19 Boyfriends Who Should Be Kept Away From The Beauty Game

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We all know that men and women are different by heart. But we still sometimes get a quick reminder of this fact in our daily life. This article shows 19 moments when boyfriends were asked to participate in some typical beauty routines and the end results turned out quite fun to see. Once a boyfriend accepts the challenge to act as a makeup artist, he would definitely have the attitude of a professional, but the skills would hardly match the attitude.

1. This might not be right, but it is really fun

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Once we saw this conversation we laughed out loud and we believe that so many girls could relate to this reaction! Maybe no one was able to explain to those guys that makeup costs much more than 10 pounds “per face” and also that this is certainly not the way to measure it.

2. Here is a boyfriend who did not put much effort

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This girl kindly asked her boyfriend to put out the clothes, so they can dry. Later when she came back home, she came across this view in the middle of the living room. We think that she was most probably not very happy about this half-way done job, but at least he did it, right?

3. This was an unusual makeup idea

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We are wondering what he was trying to say exactly. To us this seems a little bit like a word association game. She asked the question and he immediately showed a picture of the first thing which came to his mind. It is funny that she actually accepted the challenge and was proud of the final result.

4. Here are some very special outfits

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This girl posted some photos of her parents who took the ‘boyfriend buys my outfit’ Facebook challenge. This is how they look like as result of that and they are now going on a date. We really admire people who keep the spark in their relationship and this seems as a fun way of doing it. However it is quite obvious that he either does not have a good taste in women clothing or he just made sure no other man would his eyes on her.

5. Here is an alternative meaning of the word “casual”

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This is what happens when a boy and a girl interpret “casual dress code „on their own. One thing to point out is that he is in fact wearing pajamas. What makes the situation awkward and funny at the same time is that she is standing next to him wearing high heels. What a great couple to join a party! We hope she had a sense of humor otherwise this would probably not be the fun night out they seems to be going to.

6. This boyfriend should be careful with comparisons next time

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We really believe that this is one of the top ways to get a girl to not buy something. Make her think it is not a good fit or make a joke about it, just like in this case and that is enough. She will never get it! It would work like magic every time if you master it. On the other hand you really need to be careful to not to hurt her feelings.

7. Here is an agreeable boyfriend

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This is one really fun situation and we believe that some of the girls who are reading this would probably relate! As changing their hairstyle is quite important to all ladies, it is common for them to ask their loved ones for their opinion. This is valid especially if the change would be radical as in this case. This shows something quite typical. Boyfriends agree to some girl related topics without listening or in this case even understanding what was it all about.

8. Some moments require honesty and some do not

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This YouTuber had her boyfriend rating her outfits, so they can both have some fun. Things went well until he was quite honest and rated one piece of clothing with 3 points and stated that it was ugly. Things probably got ugly for him as well once the camera was off. We believe that no girl on the planet wants to hear this, even if some honesty sometimes it is not bad at all. Girls would tell you: it is not so much about what you say, it is the way you are saying it that matters.

9. This is when you NEED to know the difference

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As we can see this man got the first part right. Shortly after that things went in a different direction. We cannot deny that he got some very vague descriptions, but who can possibly put glue on their eyes? Finally we believe he managed to buy the proper products and it is overall a nice thing to see that he bought her some makeup products.

10. Here is one good joke and maybe one angry girlfriend

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This conversation immediately reminded us of the famous saying: “Boys will be boys.” She was most probably seeking some advice, just so she can understand what he likes. This is probably so she could use it next time she wants to dress up for him. But as we can see the mission is unaccomplished in this case, unless he is into Shrek or something.

11. This guy surely got his answers right away

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What is the best way to check a label on a pair of leggings is correct? You should try them on of course! We are not really sure how exactly the girl felt once she got a photo of her boyfriend with the pair of leggings. She was probably not very upset, as how can you be upset with a man who looks like this?

12. Here is the result of a fun game

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This is another dressed-up-by-my-boyfriend challenge. Even though she was caught laughing, we know that she really hated this dress. Adding the hat with the US flag is making it hilarious. In this photo we can see that he was actually trying to explain the logic behind his fashion choices. It does not really seem to be working out and the outfit was not approved.

13. Here is how a man reacts to a beauty blender price

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This is a really fun conversation and a great lesson about the fundamental differences between men and women. As it seems he must be the type of person who would never-ever even consider giving this much money for something like this. On the other hand she understands the true importance of the “sponge” so this argument can go very far without anyone changing their mind. We hope they just laughed it off as we sure did.

14. Here is a girl who just wanted to brag a little

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The follow-up question surely changed the vibe, but maybe that is what makes it funny. It seems to us that this is a solid proof it is never easy to explain the difference between eyeliner and mascara to a man. Sometimes it is maybe best if makeup related things are shared just with girls. We believe a man would never understand those important differences and they really do not need to.

15. This seems like a really fun idea

Image Source: Youtube

In our opinion Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita did something really amusing to watch. They actually created maybe one of the funniest “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” videos on YouTube we have ever watched. We believe you should not miss out on checking how he guides her through every step.

16. Here is what happens when a guy shops for falsies

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It can be confusing to anyone if they try to tell the difference between two absolutely similar objects, but who are we to judge. This story was probably published with a lot of sarcasm in it, but we believe she should appreciate the fact he went shopping for falsies. The lesson learnt? Do not expect a man to handle this alone!

17. Here is what happened when he did her makeup

Image Source: YouTube

Jackie Aina is referred to as a beauty guru with many followers. This photo shows that one time when she sat down with her boyfriend and let him do her makeup. Obviously he accepted the challenge and really got creative! He actually put two different colors of lipstick and by the looks of her expression he will not stop there.

18. Here is something “unexpected”

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This girl gave her boyfriend permission to draw her eyebrow. By the looks of the end result we can probably say that a real artist lies within him and he only needs a little more practice. Maybe next time he could try out his abstract artistic skills in a different kind of situation and not on someone`s face.

19. This is a creative way to fix a boot

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Here is something that made us chuckle! We believe that this was the best upgrade for the boot. Maybe it is not exactly what she expected, but the end result is hilarious. Probably the fact that he did not fix the boot for real is a good thing, because it is a good reason for her to go shopping.

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