imagine how long the candies must have been inside the machine in order to look like that!

15. Some jokester probably did this

Image Source: Tumblr

We already mentioned that a lot of practical jokesters are actually brilliant minds and they can come up with a lot of strange ideas. This here is simply another example! We have never thought about this, but it is actually brilliant and we guess that a lot of people would fall for it, especially if they are in a hurry. Taking a first bite into the banana and feeling the taste of a hotdog is probably a weird sensation.

16. Photoshop fails are among the funniest things ever

Image Source: Reddit

We always stumble upon a Photoshop fail that is really puzzling and funny! This couple photo makes no exception. You may not notice the problem at first, but once you see, you will cringe! Here is a little hint – just check out the man’s hands! Yes, that’s right! Someone used Photoshop to change the man’s head, but they forgot the hands!

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