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16 Wedding Pics That Are Just Weird Enough To Be Funny

Image Source: Reddit

We are always thrilled when we receive a wedding invitation! Such events are among the most uplifting experiences ever because of the atmosphere at the ceremony and the fact that we get to witness two people’s commitment to each other! It is a beautiful thing to see and the love and excitement are always in the air! As you are about to see, in some cases there are additional and unexpected situations that spice things up and make the wedding a truly unique experience! It is nice to go back to these moments and laugh!

1. Here is something to remember your whole life

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that some memories are meant to be cherished your whole life. They don’t need to be important or significant. If a random event is weird enough, you can be sure that you will remember it for a long time! This is why we believe that this person will remember the strange encounter with this swan their whole life. We guess that such a rendezvous at wedding was the last thing on anyone’s mind, but apparently it happened!

2. Flower girls are not what they used to be

Image Source: Reddit

One of the pinnacles of every wedding ceremony is the flower girl! Usually they pick the cutest little girl to this and it is always the sweetest thing to see! A little princess throwing tiny flowers here and there is what every wedding needs to feature. Of course, sometimes this important job needs to be done by someone else, but it is certainly not the same.

3. The best man can mess things up

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that the most important person to attend a wedding is the best man! He is always the key figure during the whole night, and there are a lot of responsibilities as well. The most important part of that role is the speech. It is supposed to be inspiring, beautiful and touching, but it doesn’t always happen that way. When the best man has a couple of drinks, the speech can take an unexpected turn which can be funny as hell!

4. Sometimes you are surprised by a disturbing sight

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of preparations involved when the wedding date comes and people are running around like crazy. Last minute disputes, problems and dilemmas are something ordinary because there are always things that go wrong at the last possible second. However, nobody would expect to see a kid performing some kind of a weird ritual. Even if you are not superstitious you could still find it to be disturbing.

5. All photos need to be perfect

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, the photos at every wedding need to be immaculate! After all, people would be stuck with them all their lives! There is no option for a second attempt! This is why you need to hire the best and most recommended photographer there is! By making the right choice you are guaranteed to be able to see all the nice moments captured on photos and videos. Of course, sometimes even the best photographers suffer from accidental photo bombs!

6. The perfect shot is sometimes the funniest

Image Source: Reddit

The group photos at a wedding are important as all the other ones. They need to be taken in the best possible way in order to capture everyone’s mood! However, it seems that unexpected surprises may result in a photo that is even better than a normal one! This photographer tripped and fell down just when he was about to take the perfect photo! Well, he did actually take it and you can see everyone’s shocked facial expression!

7. Here is one way to treat the groom

Image Source: Reddit

The way the groom is dressed is equally important to the bride’s dress. They must go together perfectly and they also need to be flawless! This means that the custom outfit would always be the best possible option! The tailored suit offers extended possibilities and the features that can be added are various! As you can see, this particular has the best label ever! No wedding is complete without the groom’s performance of the worm!

8. You need to make sure that your wedding will not be attended by someone cooler than you

Image Source: Reddit

One of the most important things in every wedding planner’s schedule is the list of the attendants! The list must include only those people who will not embarrass you in any way or ruin the whole thing! However, it seems that the wedding planner must also make sure to exclude those who could show up in a suit that could steal the whole show! It seems that this particular part was neglected here and one of the guests showed up in a white Batman suit, which is crazy and we totally love it!

9. Accidental photo bombs are always funny

Image Source: Reddit

In some cases things happen without a particular reason. The timing of this photo was perfect, but the timing of that gesture was definitely not! We guess that everyone laughed about it later, but at the time of the event it was probably really awkward! Fixing your glasses with your middle finger is definitely not the right thing to do when standing next to the bride and the groom.

10. Here is a funny story that made us smile

Image Source: Reddit

We meet rude people every day, but when they are guests at your own wedding, things are different! This photo shows an usher’s girlfriend who was rude enough to demand that she was in the middle of every photo! She was dressed in white and obviously wanted the whole attention. The bride was furious but the photographer calmed her down and assured her that he will fix the photos later! And boy, he fixed it good!

11. This is a warning sign all weddings should feature

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We need to admit that having a bunch of our best buddies at you wedding would probably be more or less worrying for us when our time comes to get married! We know what our mates are capable of all kinds of embarrassing behavior when alcohol is involved. This means that you should either out up a warning sign like that or just have a good and long talk with them prior to the ceremony.

12. Some families bond pretty fast

Image Source: Reddit

Perhaps one of the main things that the newlyweds wonder about is whether their families would get along or not. In a lot of cases the family relations are not particularly healthy due to a number of possible reasons. This is a real burden for everyone and something needs to be done in order to improve the dialogue between the two sides. Of course, sometimes the relations are more than warm, because people would be people and they can get along despite their differences. As you can see, these two dads are not that different at all!

13. You need to pick a favorite moment from the wedding day

Image Source: Reddit

Most people decide to pick their favorite moment from their wedding ceremony. This particular part of their special day will probably be the most cherished one of all! However, some couples decide to turn this into a fun activity and they pick something hilarious to relate to the wedding. As you can see, this couple posed for a photo on their wedding day holding the morning newspaper. We hope that the headline is not some kind of a prophecy.

14. Wedding photos can be weird

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, one of the most important things at every wedding is the team responsible for the photos and the videos. By choosing the right photographer you will make sure that all the memorable moments of the whole ceremony are captured in the best possible way. However, sometimes the ideas for the style of the wedding photos are controversial and the end result might appear to be weird.

15. This marriage will probably not last for a long time

Image Source: Reddit

It takes a special kind of person to turn around and stare at another woman within minutes of his marriage! Not to mention that his bride is walking next to him! This photo is unbelievably inappropriate and we hope that it was set up like that! Otherwise you can be sure that the bride probably had a long talk with her groom after she saw the photo. We hope that everything was fine after that.

16. Wedding photos do not get any cooler than this one

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how dedication looks like! It is unbelievable to see a reporter in a wedding dress, but there is a perfectly good explanation for this. This Chinese bride who also happened to be a reporter just got married when an earthquake hit Sichuan. She needed to instantly report the news and she didn’t even bother to change! Working on your wedding day means that you are more than dedicated to your job! We hope that she was compensated or promoted for the effort!

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