17 Failed Panoramic Photo Attempts That Turned Out To Be Hilarious

Image Source: Reddit

What a time to be alive, right? We have all kinds of things that were considered unthinkable a century ago. For example, let us focus on the fact that almost everyone now has a good quality camera in their pockets! One of the best things you are able to do with your phone camera is take a panoramic photo. Sometimes the end results are stunning but in other cases they are complete failures! But some of the failed attempts are actually curious to see, which is why this list exists!

1. This image looks like a portal to parallel universe

Image Source: Imgur

We are not sure what someone tried to capture in this image, but the end result is probably even better than what it was supposed to be! The image is realy beautiful and it looks like a piece of art!

2. Here is doggo caught in motion

Image Source: Imgur

We all know that trying to take a perfect photo of a pet is close to impossible! They move all the time and you need to be lucky to nail it! In this case, the failed attempt is really funny and worth seeing.

3. This looks like a scene from Inception

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that all Inception fans would be delighted to see this amazing image! We tried to find Leo DiCaprio somewhere in the photo but he is nowhere to be seen, of course.

4. This is what one person’s girlfriend looked like after she moved at the wrong time

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this was a bad time for her to move, because she ruined the photo, but the way she looks like is actually worth it! She resembles a funny character like the ones featured in some fairytales.

5. Here is one ghostly photo

Image Source: Reddit

It is hard to believe that this image is not some failed Photoshop attempt! We guess that whoever took it also liked it really much, and we guess that it would be a hard one to replicate!

6. This looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie

Image Source: Imgur

This is one really curious image and as much as we have failed at taking a good panoramic image, we have never seen such an effect. This is the kind of images that makes us want to try and achieve a similar effect.

7. Here is another unsuccessful image

Image Source: Reddit

We already mentioned that taking a photo of your dog or cat is harder than it appears to be, and this is a perfect example! However, it is still a funny photo which is why this person chose to keep it.

8. This panoramic image was taken at the perfect moment

Image Source: Reddit

The image looks as if it was meant to achieve this effect. Whoever took it probably saw that the goat was walking with the same speed as the phone rotated to the right, and the end result is amazing!

9. Here is another artistic attempt

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the scenery definitely contributed for this one, but the mechanism behind it remains unclear. It looks as if a few different images were merged together, but it was a single panoramic image!

10. This one is super cool

Image Source: Imgur

We genuinely believe that having a photo like this is cooler than having a bunch of ordinary selfies. This person moved his arm in the worst possible moment and this is the result of that action. It almost looks as if such an end result was intended!

11. This doggo tried to pose for a photo

Image Source: Imgur

Unfortunately for the person who tried to take this photo, the dog was rather impatient and could not hold still long enough! Something distracted its attention and this ruined the photo.

12. The people in the front stood up immediately

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the funniest images on the list. Someone was just about to take a panoramic image of the crowd when the people in front of them stood up and turned it into something unique!

13. Here is an image that looks like a frame from a wacky cartoon

Image Source: Imgur

As the rest of the images suggest, the failed panoramic shots could become a funny trend, and people should definitely start sharing them!

14. This is one is absolutely perfect

Image Source: Imgur

Here is the best panoramic photo fail on the list! As you can see, this skier ws standing in the perfect position and then he moved, creating this amazing illusion!

15. This person probably laughed after she saw the photo

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those images that we would definitely keep as some of the best  vacation memories! People love posing in different places and they take hundreds of selfies, but all of these cannot be compared to random photos such as this one! It is absolutely hilarious!

16. Now this is one weird picture

Image Source: Reddit

While the man’s image is immaculate, the goat next to him looks completely disfigured! The reason is obvious – the animal moved when it shouldn’t have moved at all!

17. Here is another cool photo

Image Source: Imgur

This is one cool image and we think that we know how it happened. It is definitely worth keeping and everyone who saw it probably laughed upon seeing it!

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