19 Images Of A Chinese Artist Who Is Able To Transform Into Anyone She Wants

Image Source: Instagram

There are many talented artists out there but some are truly exceptional! The young artist Yuhong is a true chameleon and her fantastic way of recreating famous people is admirable! Her specific way of doing her thing is something that we have never seen before, not the mention the incredible attention to detail!

She has a huge fan base on Insagram and except for the list below, you can check out her work by visiting her profile:


1. This is Yuhong

Image Source: Instagram

The beautiful and talente Yuhong is just as talented as she is pretty! She was able to perfect her skills and becomes unrecognizable when she decides to turn into someone famous!

2. Taylor Swift

Image Source: Instagram

As different as the Chinese artist and the singer are, we would have never imagined that the end result would be this good! This is unbelievable!

3. Johnny Depp

Image Source: Instagram

The attention to detail here is beyond our imagination. The artist did the impossible to turn into the actor, and she succeeded in doing so! She looks exactly like him!

4. Yuhong is also able to look like an Indian girl

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, the fact that she has distinctive Asian body features did not stop the talented woman from doing something extraordinary! She was able to into an Indian woman!

5. This is one of the best things she was able to do

Image Source: Instagram

Harley Quinn is one remarkable movie character and we love her, but we like the way this Chinese woman was able to turn into her! The end result of her effort is amazing!

6. Monica Bellucci

Image Source: Instagram

We genuinely believe that if Monica Bellucci had the chance to see this, she would be stunned to find out that an Asian person was able to transform into her!

7. Michael Jackson 

Image Source: Instagram

The King of pop music needs no introduction, but the amazing fact about this transformation is the fact that someone who was able to impersonate Monica Bellucci did it with this legend, too!

8. Here is another amazing change

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, it is possible for an Asian person to transform beyond the point of our imagination. In this case, there is nothing left from Yuhong’s natural appearance and she is unrecognizable!

9. Albert Einstein

Image Source: Instagram

We were surprised and even shocked to see this transformation! It is absolutely incredible to see how a young woman is able to literally transform into Einsteind with the power of props and makeup!

10. The girl with the pearl earrings

Image Source: Instagram

Yuhong outdid herself one more time with this piece of work! She really looks a painting and we guess the photo was altered with quite a bit, but the main contribution for the success is her skillset!

11. Christiano Ronaldo

Image Source: Instagram

This is the most shocking transformation of them all! The football player and the artist look completely different from one another but the end result of her effort is amazing!

12. Joachim Low

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that it takes long hours for the artist to achieve such a look, but it is always worth it in the end. In this case, her remarkable work resulted in another successful transformation.

13. Audrey Hepburn

Image Source: Instagram

This is definitely among our favorite works this artist was able to create, and you can easily see why. Apart from the brilliant way she recreated the actress’ appearance, she also reminded us of her beauty!

14. Marylin Monroe

Image Source: Instagram

The hairstyle, the outfit and all the accessories are exactly on point here, but this is the first piece of work so far that we cannot consider to be a 100% accurate. It is still amazing, though!

15. The lady with the ermine

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another beautiful piece of work that we could admire for a long time! It looks like another painting that was brought to life, and the effects added to it are stunning!

16Mona Lisa

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that whoever came up with the suggestion that the artist should try and turn into Mona Lisa was right! She was able to achieve the impossible and we really like  the end result!

17. Lily Collins

Image Source: Instagram

This is by far one of the most accurate transformations on this list! Despite the fact that the artist chose the same necklace she used for several of her other pieces of work, it is amazing to see her turn into Collins!

18. Greta Garbo

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this is something really cool and we think it is just as good as the Audrey Hepburn transformation. It appears that the artist has a really fine taste in art and movies!

19. Natasha Romanoff

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one stunning transformation that was a real success, just like the rest on the list. However, this particular piece of work looks like someone else, too. We see a lot of Scarlett Johansson’s facial features here, and maybe she and Natasha Romanoff have some similarities in their original appearances.

20. Charlie Chaplin

Image Source: Instagram

This one is the very best. We all love Charlie Chaplin!!!

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