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18 Amazing Facts You Will Find Hard To Believe That Sound Totally FAKE

13. Baby brought back to life by nothing more complicated than some cuddles.
At 27 weeks into her pregnancy, Kate Ogg gave birth to her two twins prematurely, and she was told that her son had not survived the birth. However, she did not give up, and after hugging him for two hours, he amazingly came back to life.

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14. The wood frog can freeze solid for hibernation time!
Although it sounds silly, this frog actually has a brilliant mechanism to get through the winter months. It freezes solid, and then in the spring, it’ll thaw so that it can go about its business again. Whilst frozen, it doesn’t breathe, its heart doesn’t beat, and its blood doesn’t flow.

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15. Matter from neutron stars is very heavy!
If you took even just a spoonful of the matter from a neutron star, it’d weigh more than Mt. Everest. As we can’t really comprehend how heavy Mt Everest is, and compare it, it’s 5.5 billion tons.