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17 Celebrities Who Proved They Can Handle Paparazzi ‘Like A Boss’

Image Source: IBuzz

One of the most important aspects of the relationships between people is the respect for personal space. However, there are people who willingly act like they have no respect for the private life of others, and the reason for that is money! They get paid big bucks to violate celebrities’ personal space. These people are called paparazzi, and you cannot confuse them with regular journalists. They are often ruthless and annoying in their behavior, so they get what is supposed to come their way. While some celebs are used to it, others try to hide from them or they even react in a certain manner! The list below shows how famous faces handle the presence of paparazzi.

1. Leo DiCaprio

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that Leo has no intention to be rude to the people eager to photograph him in every step of his private life, but he also would prefer to avoid it! He was able to use various ways of covering his face and hiding from the cameras. We guess that he is a good improviser, especially when he pulled out that huge umbrella!

2. Ryan Gosling

Image Source: Imgur

Well, we were not surprised at all by the way Gosling reacted! He spotted the person trying to take his picture during lunch, but he could not care less about it! In fact, he decided to pull off a little demonstration and showed that he was actually feeling playful rather than annoyed. He handled it like a real sport and proved that he was not willing to allow such a thing to ruin his lunch.

3. Britney Spears

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is something we definitely did not see coming! We guess that Britney was not in the mood for taking photos, especially without her consent! The result can be seen in these images! She did not hesitate to throw her soda at the people trying to take photos of her and probably chased them away! We would definitely run if we were chased like that!

4. Mark Wahlberg

Image Source: Imgur

We really liked the way Wahlberg reacted to the presence of the paparazzi. As you can see, he decided to do the most unusual thing! He immediately pulled out his phone and made his friends do the same. Next thing you know, the three of them began taking photos of the paparazzi! They probably felt weird because the actor was able to turn the tables on them in an instant!

5. Dustin Hoffman

Image Source: Imgur

You would expect him to react in the funniest possible way and you would be right! Of course, one of the best actors Hollywood has ever seen has an amazing personality and his sense of humor is admirable, which leads to situations like these! He is determined to hide from the cameras, but he does it in a way that brings nothing but smiles and now we respect him even more than before!

6. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is a really wholesome thing to do! As you can see, these two decided to take advantage of the media attention and more specifically the moment they were followed by paparazzi. They immediately made these cool notes that were meant to redirect the attention to a few websites that belonged to charities and organizations that worked for good causes! This is the best way to handle paparazzi!

7. Kanye West

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this is the best possible example of a man whose mood can change in a heartbeat! As you can see, he was in the best possible mood and had a huge smile on his face, but then he spotted the camera, and his facial expression became more than serious! He was definitely not happy to find out that there were people that wanted to take photos of every step of his private life!

8. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Image Source: Reddit

Some celebs choose the most unusual ways to deal with paparazzi, and in this particular case their reaction was totally hilarious! Sophie and Joe were caught having drinks, but they almost immediately saw the unwanted company they had. They decided to play this one out and both of them literally froze still, hoping that if they simply stood there with blank expressions, the paparazzi would just walk away!

9. Karlie Kloss and a stranger

Image Source: Reddit

These are among the best images on the list, and they are probably the funniest! You can see that this person is definitely enjoying the attention of the paparazzi, but little did she know, the attention was not directed to her! The girl had no idea that the supermodel Karlie Kloss was just a few inches behind her! It seems that Kloss realized what happened and she was glad about it!

10. Alec Baldwin

Image Source: Reddit

It has been a long time since we have seen a story told only by a couple of photos, and this one is the best way to remind ourselves about how funny that can be! It seems that Alec Baldwin cannot stand paparazzi and his encounter with one of them ended up in a rather disturbing way. As you can see, the actor had some trouble with the law after that, but he does not appear to be too bothered by it.

11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the famous people who noticed they were being followed by paparazzi are not in the mood to confront them, so they just try to be reasonable and hope for the best. This is the case here. The actor saw that he was being photographed while eating, but he preferred his privacy and begged them to leave him alone. You can see him saying ‘C’mon, people, let me eat my meal’ or something like that.

12. Daniel Radcliff

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that some actors are real sports when it comes to delicate situations and maybe Daniel is one of them. He has a cool personality but we never expected him to be this cool in the presence of paparazzi! He saw the cameras and decided that since they were already there, he should play along and so he did! This is one priceless reaction!

13. Lily Allen and Bella Hadid

Image Source: Ebaum’s world

Many celebs prefer to cover their faces because they don’t want to be photographed when they don’t feel like it or when they consider themselves not prepared to be in front of the camera. This goes especially for the ladies, because they want to look their best in every possible second, and this is hard to achieve, because they have personal lives which means they are not as glamorous as they usually are in some cases.

14. Alec Baldwin

Image Source: Ilikr

It appears that the actor decided to stand against paparazzi by any means necessary and this time he used an unexpected way to demonstrate that he is not fond of the way the paparazzi do their work. This time he was able to cover himself with a bed sheet but his cover could not be used for long, because he had a hard time seeing in front of him! This approach is not as extreme as the previous situations he was involved in, but he proved that he was totally against the constant disrespect paparazzi show for celebs’ private life! We guess that most famous people would support him and they probably enjoyed seeing how he handles paparazzi.

15. Kesha

Image Source: Eastnews

This is probably the best way to deal with paparazzi in case you don’t want to end up in a photo of yourself you find to be awful! Kesha was lucky that her boyfriend was around then paparazzi came out of nowhere and pulled out their cameras! The singer immediately hid behind her partner’s back in order to avoid the unwanted attention.

16. Dustin Hoffman

Image Source: Pikabu

Here is another moment when the paparazzi were able to come close to Dustin Hoffman. He pulled off his signature move again and hid behind a pole, but that was not going to be a good enough solution, so he decided to return the favor! We are not sure why he had a professional camera with him, but he pulled it out and showed the paparazzi how it felt to be on the other side of things! We also like his beard!

17. Eva Mendes

Image Source: Ibuzz

Sometimes paparazzi wait for the perfect moment to come and they leap into action. The best moment might be different, according to the situation, the circumstances and most importantly, the celebrity they chose to follow! In this case, they knew that Eva Mendes would be unable to run and hide from the cameras, and she also had no real way of covering herself. She noticed the interest towards her and when she realized that it was the paparazzi, she did the only thing she could – she actually used her hair to cover her face as much as possible. Of course, it is still obvious that it is her, but at least she ruined the photos.

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