17 Tweets Showing That Dogs Are Simply Too Pure For This World

Image Source: Twitter

Dogs are not just pets or something that you own. They should be treated like family, because they are. Even stray dogs should be respected and treated the right way, because canines have feelings and emotions much like we do, and they can do wholesome things, because their perception of the world is different. They might act childish or they can show compassion. We can learn a lot from dogs, but the most important lesson is to give unconditionall love all the time, because that’s what dogs do.

1. This is a real Texas doggo

Image Source: Twitter

Who says that dogs are not fashonable? This doggo is a true fashion icon when it comes to Texas standards! We guess that the owner of this cute doggo wanted to show that a canine can look a lot cooler than most people!

2. This doggo prefers a different type of outfit

Image Source: Twitter

Some dogs are almost impossible to get out of the house, and the reasons for that are numerous. Oscar is a nice example, and this post shows the only way he would agree to step out. He wants to be rolled in a huge blanket!

3. Striking a pose is not reserved only for humans

Image Source: Twitter

Some dogs have the attitude of a model, and when you add the cute appearance a small canine has, the end result can easily become too adorable to handle! This cutie obviously loved to pose on the stairs and it is picture-perfect.

4. Some dogs can act weird

Image Source: Twitter

This is something that dogs would never do normally, but all canines are different, so there is no wonder that they like to do different things, too. Blowing bubbles in a kids’s pool is definitely something we have never seen a dog do before.

5. This is a wholesome thing to see

Image Source: Twitter

We know that there are therapy dogs helping patients in some facilites like children hospitals or nursing homes, but we never knew that a vet’s office could have one! It is actually a cool idea and most vet clinics should incorporate the idea.

6. This pup probably had a nightmare

Image Source: Twitter

Having someone to comfort you is the best feeling, and this puppy definitely needed some assistance here. The cutie had a bad dream, but one of the other pups from the litter noticed that and immediately hugged its sibling!

7. This police dog has different outfits

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Not everyone could say that they look good dressed in completely different outfits. This police dog can definitely send an example for that! We guess that working undercover would not be a problem for this doggo!

8. This is the kind of attitude we like to see

Image Source: Twitter

Everything in life is about respect and making a good first impression. Being able to combine these things is a quality that few people have mastered, and the rest can learn a thing or two by this adorable little dog!

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9. This doggo is a foodie

Image Source: Twitter

All dogs love having a snack, but they all react differently to getting food. This dog has the most adorable reaction we have seen. It all starts in a calm manner, but then the overjoyed doggo start dancing and jumping around!

10. This must be this bar’s favorite client

Image Source: Twitter

You are probably aware that most bars and pubs have regular clients that love going there, but bartenders and waitershave favorite clients, too! We guess that the doggo with the hat is this bar’s most cherished customer.

11. This is a funny caption

Image Source: Twitter

We are more than certain that this is not the dog’s hair! Someone used some kind of a tiny wig in order to make the doggo appear as if it had bangs. The funny part is that the dog looks happy to have such a hairdo!

12. This is how a dog should be treated

Image Source: Twitter

Instead of leaving your dog at home while you are out having a good time, you should bring the canine with you! You are guaranteed to see the purest form of gratitude. You don’t need better proof than this dog’s face!

13. The animal world has its own ways of making things happen

Image Source: Twitter

We all know that most dogs are able to communicate in their own kind of way with different types of animals and this post showed the adorable way a doggo was able to interact with this bird.

14. This doggo cannot get enough of its human

Image Source: Twitter

Dogs are really attached to their humans and if they are separated for a long time, the following reunion is most often a heartwarming thing to see. This person felt her dog’s love aftet they hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

15. This cutie wanted to join the rest of the family at the table

Image Source: Twitter

We already mentioned that dogs should be accepted like equal family members, because this is what they are! This dog wanted to be at the table with its family and they provided a way for that to happen! This is too cute!

16. This is too funny

Image Source: Twitter

Looking at this image really made our day, because the doggo’s facial expression is just too cute! It is obvious that the dog was the one who stole those eggs, but we are sure there were no bad consequences for this cutie.

17. Dogs and cats can be really close

Image Source: Twitter

Cartoons taught us that dogs and cats are enemies in life, but that is not the truth. While some cats and dogs cannot stand each other, in other cases they are as close as possible!

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