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16 Times People Found The Strangest Things In Their New Homes

Image Source: Reddit

Buying a home is a really responsible task and you need to choose wisely. There are many factors and features to consider before making a choice. However, there are things that you simply cannot foresee. The previous owners of your new home probably had secrets that you will never know about! But in some cases the new homeowners are lucky enough to find something they definitely did not expect in their newly-acquired property. Of course, the surprise may also be an unpleasant one, but it is always curious to see! This is why this list exists. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Now this is what we call a surprise

Image Source: Reddit

As you can probably imagine, people find all kinds of things in their homes after buying them. While it is mostly old possessions that are nothing but trash, sometimes the surprise is really curious to see because nobody would expect it. A floor painted like a Monopoly board is definitely something that we have never seen before. We can imagine the surprise of the new owner after they pulled the carpet and saw this curious thing.

2. This is a real treasure

Image Source: Reddit

How would you feel if someone told you they found a treasure? We guess we will not believe them until we see it with our own eyes. Well, this person probably knew that nobody would believe such a story so this is why the camera came in handy. We are glad that the process of finding the treasure and its contents were photographed because it was definitely a moment worth sharing!

3. Moving in is the time to search for surprises

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the moment you begin redecorating and moving in the place, you are likely to find something unexpected. This is what happened when someone helped their dad move in this office. They found a trap door that remained unnoticed until that moment. What was underneath probably fascinated them! The space below the floor is full of old junk and we would definitely enjoy searching through all that stuff.

4. This amazing wallpaper was found at an old farm

Image Source: Reddit

In some cases the curious things to find at a certain place are hidden well. This is why they are found only after the owners decide to remodel or redecorate the property. When the owner of this old farm decided to strip off the old wallpapers, they found out that there were multiple layers of them on the walls. It was worth stripping them, though, because this vintage space wallpaper was under them!

5. Here is one really cool feature

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the cool things the previous owners leave behind for the new ones to enjoy are more than visible. As you can see, this Walgreens location used to be a bank and the store owner decided to keep the vault and its door! The room now serves as the vitamin section and we simply love the idea! It looks kind of surreal and this is why they probably decided to leave it as it was.

6. Sometimes the hidden things are real works of art

Image Source: Reddit

This image was uploaded on social media by someone who visited their friend. The friend decided to redecorate their new house which was an old structure. After stripping down just one layer of wallpaper, this amazing work of art resurfaced! It was probably something unexpected but it turned out to be a nice addition to the changes in the interior. This is a find everyone would be pleased with.

7. Here is one really curious find

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people find the most unusual things but some of them are really intriguing because they seem to be out of place. Finding a paw print in a brick which is part of a wall is definitely something unexpected to see! The only possible explanation is that a cat stepped on the freshly formed brick after which the piece happened to be laid on the wall. It is a really cute feature, actually.

8. This is the most perfect table ever

Image Source: Reddit

We often fall in love with different pieces of furniture or other interior design features. This is why we drooled all over when we saw this amazing table! It actually has a built-in well! Imagine how cool it would be to sit on it and enjoy the night! We love that the owners of the English pub the table is in decided to keep the well and turn it into an attraction. We are certain that there is nothing like ti anywhere in the world.

9. Here is one really cute kitchen feature

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the things people find are definitely worth keeping as a part of the interior. This person posted a photo on social medial showing what they found when they moved in their apartment. There is a tiny milk door tucked under the kitchen cabinets! It appears to be really old and it looks so cute that they decided to keep it! We are certain that we would also keep if it was our place! Such vintage additions are really valuable or at least they bring a nice feeling to the interior.

10. It seems that trap doors are something people often find

Image Source: Imgur

It is kind of exciting to find a trap door that you never thought existed. Depending on its location, it can also be creepy but we are sure that everyone who stumbles upon a hidden trap door would go in and explore it. This person decided to change the floor carpet and this is when the trap door on the floor was revealed. When she went down she found a cellar which still had a lot of items in it, including a very elegant vintage bottle. We hope that there was some fine aged whiskey inside the bottle.

11. Here is a cool place to live

Image Source: Reddit

This person shared a photo of their apartment and we cannot believe our eyes! This home used to be a police station many years ago! This is definitely the coolest kind of history a home could possibly have! Even better, part of that history can still be seen! Some of the cell doors were preserved and the only difference is that they are now painted in white. We guess that a door cannot get any cooler than this! It is an amazing thing to see and this person should be proud of their home!

12. Now this is one creepy find

Image Source: Reddit

As you already saw, not everything people find inside or around their new homes is cute or fun to explore. This person found something that looks like the perfect scenery for a horror movie. This weird tunnel was reportedly a mile long and its entrance was directly beneath an apartment building. The purpose of this tunnel’s existence remains unknown but it surely does not look welcoming with the graffiti on the walls. The last thing you want to see in a dark and abandoned tunnel are the images of some zombies.

13. Here is an unusual find after a disaster

Image Source: Imgur

In some cases the most unusual finds emerge after an unexpected disaster. This person’s home was flooded and there was some damage. After they began to repair everything, they realized the wooden floor tiles needed to go and this is when they stumbled upon something curious! A hippie mural which appears to be well-preserved emerged from beneath! It is a really cool thing to see and we hope they kept it intact.

14. Here is one really sweet message

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to replace the cork floor tiles in their home when they found this! A message was left under the tiles by the previous homeowners. They decided to write their names and to mention the date when the cork tiles were put on the floor. It would be cool if the new owner finds the family just to show them this photo. We are sure they would be touched!

15. Here is a living room like no other

Image Source: Reddit

Interior design is something really complicated despite the fact that many people think it is not that big of a deal. There are tons of factors to consider. You need to make sure you picked the right colors, materials, sizes and a lot of other things. However, it you can use something that nobody else has in their home, the end result would be more than amazing. This person decided to keep the sandstone rock that was in their property and it became a part of the house! This living room looks both weird and cozy!

16. This accident was actually revealing

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody would expect that damage could actually expose something unexpected! This is what happened after a part of the wall of a house was chipped. As you can see, the missing angle piece revealed multiple layers of old paint and insulation. Just imagine how old this house must be! We find it hard to count the exact number of layers but there look like more than a dozen!

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