17 People Who Made Really Questionable Decisions

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There are seven billion people in this world and most of them are living their lives in a peaceful and ordinary way, us included. The list below, however, is a whole different story, as it is full of examples of the behavior some people have. They did weird and funny things that are hard to be described, so it would be better for them to be seen!

1. The toilet

Image Source: Reddit

We are certain that those who are brave and strong would hesitate to use this toilet! We mean, just looking at it makes us wonder how could someone create this setup and what their purpose was? Maybe some extra adrenaline, who knows.

2. The karate master

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We have seen our fair share of martial arts but we believe that this is a new kind that we have yet to learn about. It seems kind of harsh at first but we believe this setup was harmless to the doggo.

3. The sculpture

Image Source: Reddit

Some of the finest wood sculptures we have seen are so realistic that you could mistake them for wax figures. Needless to say, there are not that many skillful artists out there who can craft such amazing pieces. This one, however, is nice not because of its details but because of its goofy design.

4. The hearse 

Image Source: Reddit

There are many different types of hearses out there and we believe that manufacturers use all kinds of vehicles but they are mostly huge cars, SUVs, or minivans. In this case, someone thought that a sports car would be a perfect choice and they did a good job at it, too.

5. The flip flops 

Image Source: Reddit

This is the kind of attitude we tolerate because it is unconventional and funny at the same time. This person created an amazing flip flop design that would be suitable for different occasions such as Halloween, for example. They even added some color to the toes, too.

6. The milk jug

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine reaching inside the fridge and grabbing this jug! That would not be a thing you would want to do. We are not sure if the image is real but you can certainly see what is supposed to be inside. We hope nobody gets a surprise like this one ever.

7. The dog

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the weirdest images on the list and the questions it raises are more than a few! This doggo is not as nearly as strong as the force needed to go through that drywall. The second question is: who punched that hole in the wall and why?

8. The keycaps 

Image Source: Reddit

There are numerous ways to showcase great design and this image reveals one of them. As you can see, there are many small details, and what looks like fondant candy is actually a set of keycaps. We want one of those!

9. The painting

Image Source: Reddit

The great thing about paintings is that you can always find the style that you like the most. In this case, there is little to no chance that someone would appreciate this particular painting. It is some weird that we like it!

10. The motorcycle

Image Source: Reddit

Bikers everywhere would cringe the second they lay their eyes on this creation! Needless to say, the bike looked weird even before someone customized it and we are not entirely sure what that addition in the front is. We hope the owner did it just for laughs.

11. The accessories 

Image Source: Reddit

If you noticed what this image is about right away, then you can rest assured that your eyesight is way better than ours! It took us a while but we figured out that all these accessories were made out of teeth! Yikes! That is so weird.

12. The figurine 

Image Source: Reddit

There are millions of different toys across the world but this one has got to be the weirdest one possible. As you can clearly see, this is a hideous creature featuring some well-known TV characters. We have no clue why someone combined them like this.

13. The selfie

Image Source: Reddit

There is a trend that was going stronger in the past few years and now it reached a peak. The image shows what we mean: extreme selfies. Taking such pictures might seem to be fun but it is extremely dangerous and not worth it. This person appears to be relaxed but he is an inch away from disaster.

14. The DJ

Image Source: Reddit

Can you imagine a private party or a wedding without a DJ leading the show and creating the perfect atmosphere? We know how important the good DJ is and we love hiring one every time we have the right occasion. This person probably works as the DJs assistant, but that is only a guess.

15. The setup

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one unusual setup that we were not able to figure out. This is surely some sort of decoration or art installation but the reason for its existence remains unclear to us. This is common with different sculptures – you never know if guessed their meaning or not.

16. The cat door

Image Source: Reddit

Many houses have cat or dog doors and that is a normal thing to see but this is another story. We mean, literally another story because the cat door is located on the second floor! There is surely a good reason for this but we are not aware of it.

17. The sticker

Image Source: Reddit

This gas cap sticker is one of the funniest car mods we have ever seen! The symbol on the sticker tells a story and we love it! The person who put it is surely fed up with the high gas prices and the sticker is like a form of protest.

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