18 Pets Who Have Zero Respect For The Personal Space Of Their Owners

Image Source: Instagram

Pets are more than just family members – they are our friends and sometimes the meaning of our lives. Those among you who never got the chance to have a furry friend with four legs at home are not aware of what they are missing, because a pet can brighten your day in a matter of seconds. However, in some cases pets turn out to be really obsessive and they often prove that there’s no such thing as personal space in their world. The image below focuses on that and it is really funny to see such situations!


1. This happy doggo is glad to be on top of his owner

Image Source: Instagram

Dogs love cuddling more than anything and whenever they sense the smell of their owner, they just want to be close, sometimes really, really close, as the photo suggests.

2. This dog looks more comfortable than his human

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that the owner is pretty much used to waking up like that, and we can see that the dog is way more comfortable than she is.

3. Here is a loving kitty

Image Source: Instagram

This cat probably wanted to show all the love it has for its human, but we believe that this is just a bit too much. At least it seems that the claws are put away.

4. This is one oversized laptop

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that this doggo does not realize that a typical lap dog is many times smaller! However, the love between a human and their dog is more important.

5. Here is a dog that wants to fee protected

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes dogs need to feel perfectly safe and the only feel they are able ti feel like that if they are close to their owner. In certain cases they get as close as possible!

6. This man is outnumbered

Image Source: Instagram

When you have a big family, you need to accept the fact that you will have zero personal space around the house! This man can definitely confirm that.

7. This is a sweet thing to see

Image Source: Instagram

This person probably wanted to have some alone time and to read a good book, but that cute doggo thought he was lonely and went to comfort him!

8. This is something unusual to see

Image Source: Instagram

We have always wanted to have a parrot, because we love how smart these birds are, not to mention how beautiful they are. This one, however, has zero respect for personal space.

9. The look says it all

Image Source: Instagram

As you can clearly see, this doggo probably had a plan and it was a complete success! The moment his owner decided to open a book, the dog jumped on her lap and that’s that.

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10. Here is another obsessive kitty

Image Source: Instagram

Cats are more likely to play solo, but some felines are just as cuddly as dogs! It is easy to see that this cat wanted to show who is the boss in the house.

11. This cutie loves his human

Image Source: Instagram

It is more than enough to look into a dog’s eyes in order to feel the love the canine has for his human. This image is a perfect example and we guess that man is used to it!

12. It seems the cat wants to steal all the attention

Image Source: Imgur

This adorable kitty noticed that the human was up to some kind of activity that captured their attention, which is why something had to be done! Now the cat is literally the center of attention.

13. Sleeping like this is probably the dogs favorite position

Image Source: Instagram

We firmly believe that almost very dog would gladly sleep next to the owner, and many dog owners actually allow that to happen. As you can see, this case is no exception.

14. This woman is literally covered in dogs

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that this woman feels really good feeling her dogs close to her, but given the fact that they are not small puppies anymore, they probably blocked her from gettin up.

15. These cats are obviously happy

Image Source: Instagram

When animals do what they want to do and the owners actually let them, everything is just the way it was supposed to, we guess. As you can see, these cats are more than pleased to be close to their owner.

16. Here is another huge lap dog

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, this doggo also has no regard for personal space and despite the fact that the owner is probably crushed underneath, she looks kind of happy!

17. This dog has total domination over his owner

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes cuddling with your pet gets out of control and this photo shows how that looks like! This doggo is probably obsessed with his owner!

18. This pug got what he wanted

Image Source: Instagram

We can see that this pug is really happy that all the attention of his owner is focused on him! This was probably the whole idea! As we all know, pugs love cuddling and bely rubs!

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