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18 Weird Things That You Definitely Haven’t Seen Before

Image Source: Reddit

We can never get enough of the weird things we see every day. No matter if they leave us scared, puzzled or stunned, we need more and more! Thankfully, the vast internet space is full of weird people, things and events, and we can always see something that we have never before! Sometimes the weird stuff could also be educational, which makes things even better! Enjoy the following list full of weirdness!

1. Disclaimers are everywhere, even where they shouldn’t be

Image Source: Reddit

We are getting seriously tired of seeing disclaimers and safety warnings pretty much everywhere we turn to! It is one thing to put a warning sign on something that is potentially dangerous, but it is a completely different story to print one on a balloon! How could a balloon be dangerous? We guess that if McDonald’s decided to put it there, there is a good reason for that.

2. Here is one way to indicate the cold weather outside

Image Source: Reddit

By one simple law of thermodynamics a simple door lock is able to tell us just how cold it was outside when this photo was taken! The metal lock has one side on the inside and the other on the outside. When the heat inside created some condensation on the lock, the freezing cold immediately turned it into ice, which is crazy!

3. You don’t want to park in this garage

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you can immediately tell if something is a bad idea. We are talking about a hunch, but rather some obvious evidence! As you can see, there is clear evidence that the people who usually park in this location are not the best drivers in the world. Those supports are so heavily beaten that they must have seen dozens of impacts. It is best to avoid parking there for sure.

4. Here is one little trick nature has for us

Image Source: Reddit

Winter views are amazing, but there is more to them than just beauty. They can be curious, too! Just check out the photo above! As you can see, the sunlight was able to melt off the layer of snow. It obviously happened fast, because the shadow of the tree created an area where the snow did not melt due to the lack of direct sunlight! It looks more than curious.

5. This is one really ironic photo

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of weird photos in our lifetime and only a small part of them were ironic! The one you see here is definitely full of irony. It shows a VHS cassette box of the Twister movie. You have probably guessed it already, but we need to specify. Yes, the devastation that can be seen was caused by an actual tornado! It was a twist of faith, perhaps?

6. This pen is all you need during a lecture

Image Source: Reddit

And no, we don’t mean to actually use it as the writing tool it is! Just look at the clever design someone came up with! The pen has a built-in maze! We are sure that we could spend hours playing with that maze! It is the perfect way to kill some time during work or a boring lecture. We guess that it is a nice alternative to all those modern mobile games.

7. This is definitely a glitch in the matrix

Image Source: Reddit

It doesn’t matter if you are a supporter of the Matrix theory or not. One look at this photo and you will immediately feel puzzled about it! Of course, this is nothing but a coincidence for some people, but we think that such situations are not accidental at all. The three men sleeping are not identical, but they look close enough to give some food for thought!

8. Winter jogging is not for everyone

Image Source: Reddit

We admire those among us who always look after their health. This means eating properly, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water. However, it is much more complicated than it sounds. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. This photo is the perfect proof! As you can see, the temperature outside was so cold that this jogger’s beard completely froze!

9. This photo shows one very realistic threat

Image Source: Reddit

Remember the balloon we showed in the beginning? The disclaimer on that thing should have been put on these blinds! They look harmless, right? Well, they can actually hurt you! As you can see, they can easily cut you! You need to be careful when you want to make sure you have some privacy, because it may have a cost. The other annoying thing about blinds is that they collect a lot of dust, which is a problem, because they are hard to clean.

10. The main difference is always in the details

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Image Source: Reddit

When you compare two things, the details are all that matters! As you can see, some countries put a lot more thought into seemingly simple things! This data board is so informative that it gives you a very precise idea about the occupancy of the public restrooms. We guess that such a device would be really handy and it should be applied everywhere!

11. The past must be respected despite the circumstances

Image Source: Reddit

We should always honor the past and preserve everything we can. Sometimes it is impossible while in other cases it takes a lot of effort and planning. As the photo above suggests, someone decided that the extra effort is worth it! It was taken in New Haven’s Center Church on the Green. When an expansion of the building was needed, they decided to preserve the cemetery from colonial times and erected the structure on supports above it. This is worthy of respect and we think that they did the right thing!

12. This photo is not what you probably think

Image Source: Reddit

Some of you may think that this is a photo of Yeti’s legs, but it is not! Everything special about this photo comes down to two things – fine leg hairs and soap bubbles. The specific lighting shows how delicate the leg hairs are. They hold the tiny soap bubbles from the bathtub in such a way that an interesting effect is created. The hairs look much thicker than they actually are.

13. Here is one sunroof that proved to be stronger than expected

Image Source: Reddit

The safety features of modern vehicles are really serious. Modern technologies provided an opportunity for car manufacturers to make the new models many times safer compared to a couple of decades ago. The materials and the safety systems are impressive! Even the smaller details are designed to resist all kinds of faults and impacts. As you can see, this sunroof’s layers were able to withstand a powerful hailstorm, which is impressive!

14. This is a really weird rescue operation

Image Source: Reddit

This photo shows something that you just can’t see every day! As you can see, the building is close to going down completely, but it was supported with some steel beams. This happened in Taiwan when a sudden earthquake struck and people were unprepared to evacuate. After propping up the structure, everyone was able to escape and eventually the whole building came crashing down.

15. Here is one really special photo

Image Source: Reddit

You need to take more than one look at this photo in order to figure out what is so special about it. It is definitely more than just one person’s hand! The person’s hand is actually submerged in what seems to be the cleanest pond we have ever seen! The only way you can notice that is if you look closely at the area around the person’s wrist. This is one really exceptional photo and we would like to visit this place.

16. The human body is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

Our bodies are incredible machines capable of amazing things! One of the main things they can do is heal themselves! Of course, not everything can be healed without a trace and many scars are left to remind us of what happened before. It seems that the skin’s qualities change when it is regenerated over the damaged area. This is probably the reason why it lacks pores which hold the dirt.

17. Technology has gone really far

Image Source: Reddit

The amazing technological discoveries of our time are astounding, and this is one of the newest! It is a contact lens with a telescopic function! It can show random objects up to three times closer than our regular vision can percept them! We cannot believe that such a thing exists! It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. However, it only works when the person wearing it also has a pair of special glasses on. We are sure that this product will be developed!

18. Constructions skills can be used for clever tricks

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really curious photo! It may not look like much, but it shows something really clever. The person you see is holding an entire deck of cards! Yes, he is holding only one of them, but all the cards are arranged in a special pattern and they support each other.

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