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18 Times People Shared The Most Ridiculous Designs They Saw

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that designers have a hard job, as they must send a message by choosing the right image, colors, and layout. There is nothing like nailing the best design and reaching out to every targeted customer possible. Still, there are times when designs backfire massively and this is exactly what the list below is about. People were so impressed with the awful designs they saw that they shared them for us to see.

1. The captain

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some obvious details are sometimes missed by designers and this is the case here. As you can see, this is a submarine pictured in a children’s book but the captain is not where he’s supposed to be.

2. The family tree

Image Source: Reddit

Family trees are the kind of thing huge families like to have on display, as they are proud of their history. However, this designer needs to rethink the concept of a family tree because it works differently.

3. The masks

Image Source: Reddit

We get that people need to wear masks and that they need to be reminded about that but it needs to be done in a way that would be understood by everyone. This poster does not make things clear.

4. The building

Image Source: Reddit

Engineers are always the people who have the most responsibility when a building needs to be constructed. In this case, the engineering team allowed a huge mistake: they started erecting this Burger King place backwards!

5. The packets

Image Source: Reddit

Packaging salt and pepper seems to be an easy task, especially when you decide to highlight the contents of each packet by its color. In this case, someone missed the basics of this concept: the white packet contains pepper and the black one – salt.

6. The safety guide

Image Source: Imgur

Inflight safety guides are a must and people need to read them carefully. It is also true that they need to be designed with zero flaws, too. In this case, the instructions mentioned are correct but that baby’s face is quite disturbing.

7. The safe

Image Source: Reddit

People always try to come up with different hiding places for their cash. This suggestion is not the brightest idea, as someone who is unaware of the contents of this safe could simply throw it into the fireplace.

8. The poster

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one advertisement that has the opposite effect of the one intended initially. The hair salon manager obviously had to choose better slogans and better images, too.

9. The chart

Image Source: Reddit

Charts are usually used to demonstrate some statistical facts. It is always different to see such information instead of just reading it. This chart is quite confusing and we can all see why.

10. The offer

Image Source: Reddit

One thing we really don’t like about stores is the fact they often put too many offers on their windows and it can be confusing. This is the case here: as you can see, these two offers look like one weird proposal.

11. The board

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing how this elevator control board was designed can make everyone’s headache. We find it hard to understand why someone would mix those buttons up like that.

12. The meal

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about weird offers, this one has got to be the most peculiar we have seen in a while. As you can see, the bad design of this poster created an entirely different message.

13. The stairs

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, stairs need to be just as easy to use as they need to be safe to walk. This staircase covers neither of those requirements. We hope nobody gets hurt while walking down on them.

14. The corner

Image Source: Reddit

Basketball fields in every neighborhood are different and that is no surprise. Still, there are fields that can be unique but not in a good way. This image shows a great example.

15. The label

Image Source: Reddit

People always pay attention to the things they buy, especially if they need to look out for allergies, for example. In this case, nobody could determine the fabric of this piece of clothing.

16. The windows

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people always try to do things perfectly but they get it wrong sometimes, despite putting in their best effort. This is one great example. The designer of this building must have had something else in mind.

17. The fence

Image Source: Reddit

Someone tried to make sure that this path is inaccessible by putting this fence but you can see that the design of the barrier is not great, as people can easily pass anyway.

18. The truck

Image Source: Imgur

This truck belongs to a garden center but you can see that its owner was not able to come up with the best advertisement. You could be easily confused after taking a first glance at it.

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