18 Unexpected Situations That Remind Us That Karma Is Always Watching

Image SOurce: Reddit

They say that things always happen for a reason, but there are certain moments in life when we refuse to believe that there could possibly be a reason for the things we need to go through or to put up with. We wonder where did we go wrong and blame ourselves when something similar happens. Well, there are times when no questions should be asked. We need to accept the fact that sometimes things just don’t work out as we expected and we need to deal with something we wish we never had to. The following list suggests examples of such moments.

1. Someone found the emergency exit door

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the sign was correct and the door in this office bulding was probably used as an emergency exit before, but at some point it was sealed shut! Let us hope nobody needs to use it in a real emergency situation!

2. This was probably a diploma

Image Source: Reddit

While there are exceptional people working in postal and courier companies, there are also people who neglect things and they never care about making the extra effort to do a good job. In this case, a simple instruction had to be followed.

3. Now this is an accidental 3D puzzle that needs solving ASAP

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, someone’s keys got tangled in a way that we have never seen before! It took us a while to realize how this happened, and unless the person is able to solve this 3D puzzle, they will not be able to start their car or to unlock the front door.

4. Here is a frustrating sight to see

Image Source: Pikabu

All food-related disasters are bad, despite how insignificant or major they might be. In this case, the production line probably stalled or they ran out of jam for a moment, but this person will not have a real taste of these treats.

5. This is another failed delivery

Image Source: Pikabu

Unfortunately for some people, their order never make it to them in one piece! Well, this keyboard is technically still in one piece, but is is shattered so badly that it is not suitable for repair!

6. This person obviously has a way of accepting bad situations

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody would be happy if another driver happened to crash into their car! This is always related to stress, and nobody likes losing time and money, either. However, this driver showed a nice attitude and his sense of humor turned the defect into an effect!

7. This almost defied the laws of physics

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that dishwashers can cause situations like this sometimes, but it is really curious to see how this fork ended up being stuck like this! Someone had to be skilled enough to get it out of there.

8. This one is a real bummer

Image Source: Reddit

It is not unlikely for a basketball to end up being stuck above the loop ring. It happens a lot, actually. What never happens is the situation you see here! The chances of that broom getting stuck up there must have been really slim!

9. This is not the best way to start the day

Image Source: Reddit

Some people say that if your day starts okay, then the rest of it would likely be okay, too. But this is probably valid for all the other times when you experience a rough morning, just like this person did!

10. Now this is some accident

Image Source: Reddit

Many people have struggled with flat tires, but this situation here brings having a flat tire to another level! We believe that the driver was extremely lucky to get away unharmed from this one! Imagine the force it took for that spanner to end up going through the wheel!

11. This images raises a few questions

Image Source: Reddit

While it is clear that this person would have a hard time getting this package out of there, a couple of questions emerge after seeing the image. First of all, would be bad for it to bend just a little in order to get it out, and second – how did they put it there in the first place?

12. Someone ordered a new monitor

Image Source: Reddit

This is the main reason we never shop gadgets and all kinds of equipment online! Chances are that we would be disappointed just like this person was! The monitor seemed to be okay until it was plugged in!

13. This happens all the time

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an image that probably most of you could relate with! GPS maps are often misleading either because they have not been updated on time or there has been a change in the road signs and markings.

14. This is the worst thing that could happen when you enjoy your ice cream

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there might be some equally bad things involving ice cream that could happen as well, but this one is really curious! What are the chances of having another wrapper inside the ice cream? Having a bite of that is not pleasant at all!

15. This is definitely the last thing you would like to see on the road

Image Source: Reddit

We genuinely believe that this is the kind of thing that would make you keep your eyes on the road! We guess that only a few people in the world have probably seen something like this before.

16. Using this basketball loop is not recommended 

Image Source: Pikabu

A word of advice from us – if you happen to be near a beehive, do not attempt to do anything about it unless you are not a skilled beekeeper. If you still decided to remove it, you better be prepared to run!

17. This is a disaster in the making

Image Source: Pikabu

We guess that even a gentle breeze would be enough to put that brick and we hope nobody happens to be under it when it happens!

18. This kid decided to have some fun

Image Source: Reddit

We are sure that the toddler’s parents were not that happy about it!

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