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18 Times When People Got A Bit Creative And Showed Thinking Outside The Box

Image Source: Reddit

People are usually not as creative as they would like to be but we all know that practice makes perfect. If you think that you are not skilled enough for a DIY project, then you probably need a little more practice or at least some inspiration. The list below is a great source of inspiration and you would surely admire the craftsmanship some people demonstrate.

1. The telephone booth

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some people really are the kind that can turn a piece of junk into a treasure. In this case, someone was able to turn an old telephone booth into a beautiful and quite practical library. This is a neat idea that city councils can use across the world.

2. The castle

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one art installation that is more than just unusual; it is just as weird as it is magnifficent. As you can see, it surely took a lot of effort to be completed because its construction is far too complicated. It is not child’s play.

3. The plate

Image Source: Reddit

License plate numbers are fairly different in every state but there is one thing in common between most of the state laws – you can choose you own string of symbols. This person took advantage of that and created a license that would be hard to read by police officers.

4. The vehicle

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those moments when we must admire one’s creative genius. Someone decided to turn an old van into a 4×4 monster and we can all see thet it turned out well. The person who created it uses it for snow plowing.

5. The fire hydrant 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how a simple thing as a fire hydrant can be transformed into something curious. There seems to be a trend that makes people turn random objects into R2-D2. This particular example is nicely done and the person who created it has good skills.

6. The other fire hydrant

Image Source: Reddit

Since we mentioned the trend, it appears that it involves more than just turning objects into R2-D2. This fire hydrant was completely transformed into Princess Lea! All Star Wars fans would be delighted to see this clever idea taking shape.

7. The banana peel

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something you don’t see every day. It seems that people who love jokes would approve this move. Someone decided to create a fake banana peel to make people feel initimidated and they did a good job at it.

8. The lamps

Image Source: Reddit

Creating the perfect interior take time and requires patience. As you can see, someone decided to add an unexpected twist to their interior and created special lamps using coffee cups. It appears that many people would love to have these as part of their interior.

9. The sauce

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to create an original advertisement is sometimes really hard and you can see that the people behind this brand nailed it. The sauce is obviously a great addition to a number of foods and the label on the packaging boldly states exactly that.

10. The skateboard

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

There are numerous ways in which you can show your personal style. Such a statement can be made by customizing your car, your bike, or even your skateboard. One person decided to make a custom skateboard and it is definitely something unique.

11. The Scrabble wall

Image Source: Reddit

Wall decorations come in all shapes and sizes and there is an endless variety of styles possible. Needless to say, the trickier the idea is, the better but it would also result in a lot more effort to make it happen. This wall is the result of hard work but it was worth it.

12. The natural decoration

Image Source: Reddit

Creating your dream home is the thing you probably strive for but the first step is finding it. After that is done, you need to proceed with what you need to make it a truly unique place. This person definitely knew what they wanted to achieve.

13. The chalkboard wall

Image Source: Reddit

There are multiple tricks people use to transform their living spaces and this is one of them. Painting a wall to make it look like a chalkboard is one thing but actually using such paint is a different story. We approve of this amazing idea.

14. The crosswalk

Image Source: Reddit

All Beatles fans would be in awe when they see this crosswalk design. It seems that creating a different crosswalk design is almost impossible but we guess that the people behind this creation knew how clever it was.

15. The ladder substitute

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe this van was supposed to have a ladder mounted on its back end and there is no doubt that someone found the perfect substitute for it. Now, anyone who would dare to climb to the roof of the van has a chance to do it.

16. The painting

Image Source: Facebook

There are no greater things in life than those which possess the power to inspire everyone. In this case, on famous painting was recreated in an incredibly amusing fashion. This painting would surely amass its own circle of fans.

17. The roof

Image Source: Reddit

Respecting nature is surely the right thing to do, regardless of what you might want to achieve. Needless to say, building a house in compliance with nature is one of the things not everyone is willing to do but the people who created this amazing home had a specific plan to keep all the trees in the surrounding area.

18. The door

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another idea that you might fall in love with. Garden decoration is not something you can allow compromises with and this person knew it. They decided to utilize everything they have at their disposal and created the kind of decoration we would love to have at our homes! You can notice how the small details made the biggest difference here.

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