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18 Impressive Photos Of Actors Before And After Movie Makeup

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Movie actors are admired by many but only a few actually know what that these people need to put up with sometimes. In order for a character to be realistic to the point when the role is recreated flawlessly, the actors are forced to wear heavy makeup and special suits. Only those who have visited a movie set during the making of a film know how tough that is! In order to give a clue, we selected the following images! Check them out and you will surely be impressed! Just take a look at Cate Blanchett in the role of Bob Dylan – pretty impressive, right?

1. Lord Voldemort

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This iconic character would have never been the same without the talent of Ralph Fiennes who put his heart and soul into it! There were a lot of factors which contributed to the presence of the character on the big screen. Makeup and specials effects were surely among them! As you can see, the appearance of Lord Voldemort has little to do with how the actor actually looks like and this is a proof that it was a really tough job.

2. Edna Turnblad

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This is the perfect way to kick off the list because there is an amazing transformation in front of you! John Travolta was simply brilliant as Edna Turnblad in the Hairspray movie. He was completely different from the character in every possible way which made the role seem to be even harder for him. Despite everything and also probably against the odds, Travolta did a brilliant job and his role as Edna was amazing to see! There is a reason why Travolta will always be one of Hollywood’s greatest actors despite the controversial events in his real life.

3. Rabbi

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This is one of those roles which are so unusual that you always remember them! Meryl Streep needs no introduction! She is by far one of the best and most talented people Hollywood has ever seen. She is also an incredible human being and her personality is inspiring! But when it comes to the role of Rabbi, she outdid herself!

4. Lili

Image Source: ITV / Repubblica

Eddie Redmayne is one of those actors that you immediately fall in love with! The talented young man already has an impressive career but we are convinced that he has a lot more to show us. One of his iconic transformations was for the role of Professor Stephen Hawking which stole everyone’s hearts! But there is one more role he played that will be remember for a long time! He played Lili in The Danish Girl.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire

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We just had to include this one in the list! The talent of Robin Williams is indisputable and we miss him a lot! The good thing is that we can always have a rendezvous with him by simply watching some of his movies. One of our all-time favorites is definitely Mrs. Doubtfire! The amazing transformation of the actor will be remembered for generations ahead! The actor was a real genius and he was able to make everyone feel the emotions that his characters felt! He was also an incredible person and everyone loved his beautiful soul!

6. The Joker

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Heath Ledger was something that Hollywood rarely sees! So much charisma, character and charm concentrated in one actor was definitely a combination that was nothing but extraordinary! He was different than the rest and his short life was remarkable just like his career growth! It is a shame that we lost him but at least he left us the best performance as The Joker an actor ever made!

7. Auggie

Image Source: Getty Images / IMDB

This is an exceptional example of dedication to the job because the actor was still a child! The Wonder was a heartwarming film that was also brilliantly made! The main character was a special young boy and many things had to done perfectly in order for the perfect appearance to be created. Alot of makeup had to be applied to the actor who played Auggie – Jacob Tremblay.

8. The Night King

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This addition to the list is well-known to every GoT fan! It is an iconic role and the character’s appearance is probably one of the coolest ever featured in a TV series! The Night King has a strong presence and a distinctive look on his face! The actor Richard Brake did a very good job with all that makeup on! Of course, special effects were added but the main thing that created this character’s presence was Brake’s talent.

9. Saul

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Eddie Murphy is a man with a gigantic talent and one of his best and probably favorite moves is to transform himself into unbelievable characters. One of the best roles he ever played was Saul. If you have seen Coming To America before, you probably remember how you learned only after the end of the movie that Saul was actually played by the comedian! We guess that all these reactions were hilarious to watch and they were nothing but recognition of the actor’s talent.

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10. Sloth

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The Goonies was a huge production featuring many different characters. Sloth was one of those who people remembered the most and the credit for this goes to John Matuszak. The actor was completely transformed for the role and we guess that he had hard time acting with all that heavy makeup! It probably took many hours for that makeup to be applied!

11. Deadpool

Image Source: Amazon / Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds was able to recreate the image of our best comic superhero ever! Since the first Deadpool movie came out we have yet to see a better performance by someone who plays an action hero. Reynolds was forced to wear heavy makeup in the scenes where Deadpool took off his mask and we congratulate the actor for the patience! He is an amazing person and a true professional. This is why everyone loves him.

12. Pennywise

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The ‘It’ movie which was released in 1990 is one of the classic 90s horror movies. Of course, the image of Pennywise is what made the movie legendary and eventually Hollywood produced a remake. However, we believe that Tim Curry’s performance cannot be topped off! He was brilliant despite the fact that he was completely unrecognizable under that makeup.

13. Aileen

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We love Charlize Theron for everything she is – a talented actor, a beautiful woman and an amazing person! Her career is full of achievements but one of the most unusual ones is definitely the role of Aileen for the Monster film. She gained a lot of weight for the role and wore heavy makeup which made her almost unrecognizable! Needless to say, the role was brilliantly done.

14. Madame D.

Image Source: Amazon / Zimbio

Here is an addition to the list that probably nobody expected to see. Of course, it belongs here because it is an amazing achievement! Tilda Swinton was able to transform herself completely for the role of Madame D. in The Grand Budapest Hotel movie. It was an epic role and the actress was barely recognizable!

15. James ‘Whitey’ Bulger

Image Source: Getty Images / Imgur

Johnny Depp is one of the actors whose roles are always extraordinary. You have probably noticed that a lot of actors look exactly the same in every movie they are featured in. This is not what you can expect from Depp because all of his roles are curious and the characters’ appearances could not be further apart from each other. The role in Black Mass was just another addition to Depp’s impressive bio and we admire him for his versatility and dedication.

16. Nanny McPhee

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We are convinced that everyone remember the role of Nanny McPhee which was brought to life by the amazing Emma Thompson. The movie is still one of our favorites because of the incredible story and the effects. Of course, the way that the main character was presented is definitely one of the best things about the whole movie! The actress was unrecognizable as Nanny McPhee and the role was really played in the best possible way.

17. Red Queen

Image Source: Getty Images / Collider

Do you remember Alice Through The Looking Glass? We sure do! The movie was amazing and everything about it was beautiful! All the characters featured in it were brilliantly recreated but one of the main stood out because of the incredible performance of the actress behind the image. Of course, we are talking about the Red Queen. Helena Bonham Carter was responsible for the character’s presence on the big screen and she did an amazing job!

18. Pepper

Image Source: Amazon / Pinterest

Chances are that you’ve seen the American Horror Story series. There were a lot of amazing actors involved in the project which is why there were also a lot of cool characters, too! One of the most memorable was surely Pepper, but we didn’t know that she was not a real disabled person. The amazing actress behind the role is pictured on the left and her name is Naomi Grossman! We salute her for the outstanding performance

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