18 of the MOST DANGEROUS foods according to Greenpeace

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Check out Greenpeace’s 18 black-listed food products below!

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Ever since it was found in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada, the global environmental organization has been aiming at improving our living conditions and preserving our nature. By focusing on climate change, food waste, genetic engineering, deforestation and various similar subjects, the organization has gathered millions of supporters on a global scale. Greenpeace currently operates officially in more than 40 countries and a few years ago the organization released a black list consisting of a total of 18 food items.

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The list represents popular food products, which are presented by famous brands and are dressed up like tasty dishes. However, in reality, they are actually more dangerous than you might think. So, what does the list include?

Let’s start with desserts. Snickers, Mars, Twix, Cadbury, Ferrero advertise chocolate desserts that take the leading spots in the list. Nestle’s kids’ food and chocolate milk product Nesquik are also featured among the black-listed products. Speaking of beverages, Lipton’s heavily over-advertised tea isn’t any better than the above listed items. The same goes for all those soft non-alcoholic drinks manufactured by Coca Cola, 7-Up, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta and Kinley.

Apart from them, Uncle Ben’s’ rice and ketchup are also in the black list alongside Heinz’s ketchup, mayo and other popular sauces. Among the top 5 on Greenpeace’s released list are also Campbell’s soups. Food items by Kraft Foods, Unilever’s kids’ foods also made the cut. And of course, McDonald’s products were featured in the black list as well.

So, next time you reach towards any of these brands’ heavily marketed food or beverage items, try to remember that it’s not just your mother that told you those weren’t good for you. There’s a pretty good reason why they are featured in Greenpeace’s black list!

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