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17 Images That Are Simply Too Funny To Be True But Are Actually Real

Image Source: Lawhaha

Internet is loaded with false images! There are many photos out there that might appear to be real, but they are actually not! People with Photoshop skills are able to create images that look genuine and most of them are able to deceive the masses. In some cases it turns out that a certain photo you had doubts about is actually real, despite the fact that it looks like an altered picture! This is the type of images the list below consists of! They are too funny to be real and yet they are genuine!

1. This aunt wanted to share family images in a different way

Image Source: Reddit

We have always loved the kind of people who are willing to go the extra mile in order to show their love and affection for their family and relatives! These people express these feeling in all sorts of ways and sometimes they create funny situations without even knowing it! As you can see, this aunt probably surprised her family with these prints and they surely laughed about it! She wanted to save these photos, but she wanted them in a real album!

2. This is probably more or less embarrassing

Image Source: Reddit

Our modern world reshaped the way we communicate with others and now all we do is upload Instagram stories or Snapchat selfies. This is considered to be normal, but when you actually see someone in public trying to take a weird selfie and upload it on social media, it looks kind of weird, to be honest! This image definitely proves it!

3. Here is something we never actually realized before

Image Source: Instagram

This funny post actually needs no caption because it speaks for itself! We never actually though about this before, but The Rock definitely likes to dress in one particular way for his movies! As you can see, he looks basically the same in three different productions! Of course, they are all action movies and we do not expect to see him wearing a tux, but at least the shirt color should vary!

4. This is what good marketing looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Harley-Davidson is a name that needs no introduction. But we are not going to discuss the bikes now. As you can see, they have created yet another brilliant marketing move by creating this clever ad! The brand is easily recognizable and everyone knows that buying one of their bikes immediately gets you a rock star status! The good marketing strategy of the company definitely helps with building that belief!

5. Nobody could give this driver a ticket

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than certain that nobody would try to fine this driver for parking where he did! As you can see for yourself, the sign clearly states that the parking spot behind it is reserved for green vehicles only! Of course, they had a different idea about what a green car is, but they should have been more specific. This is why the owner of this sports car took advantage and parked there.

6. This image will make you look twice

Image Source: Instagram

It has become a trend for families to go to professional photographers to have their images taken while expecting a child. While most of these photos look basically the same, some people are able to add an unexpected twist and make the whole thing really special! It seems that this couple was able to create some of the best maternity photos ever and we had a good laugh seeing them!

7. Here is why you should pay attention to the things you buy online

Image Source: Instagram

When ordering something online, you should definitely consider a couple of important things before submitting it! First of all, you need to be absolutely sure that the seller has only positive feedback which is essential! Second, you need to be aware of the tiniest details about the product! The size, the materials used, the exact color combination and many other characteristics that describe the product will give you an idea of what to expect. This girl probably forgot to check up on those things.

8. Here is another perk of online shopping

Image Source: Instagram

You know the old saying ‘be careful what you wish for because it might actually come true’, right? Well, it appears that someone found out that it is true the hard way! Everything appeared to be okay with this product and this person ordered it. They had no way of knowing that the product is actually different than what they imagined! The pattern of the pillow case was actually the image used in the ad!

test ad

9. This is definitely wrong

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine the nerve some people have! This person actually stole a piece of clothing and being unaware of how to remove the safety clamp attached to it, they uploaded this image on social media asking how to remove it! It is definitely the wrong thing to do, because there is hardly an excuse for stealing something! Another person shut down the thief by simply saying they should have paid for it!

10. Well, this is not a genuine image and it is clear to see why it is not

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, you can easily tell that this image was photoshopped, but it is simply too funny to miss on it! As you can see, someone created this image by literally adding different versions of himself to it! It looks like a huge party but when you look closer, you will notice that it is actually the same person! We are not aware of the reasons why he decided to do such a thing, but one thing is for sure – this kind of content is always hilarious!

11. Here is an interesting IP address name

Image Source: Reddit

This is actually an interesting topic for us because we love seeing clever WIFI Network names! People can come up with simply hilarious ideas and whenever we stumble across one, we find it really amusing. As you can see, someone decided to name their IP address in a witty and funny way which we definitely approve! We believe that anyone who can come up with such a thing must be a person with a great sense of humor!

12. Now this is something really confusing

Image Source: Me.Me

There are a lot of strict regulations when it comes to goods, especially packaged foods. In order for a manufacturer to launch a product on the market, it has to meet a long list of requirements in order for it to be legally sold to customers. One of these requirements is the expiration date marking on the product package. As you can see, there is such a marking on this product, but the actual date is missing, making the whole point meaningless.

13. This is the best shirt for people who hate sports

Image Source: Reddit

If you are not the typical athlete that goes for a 5-mile run early in the morning, then you can probably relate to the person who came up with the idea about such a shirt. It is obviously the counterpart of Nike, and we find the idea to be extremely hilarious! We are convinced that many people would buy this shirt just for fun, and some of them will actually use it in their sports activities and amuse everyone who sees them!

14. Here is one awkward moment an uncanny resemblance was noticed

Image Source: Reddit

How would you feel if you happen to see your face on the bag of chips you were just about to eat? We bet that it would feel kind of weird! It is apparently what happened here and this man is right to think that they literally stole his face and put in on the package. On the other hand he probably also felt flattered and why wouldn’t he? After all, millions of people will be able to see that smile!

15. Some people have a different idea about what romantic notes have to be

Image Source: Instagram

The best thing people in a relationship can have is sense of humor. It can be the weapon that can chase all problems away and no matter how life gets, having the strength to make a joke and cheer your partner can be priceless. As you can see, one husband decided to leave cute notes for his girl all around their home, but some of them are not that cute!

16. This is accurate and relatable

Image Source: Instagram

Social media literally makes us adopt a double standard of living. We need to look our best for our family and followers but we can show our true self to our close friends! As these images suggest, no matter what the situation is, people could still behave good as they are expected to, but the can also become goofballs literally in seconds, because that’s who they really are! Having fun is what matters the most!

17. Here are two images that will play a little trick on you mind

Image Source: Providr

The mind believes what the eyes see! While this is completely true, we need to add that if the eyes can be deceived, the mind will follow! As you can see, the photos suggest that this girl looks absolutely chill while making a perfect split, but in reality she is just sitting there with her head turned to the side.

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