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18 Of The Wittiest Tweets By Husbands That Literally Made Us Laugh

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Dads are sometimes a source of inspiration but they are also capable of providing fun times for both their kids and the people who read their stories. It appears that everyone would appreciate this new type of dad humor – instead of witty jokes, these dads share either their experience or their advice.

1. The statement

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one great way to start the list. It seems that this person had the type of wife that controls his wardrobe and that is not a bad thing, actually. Some people need fashion advice and it appears this dad is among that crowd.

2. The wish

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that wishes need to be kept private because you don’t want everyone else to know about them in order for them to become a reality. This is one very peculiar wish, too, and we guess the person had a sense of humor.

3. The conversations

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Here is one true episode this person shared that we believe was a reality and not made up. People who are married have this type of conversation often and that is perfectly normal. Of course, it does not need to be a feud.

4. The text

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The beauty of being married to someone is the fact that you get to know the other person so well that you don’t need to talk in order to communicate. It seems that this worked for these people, too. They could read each other’s minds.

5. The question

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There are people who keep forgetting everything you could think of, including the seemingly insignificant stuff. Here is how this man tried to handle such a moment. This kind of behavior can sometimes be annoying.

6. The coupon

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There are numerous things that we could say about marriage but one of these things is the budget you need to have. In order to make ends meet, you need to be careful. We guess this person knew how to behave.

7. The cake

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Here is how one person found out that you do not need a special occasion to have a cake. In fact, having a cake is a special occasion and you need to let that sink in. The cake is a must and we would eat one every couple of days.

8. The romance

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The things married people do are always different but marriage is never boring regardless of the spouses’ preferred activities. In this case, the husband was probably in trouble after what he did and we hope everything was okay in the end.

9. The porch

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one of the weirdest retirement fantasies we have ever heard of! The person never meant that but his wife used the moment to troll him. We believe this is something that happens in many marriages.

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10. The expert

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It seems that this person underestimated himself because there is no better way to treat a woman than preparing her favorite meal and doing it right, too. This means you care for your partner and you appreciate them.

11. The fan

Image Source: Twitter

Well, there you have it – a typical dad joke that we absolutely love. This is a classic example of dad humor because it incorporates a clever pun that makes it super funny. Not everyone is a fan of such jokes but we are.

12. The marriage

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another of marriage’s perks that we are either going to learn from experience or we have already discovered. This is something that happens much too often, we guess. After all, some stores are huge!

13. The silence

Image Source: Twitter

Marriage is tough because you are forced to do things for the other person every single day but, then again, they do the same for you. This is why it is worth it!

14. The knee

Image Source: Twitter

One of the absolute best things about marriage is having a partner who respects you and mostly respects your part of the bed. We guess that it is a huge deal although it seems to be insignificant at first.

15. The sleep

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is a problem that we never thought we’d mention but it is common for married people, especially newlyweds. They often find it hard to fall asleep while someone is next to them. This is something we all get used to.

16. The bathrobe

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that a lot of marriages were changed forever after one or both partners were forced to stay at home and work from there. The reason is simple and we all know it.

17. The fish

Image Source: Twitter

If marriages came with instructions, we believe that the manual should start with one simple rule – never put fish in the microwave. The smell of that kind of food will never go away and everyone should know that.

18. The shower

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how a typo can end up in a funny conversation. This person wanted to say that he would use the time his wife gets home to take a shower. His typo resulted in the funniest reply we have seen in such a conversation and we absolutely love it!

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