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17 Pics That Actually Made Us Sad Or Laughing Today

Image Source: Reddit

Life is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. We know it can get really tough but that is okay because obstacles build character and make people stronger. This, however, does not justify the odd feeling we get when we are involved in unfortunate events. It seems that people often experience such moments which is why they share them. The list below consists solely of such moments.

1. The puncture

Image Source: Reddit

Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel surely know how it feels to have a flat tire. It does not happen very often but, when it does, it is a huge pain, as it costs time and money. This person, however, had the luck of running into something bigger than a nail on the road.

2. The kayak

Image Source: Reddit

The things people share are always interesting as long as they show something you could never see elsewhere. Someone took their time to take a picture of this melting kayak. Imagine the outside temperatures at this location.

3. The shirt

Image Source: Reddit

We all love receiving gifts but they can be the kind of thing to make you experience frustration. This image shows such a moment. This person received a shirt as a gift but he happened to be wearing the exact same one.

4. The cars

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one family’s vehicles look like after a tree fell down and crushed them. This is surely a stroke of bad luck, as both vehicles are crushed by one and the same tree. They probably felt bad about that but it was a chance for them to upgrade to newer vehicles.

5. The bread

Image Source: Reddit

Having a piece of toast for breakfast is always a good idea except for the times when the bread is not good. In this case, the loaf of bread was literally half of what it should have been under the crust. You cannot even put jam on those slices.

6. The smartphone

Image Source: Reddit

One husband found their wife’s phone in the toilet and it was apparent that someone deliberately put it there. Needless to say, it was one of the kids but they only found out who the culprit was when they scrolled through the photos stored in it.

7. The chicken pot pie

Image Source: Reddit

This person had cravings for chicken pot pie and they took their time to prepare it. Unfortunately, as soon as the meal was on a plate, they dropped it and made a mess, not to mention they stayed hungry.

8. The kids cam

Image Source: Reddit

Kevin Hart is surely one of the most loved Hollywood actors because of his cool personality. He always makes top jokes and allows people to joke with him, too. Surely, the most commonly used occasion is his height, just like the example here suggests.

9. The home office

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Image Source: Reddit

This person had some trouble working from home after their heater broke while it was -10F outside. This is the reason why she is covered in scarves and thick clothes. We imagine it would be hard to work dressed up like that.

10. The elevator

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, those who are stuck somewhere they cannot get out of must always feel desperate. This person looks exactly like that, as the image suggests. He got stuck in an elevator and couldn’t do anything about it but take a selfie.

11. The allergy

Image Source: Reddit

One person was lucky enough to finally earn a living on their own. They got a job at a bagel shop and started working as a manager. The bad news? They happened to be allergic to yeast without even knowing it.

12. The wedding ring

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that wedding rings are more than just pieces of jewelry or a part of a ceremony. They always symbolize the strong bond and the strong promises people who get married exchange. This particular ring probably should not symbolize anything.

13. The image

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how a couple who just got eloped celebrated at a restaurant they went for the first time to. They asked the waiter to take their picture and hoped for the best, but this was a poor result. The waiter only took one image instead of taking several ones.

14. The note

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of bad day nobody would like to experience. As you can see, the person had the unfortunate event of two slashed tires and they were also too hungry to deal with it on an empty stomach. They put this note in hopes that the vehicle will not be towed away.

15. The huge bill

Image Source: Reddit

This person had to spend a whopping $6,000 to change their pain water pipe that supplied their home. The reason was obvious: someone used plastic pipes which eventually burst and created a leak. Spending that kind of money is not pleasant, to say the least.

16. The videos

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that is not just unfortunate but also kind of sad and unusual at the same time. This is a goldfish that obviously enjoyed watching videos of the ocean. Apart from that curious fact, we believe the fish deserves to swim in the ocean if it could survive it.

17. The purchase

Image Source: Reddit

This image shows the reason why we have trust issues. Shopping online is a risk and we are often not taking any chances. One person decided to order an expensive smartphone and eventually took delivery of their parcel only to find a rock inside. This is so unfair and we qualify it as a robbery because someone took their money for it.

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