19 Pics Proving That Modern Problems Require Modern Solution

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We simply love the way some witty people are able to provide incredible or incredibly simple solutions to more or less tricky problems and situations. Sometimes it is right in front of us but we cannot see it because we are focused on the problem instead of being dedicated to finding a working solution. The list below shows how certain individuals were able to resolve all kinds of situations that could be referred to as problems. Maybe it would inspire you to do something you postponed a long time ago, who knows! It is always super inspirational to see how people think outside the box and come up with solutions that may appear to be more or less controversial but as long as they work, they are legit!

1.  It might not be elegant but it works

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Installing a carpet is not as easy as it appears to be! There are many things to be considered and most people always miss a detail or two, which leads to predicaments! In this case, someone realized their only option and made it possible for that door to be opened without any problems.

2. This is the most controversial way to mount an A/C unit

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People sometimes have the most unusual approach towards a certain task or a job, but this approach could be kind of inappropriate! Well, if it works, we would need to accept it, but not all working solutions are acceptable, of course! There are many aspect of a certain job that need addressing and you must pay attention to the details. Too.

3. Some people would do anything to achieve their goal

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It is clear to see that the goal here was for that painting to mounted on that exact spot despite its size! Whoever did it must have been super determined and you can see the result of that determination. It appears that being obsessed with doing something by any means necessary is not the best solution.

4. No wheels? No problem

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We guess that this person could have used standard bicycle rims and tires but he must have been super eager to reinvent the wheel, and he literally did it! Who would have thought that such a crazy idea might actually work, but you can see that it is a success.

5. Some creativity could solve difficult problems in an instant

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It appears that a problem could occur out of the blue and you could end up with a situation that is seemingly impossible to be solved. When a car does not fit in its parking space, there is little to nothing that you could do, but someone was creative enough to solve such a problem!

6. This is the best improvised grill we have ever seen

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It seems that people are willing to do whatever it takes when it comes to having a quality meal. Someone was obviously creative enough to come up with an alternative solution for a grill. After all, the BBQ is worth sacrificing the shopping cart and we would have done the same.

7. Microwaves are not necessary

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The human genius knows no limits and sometimes it is seen in the smallest and seemingly insignificant situations. As you can see, someone decided to heat that slice of pizza from both sides and we appreciate this effort. It definitely worked like a charm!

8. Sometimes the working solution actually is better than an elegant one

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No two problems are exactly the same! This movie salon suffered some damage and one of the seats had to be removed. Of course, this meant that the capacity would be reduced, and nobody wants that. The simple fix you see was probably the best possible way for that seat to be taken by someone.

9. This is more than just a simple fix

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Sometimes a repair is more than just making something work. People often come up with ideas which improve the object or the device that needed to repaired in the first place! As you can see, this skateboard was turned into a skate-trike, and we love it!

10. Here is something that required a specific set of skills in order to work

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There are moments in life when we just see something that needs to praised, so we praise it! This photo shows exactly that kind of situation! Someone’s laptop suffered major damage, but the owner did not give up and decided that it could still be used, so they set up this rig, and it looks cool!

11.This is definitely something that we have never seen before

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A long road trip or hours of commuting are both super boring without some music. Unfortunately, not all cars are equipped with a sound system, or even if they are fitted with one, it could have some kind of an issue. One person refused to drive around without listening to music, so this happened!

12. Sometimes you just have to have a cup holder installed

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It appears that some individuals want to experience the comfort of having small conveniences on their disposal, so they do what it takes! This image shows how one person solved the problem with not having a single cup holder in their vehicle! This improvised solution seems to be working like a charm!

13. We guess this is one way to cook

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Desperate times require desperate measures! One person was obviously craving pasta but had no other way to boil it, and despite the fact that this solution looks kind of weird, it is actually a genius move! The end result is what it counts here, and we are more than certain that the pasta was good!

14. Here is another smart idea

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You might even call this a hack, because it is just another unconventional way of warming a meal. Many people prefer not to use microwaves which is why they never buy one. It seems that these alternative ways might be a bit of a hustle but it is definitely worth the end result.

15. No road assistance needed here

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It is a bummer when you have car trouble but it happens all the time. What matters the most is not what happened but what you are willing to do about it! These people probably had no time to wait for a tow truck, so they improvised and came up with this solution.

16. This is how creative genius works

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We have never seen such a thing before and we need to give this person some credit! The idea of replacing a kitchen mixer with a drill and a pair of scissors is amazing, and it looks like it worked like a charm!

17. This is not the safest possible solution

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We hope that this was a temporary solution but even if it was just meant to be used for a couple of miles, it must have been a rough ride! These chairs are not exactly comfortable when you are sitting in them in an ordinary room, so you could imagine just how uncomfortable such a chair must be if it is used to replace a driver’s seat.

18. Talking about improvised chairs

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It seems that people come up with the best ideas when they seek peace and comfort! As you can see, this group of workers decided to use whatever they had on their disposal in order to feel comfy while still on site! Lunch break was improved a lot by using this simple idea!

19. This could happen to everyone

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Most of us have been in a situation in which one or both windscreen wipers failed us. The rubber either falls apart or they squeak because they have hardened because of the constant exposure to sunlight. In some cases, the wipers even get stolen! This person decided to improvise because turning the wipers like this would result into deep scratches all over the windshield, so an ordinary kitchen sponge was the easiest solution possible, and it was a temporary one, of course!

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