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19 Random Pics Proving How Weird Our World Is

Image Source: Reddit

The best thing about being alive is the diversity that surrounds us. Regardless of where we live or what we do, there is something new to see and learn every day. The list below is full of weird, wacky, and funny things that random people saw and shared. These wonderful images are all worth seeing.

1. The casino

Image Source: Reddit

This woman is holding a prosthetic leg and it is not hers, too. She works at the lost and found department of a huge casino and she was asked about the most peculiar item left there. It was this foot and you can see she is amused by it.

2. The piece of art

Image Source: Reddit

Works of art come in all shapes and sizes and we understand that some of them are weird because of the style of their author or because of the statement they must express. Still, we fail to understand some of them and this is the perfect example of what we mean.

3. The stool bus

Image Source: Reddit

Septic companies always use the same trucks and you could hardly tell which is which if there is no lettering on the side. This company decided to take care of the problem and added some extra graphics on this truck. We love such clever puns!

4. The screen protector

Image Source: Reddit

One of the fiddliest tasks imaginable would be to put a new screen protector on a smartphone. Most people fail at it and there are always air bubbles left. In this case, one person failed in a different way – she threw away the protector and put the peel-off film it had.

5. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

Bars and pubs can always show how much they care for their customers by putting a sign that features a great offer or a witty invitation. The owner of this place was surely aware of the impact this sign would make and we love his amazing idea of doing the opposite of what we mentioned here.

6. The trike

Image Source: Reddit

We know that a man’s personal vehicle or motorcycle often expresses their character and some women live by that rule, too – they customize their rides to their own taste. In this case, some Star Trek fan created the Star Trike!

7. The sizes

Image Source: Reddit

This joint’s manager decided that it is better to show the serving sizes to customers than list them and he is right but there is one thing that bothered us when we saw this image. Is the trash can an actual serving size or not?

8. The cat litter

Image Source: Reddit

Many of us have a ritual – we take the trash out when we drive off to work and throw it away at a convenient location. This person did the same but they also took a bag with their lunch. They obviously threw away the wrong bag.

9. The game

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it seems that sometimes the best intentions do not do the work they are supposed to. This person wanted to give this to someone special but they obviously returned it and the person took it back for a refund.

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10. The greeting

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that someone was in the mood to create something amazing and they succeeded at it, too! The person behind this sign surely has a great sense of humor but they obviously had enough free time to create it, too.

11. The trash bin

Image Source: Reddit

This may take you a while to understand and it certainly took us a while, too! Someone wanted to throw away their old trash can and they had no idea how to do it. They decided to flip it upside down and leave a note for the garbage collectors to pick it up.

12. The device

Image Source: Reddit

There are many new things to see and learn about and this is one such thing. Someone found it while cleaning a house built in the 1800s. It turned out that this spooky device was used to peel soft-boiled eggs.

13. The condoms

Image Source: Reddit

People always find all kinds of wacky things and this one is a great example! As you can see, these condoms look kind of weird and that is because the package is 60 years old! Imagine how this person must have felt about their discovery.

14. The cake

Image Source: Reddit

There are unusual cakes and then there is this thing! The cake is obviously dedicated to Shrek and we cannot help but wonder why someone would create this thing. They could have used his head instead of his hind parts, too.

15. The meatbird

Image Source: Reddit

This is surely one of the strangest things we can imagine. Why would someone name a bird like that? Sure enough, it is frozen and it has meat, and it is a bird, of course. Still, the name is kind of wacky and we have no explanation about it.

16. The wedding video

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really curious find! The person who found it was digging for something interesting at Goodwill and they surely never expected to see this! We believe that whoever put it there made a mistake.

17. The letter

Image Source: Reddit

This is one letter that can give you the chills at first but the person was actually joking about the Hell part. This is not a letter with a request for purchasing the person’s soul, but for their Kia Soul – a small urban crossover model.

18. The donations stand

Image Source: Reddit

We are certain that the person who threw away his drink inside this donation cabinet van be excused. We mean, just look at the thing – it certainly looks like a trash bin. They had to do a better job here.

19. The tampon toy

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how creative one person became when she got fed up with her cat stealing her tampons. She used one and made a toy for the feline and that trick worked like a charm!

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