18 People Who Did Great Or Not So Great At All

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People can be amazing in numerous different ways! They can either be capable of solving a problem easily or making it worse in the most hilarious way! In both cases you would be amazed to see it happen, because both clever thinking and hilarious decisions are amusing to see! This is why the following list exists for your viewing pleasure! Make sure you scroll down and check it out because there are a lot of funny images to see!

1. Here is one neat setup

Image Source: Twitter

We love the way this woman discovered a simple and convenient way to travel stress-free. She was able to combine naptime with aform of communication! By doing this she actually made sure that she would get some quality rest but she would also never miss the snacks and drinks onboard.  That neck pillow looks really comfy, too!

2. This is how you treat a dog

Image Source: Reddit

We all smiled from ear to ear when we saw these images! Ittakes a person with a big heart and a lot of love for his dog to do what this man did! As you can see, the cute doggo immediately felt the love and the support! Just look at that smiling face! This is the only way an animal shouldbe treated! We salute this man for showing all the love he has for the canine!

3. This is a curious way to display books

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of bookstores in our time but we guessthat we have never stumbled upon a display like this one before! Someone showed their brilliant sense of humor here and we love it! The ‘Mystery’ section cannot look more mysterious than that, don’t you agree? We are sure that this arrangement brought a lot of smiles to the customers.

4. This is what fine trolling looks like

Image Source: Instagram

We love people who have mastered the art of trolling to alevel that seems to be too high for us to ever reach! The person who createdthis is definitely someone we deeply admire! As you can see, there is a story above the image which covers the event prior to the creating of the ridiculous meal pictured here. We love how it was played out and it could not be more sarcastic!

5. This is one of the best cosplays ever

Image Source: Reddit

If you are anything like us, you probably love cosplay costumes! We dream of going to a convention just to admire the amazing costumesand setups people created in order to impress the others! Sometimes all youneed in order to be amazed by a cosplay is search for something online! Wereckon we found the best one and as you can see, it is a brilliant example and also a hard one to recreate!

6. Here is one mom who knows her game

Image Source: Reddit

The parents who are entirely dedicated to their kids sometimes come up with totally amazing ideas that help them bond with their offspring on another level! This mom obviously knows how to do it and she pulled of the best thing we have seen lately! This is parenting done right!

7. This dad knows how to deliver a gift

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about creative parents, we just had to show you this one! It is an amazing idea and we like it a lot! One dad has adopted the habit of giving his kids a hundred bucks cash for Christmas every year. The fun partis that he does it in the best possible way by being creative! As you can see, he literally made it rain!

8. This is what it means to love yourself more than everyoneelse

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of the funniest things we have seen lately! It might be a setup but we think that it is actually plausible. Apparently this person got really drunk but she was just sober enough to pull this off! We canimagine that it felt really great to receive an unexpected gift from none other than your drunk self! This is a story worth sharing.

9. This is what it means to be extra

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that many people think that they are extra butthey have a different perception of that means. Making the extra effort or walking the extra mile in order to achieve something or to make a statement is sometimes harder than it seems! This young man sets the bar really high with the wonderful thing her did and we wish more people were like him.

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10. Here is one really clever product placement idea

Image Source: Imgur

You might think that you have an idea of how the perfect arrangement of a store should look like, but sometimes thinking outside the box really gets the job done. This setup might appear to be wrong but it isactually a neat idea that will surely be profitable! The reasons are more than obvious and we thing the employee who came up with it should be promoted.

11. This is a wholesome thing to do

Image Source: Reddit

We love seeing people who care for other and do what they need to do in order to make their lives a bit better! As you can see, one person immediately reacted after seeing someone judging a homeless man! Thiskind gesture probably meant the world to that man and the money probably provided food for him for days ahead!

12. This might be considered to be a life hack

Image Source: Twitter

This is something that some people might find to be more or less controversial but we reckon that it is a nice idea! Not everyone has the time to enjoy a bowl of cereal and milk, so an alternative solution is needed sometimes. As you can see, the photo suggests an option that we might even try sometime! It is not the same, of course, but it is close enough!

13. Hereis something that has nothing to do with the person

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes things are not up to us regardless of how much we want to control the situation! Buying a lottery ticket is one thing but winning something is a different story. All you need is luck! You can hope and even pray to win but it would still be entirely in the hands of faith! As you can see, this person had the worst of luck.

14. These are probably the worst cookies we have ever seen

Image Source: Tumblr

There are many art forms out there and we have to say that we always considered pastry to be one of them. It is extremely tricky because you need to be artistic and you also need to be a chef in order to create amazing pastry art! Unfortunately for some people, not everyone is able to become a pastry chef. The photo above shows a person who needs to practice a lot more in order to become one! These cookies look nothing like the initial idea!

15. This has got to be a joke

Image Source: Reddit

This is one image that we refuse to consider real! Sure enough, the ad is real and so is the mug. What we mean is that it could not bea real product. It is more likely a mix-up because nobody would buy such a design! It is awkward but really hilarious! The person who made the print on the mug probably used a screenshot of the ad instead of the actual design template.

16. Nail design is not easy to do

Image Source: Reddit

We have said it before and we will say it again. You need tobe really careful when you trust a professional about a certain procedure. This includes visiting the hairdresser, a tattoo studio or a nail salon! The example above shows the exact reason why! This nail artist had absolutely no idea how to recreate the gorgeous nail pattern from the photo above and the end resultis a disaster! We hope the client had a full refund!

17. This is a lesson in online shopping

Image Source: Reddit

Someone got played while shopping online and this is theperfect shopping experience we should all learn from. Lesson number one is tocheck the measurements! If you fail to notice the actual measurements of the item you ordered, there is a good chance you might end up in a similar situation! Many vendors rely on the fact that customers neglect important details about their purchase and these situations keep piling up!

18. Here is one meal that we would definitely pass on

Image Source: Twitter

We mean, we love chicken and we eat a lot of it, but this is just not the kind of meal we would like to have. Who eats chicken breasts like that? No seasoning, no side dish, no salad, nothing! The only reason that can serve as an explanation or an excuse for this thing is probably the lack of time ,but a simple seasoning of the piece of meat takes a minute or less!

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