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19 Things That Nobody Will Really Let You Know Before Become An Adult

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Adult people often dream of going back to the time they were teenagers and kids often want to become adults. We believe that if kids knew what exactly adulthood is, they would think differently. This is why we created this list. It describes the things everyone should know before becoming an adult.

1. The effort

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It seems that the effort an adult puts in whatever they are doing is sometimes not enough and the reasons for that are numerous. Still, people continue even if they know it is mediocre. This is part of adulthood and it is kind of normal, we guess.

2. The search

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Here is something we can all relate to. Being able to communicate with each other gives people a lot of chances to do it but they often choose the opposite thing. There are times when we rather see who tried to contact us instead of accepting the call.

3. The emails

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This is another example of how adults behave. We spend a lot of time deleting emails that we didn’t even want to receive in the first place. Sometimes, we even delete important emails and regret it later.

4. The mature person

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Some people say that they don’t know how to be adults and we can relate to that. There is not a single course on how to be an adult and there should be one, we guess. People would love to learn a few things about being an adult.

5. The food at home

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It is fair to say that most of us have had this conversation but most of us remember it from the times when we were kids. In these moments, most kids surely thought that they would never use that phrase but they start doing it eventually.

6. The banana

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This is one tweet that captured the essence of the previous post. It seems that we tend to be overprotective of the things we buy with the money we earn by working hard. A banana is such a thing for sure.

7. The taxes

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Now, this is one of those things that people would always argue about. Some believe the school system works fine but others think that adults should be prepared for the real things in life when they are students.

8. The sleep

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This image has a funny caption because someone felt the same way as us. This is one example of anxiety as we know it and most people who have yet to become adults are probably unaware of that.

9. The laundry

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Well, this is probably one of the most relatable posts we have ever seen and we are certain that most adults would immediately confirm that. Forgetting the laundry is a normal thing that we would probably never stop doing.

10. The grocery store

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This is yet another thing that we only realize when we become adults. People who start grocery shopping on their own eventually pick their favorite store and prefer it over the rest.

11. The interior design

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Kids have the freedom to not care about the interior of their homes because they don’t need a particular style or furniture other than their belongings and a few posters on the walls, perhaps. It seems that we grow up and start caring for that.

12. The perks

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Here is a list of the things that sum up adulthood and it is not a pleasant list, too. The things listed are all true and we are well aware of the fact that there is no escaping most of them. It is like a never-ending ride.

13. The whisper

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Once people enter adulthood, they could not help but wonder why different things that they never expected to see or feel happen to them. This is why people express their amazement in different ways and this is one of them.

14. The body

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Of all the things that we can describe adulthood with, this is surely the most annoying one! The week schedule you get used to becomes embedded in your life and you follow it on weekends unintentionally.

15. The night out

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It seems that people become more and more reluctant when it comes to going out as they become adults. What used to be something we loved became a burden and adults have no way of using the same excuses they had when they were kids.

16. The social life

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Social life becomes more like a social media tour when people become adults. Even if you want to hang out with friends every other night, you would prefer to stay at home and browse your email. It sounds weird but it is a fact.

17. The drink

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There are similarities between adulthood and childhood and this tweet perfectly sums up one of them. Kids love balloons but adults love drinks so losing either one would equal the same amount of sadness.

18. The money

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It seems that those who already make their own money by working hard are aware of how valuable they are. If you are given money without earning it, you would not appreciate it the same way but hard-earned cash is always more valuable.

19. The doctor’s appointment

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There are things in life you get used to and most of them are due to the fact that you never were responsible for them. For example, your parents used to arrange your doctor’s appointments but you need to do it yourself when you become an adult.

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