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16 Times Things Worked Out Outstanding

Image Source: Reddit

There is no better feeling than having a great plan and being able to make it happen. A grand design might seem to be impossible but the careful planning and the meticulous actions following it are the correct recipes for success. You only need to have a goal and the means to follow it. The images below may serve as an inspiration – people were able to achieve impressive things.

1. The zipper boat

Image Source: Reddit

There are thousands of things that make our human race great. The one you see here should on the top of that list. Someone came up with a brilliant idea and designed a zipper-shaped boat that looks like it is unzipping the surface of the Sumida river in Tokyo where it can be seen.

2. Baby Driver

Image Source: Reddit

The movies Hollywood makes are sometimes full of special effects and CGI but some of the scenes are real. Car chases, for example, are sometimes performed using heavily equipped cars like this Subaru. The actors are inside and the real driver is placed on top of the car.

3. The public bathroom

Image Source: Reddit

The Netherlands can amaze you in more ways than one and you need to visit this amazing country. Apart from the attractions and sites, you will surely be amazed by the curious public restrooms that are actually popping out of the ground

4. The church

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you can see that this is no longer a church, as it is full of ramps and other stunt contraptions. The place used to be a church in a Spanish town and it is over 100 years old, too. It was repurposed so it would not be demolished after being neglected for a long time. This is a great idea!

5. The scarecrow

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people who put scarecrows are not that interested in making them look special. Their main purpose is to chase birds away but we believe that this is not a reason to miss the opportunity to create something amazing. This person even changes the theme of the scarecrow depending on the season.

6. The car

Image Source: Reddit

The 60s were a fantastic time that we mostly about from documentaries and stories we are told. Those who were in their best years would absolutely confirm that. To prove it, you can check out this concept – it is a Ford Aurora station wagon designed in the end of the 60s. It is utterly amazing!

7. The cup holder

Image Source: Reddit

One of the things in life that we find to be incredibly hard is the ability to hold two large cups of coffee with one hand. This is the kind of trick that people can never make work for some reason. Most of them simply use a cup holder but if you don’t have one, you can use this person’s idea.

8. The pipes

Image Source: Reddit

Welding is hard and not everyone can do it. Even after years of training, you could still fail at doing the basic steps. This is actually okay because not everyone is supposed to be a welder. It is like being an artist or a sculptor – you simply must have what it takes to do it.

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9. The battery

Image Source: Reddit

If you are anything like us, you love flashlights! The clever little devices have come a long way since the heavy lumps they used to be in the 80s. The reason is the rapid development of technology. LEDs are now widely used. They even came up with an attachment you could simply strap on a 9V battery.

10. The Maldivian president

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something you have surely never seen before. The Maldivian president wanted to raise awareness for the climate change problems so he decided to do something nobody had seen before. He organized an underwater press conference and it was a massive success – everyone heard about it.

11. The snowboard

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people need to use some kind of trick in order to prevent courier companies from damaging their products. In this case, a snowboard business decided to make sure their clients got their items intact and designed the boxes to make it seem they were full of fragile lights.

12. The fire station

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about the clever design, nothing can beat this one! It is an old water tower that was rebuilt and repurposed as a fire station. We can never think of a more suitable location for a fire station. Apart from being an original idea, it looks really great and we love it!

13. The LEGOs

Image Source: Reddit

Everything you can think of has been rapidly changing in the past ten or twenty years. Even the small things you never think of are being transformed. This is a valid statement even for toys. You can see how a LEGO set has changed over the years. It looks much more realistic now.

14. The elk antler arch

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something rather unusual. This elf antler arch seems to be artificial but it is not. It looks hard to make but the more curious part is that it lasts for three or four decades before it starts to decompose.

15. The smiley face

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when good ideas and combined effort are successful. The people who replanted this patch of forest need to be proud of themselves. They were able to create a smiley face that makes everyone who sees it smile as well.

16. The floor

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about combined effort, we cannot imagine the amount of work that was put into the making of this project. This is a grocery store that has the most unusual floor you will ever see. Yes, they used thousands of bottle caps to create this amazing effect and we are certain that everyone was amazed to see how great it looks. Let’s hope it is durable apart from looking good.

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