19 Designers Who Definitely Put Their Heart And Soul Into Their Work

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The work designers do is of great significance to every business venture, because it presents events, products and services in the best and sometimes the only possible way! It may look like it is a fairly easy line of work, but a designer’s responsibility is a great one! The good thing is that many design professionals are often obsessed with what they do, meaning that they put their heart and soul in it rather than do it just for the money. This is when their work begins to resemble art and there are more than e few good examples listed below!

1. These amazing light fixtures are like nothing we have seen before

Image Source: Reddit

This is something really extraordinary and we had no idea that such things even existed! Someone got really creative here and came up with the idea about flower-shaped light fixtures that had the ability to bloom when lit! Talking about creative ideas, this must be one of the best we have seen in a while! This is art and craftsmanship combined.

2. Here is an amazing piece of jewelry 

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that jewelry designers have a really hard job because they need to create stunning pieces in what is one if the most competitive fields there are! It takes a huge set of skills and imagination in order for someone to create a piece that stands out! Well, the designer behind this Vincent Van Gogh-themed necklace outdid themselves!

3. This is something that stands out

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Sometimes designers are able to create projects that look like art installations or patterns that are worthy of displaying at an art gallery! This photo suggests such a case. Whoever came up with this wavy pattern is definitely an artistic soul, because it changed the appearance of the surroundings and we love it!

4. Parking will never be a boring activity again

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, even seemingly ordinary things like a garage could be reinvented! In this case, someone came up with the idea of a storage unit that looks like it was taken from the future! The storage shed was designed for motorcycles and it opens in the most unusual way! The whole design concept of this creation is super cool and bikers would be happy to own one of these!

5. Here is a dreamy staircase

Image Source: Twitter

You can see a staircase in literally every step of your way, and apart from some details, colors and sizes, they all look pretty much the same. The main thing about a staircase is its practicality, but it does not mean that it should not be a work of art! The concept you see here is actually super simple and this is why it is a genius idea, not to mention that it looks stunning!

6. The craftsman who created this is a true master

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In order for you to see if someone is a master of their craft, all you need to do is to check out some of their work. In this case, it is easy to see right away that whoever created this lock was definitely the best in their field of work! This is a true piece of art that is also just as functional as it should be! The lock was made around the beginning of the 20th century.

7. Here is one extraordinary stand

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably seen creative stand design before, and there are more than a few cool designs you could see, but this one is definitely among the best there are! The designer assigned with the task of making this stand stand out (pun intended) was obviously inspired by the perfect item – the Krispy Kreme donut box, and the result of their work is perfect!

8. Now this is one taillight like none other

Image Source: Reddit

What you are looking at here is one of the taillights of a Renault Fluance, a small European saloon car. This is the electric version, and the designer wanted to make it stand out from the other trim levels, and they did a great job! As you can see, there are a few dozen Renault logos incorporated in the taillights, creating a beautiful pattern!

9. This is not a light bulb 

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it looks like one, but it is not, and when you realize what it really is, you will love the idea! Yes, this is actually a serving of milkshake! Someone came up with the brilliant idea for this presentations, and you can bet that customers probably love it! We would like to visit this place and enjoy such a serving, too!

10. Here is something really unusual

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen caution signs before, and we know the one that is supposed to warn people about potentially dangerous areas filled with radioactive material. It looks like the one shown here, but this one in particular is quite different! Someone was able to combine the design of the sign with the image of the Scary Movie character! The poster is s protest against toxic waste pollution.

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11. This is the very best earphones packaging that could exist

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the brilliant ideas we all enjoy are more than obvious, but most people are still not able to see them, while some creative minds see them right away and turn them into things like this! When it comes to product and packaging design, there are not many ideas that could beat this one! it is a complete success!

12. Talking about creative ideas

Image Source: Privacypop

Well, this is a dream come true – we can definitely say that! Being able to have some privacy in a place where it would typically be impossible is something that many people would like to experience, and now they can do it!

Image Source: Privacypop

Combining a bed with a tent that looks like a spacious sleeping bag is the best thing we have seen in ages.

13. These are no ordinary tiles

Image Source: Reddit

When it comes to projects and tasks of an impressively big scale, there are numerous aspects that need to be perfectly coordinated, but there is one more thing that real professionals really care for, and this is the level of details and neat touches incorporated in the project. In this case, the U.S. postal museum’s floor tiles show exactly what we mean!

14. This is an engineering marvel

Image Source: Reddit

The fine mechanics in a photo lens is something super delicate and expensive, but someone was able to add an artistic touch to it!

Image Source: Reddit

The way in which the lens is engaged is absolutely stunning and it must have been a huge challenge to achieve this!

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely one of the most impressive things on the list!

15. This city bus features an unusual vinyl wrap

Image Source: Reddit

Now here is one type of marketing that we find extremely curious because of the interesting thing marketers and designers put on buses. In this case someone really clever was able to create a 3D-effect by using the rear hubcaps of the bus and combining the movement with the bus wrap. The end result is super funny to see and it stands out!

16. This is how you win at creating product design 

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the photo pretty much speaks for itself and we are in awe! Something super simple as this made a huge impact and you could easily be attracted by this particular brand when you walk around the aisles! The product designers definitely knew the effect that would be achieved here! We hope they got the raise they deserved!

17. Even a popcorn box could make all the difference 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really good proof of  the power of product and packaging design! Even something as simple as a box of popcorn could make an impact! As you can see, the pattern of this box features tiny logos and all of them represent a certain movie! The idea behind this is simply amazing and nicely done as well!

18. It seems that someone came up with the same earbud idea

Image Source: Reddit

We actually like the fact that more than one design team was able to develop the note-shaped earbud package design! This means that there are a lot of creative people in the field and we can expect more and more cool designs. Whenever we see a design as cool as this, you can bet that we will praise the people behind it!

19. Here is a really special fork and spoon set

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the design of the fork and the spoon in the photo is really special! Someone was obviously inspired by gardening tools and they got to work which resulted in what you see here! We can call this a successful project for sure and people who use this set would be impressed!

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