20 Images Debunking Many Of The Common Health Food Myths

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There are many inconsistencies between facts about healthy habits and the things people know about it. A fitness chef named Graeme Tomlinson decided to end some of the nonsense people consider to be true and also debunk some of the myths about health food and habits.

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1. It is not the breat, but what you put on it

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This proves that it does not matter if you restrain yourself from eating white bread if  you put something on it. The peanut butter is what makes you put on weight, not the bread.

2. Some people want regular chocolate but choose the dark one instead

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In reality, dark chocolate has more calories than the traditional milk chocolate, which means it is not the best diet option. It is the quantity that matters here!

3. Here is a habit most of us need to break

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People tend to make assumptions that are not true at all, and this image shows a common one. We choose wrong when it comes to what type of food is bad and what is not.

4. Here is why there should be no excuses

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This is something we have all done before, but some people actually adopted this as a way of life! They think that eating healthy is time-consuming, but it is not that big of a deal.

5. This is one myth that has almost become annoying

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Here is why you should not pay attention to wholegrain versions of some types of food. They might be more expensive in most cases, but their macronutrients are basically the same!

6. Calories have the same effect on your weight

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You would assume that the avocado is much more healthier than the back of sweets, but in reality they will give you the same amount of calories.

7. Size does not matter

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Some people believe that a small amount of what they believe is a health food would be a better choice than a whole meal, but this is not the right logic in this case.

8. Here is why you should choose the real deal instead of the sweetened drinks

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As you can see, the drink on the left contains more than 30 grams of sugar, and is nowhere near as tasty as having a bowl of real fruit!

9. This is probably one of the most populat myths there are 

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Most people believe in this and they actually obey this ridiculous rule. In reality, what matters is the overall calorie count for the day, and not when you had the last meal.

10. Here is how to tackle a problem

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We guess that people tend to eat junk food when they are concerned about something or when they feel sad, but this is one of the biggest mistakes they could make!

11. There is a big difference between fruits 

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Using fruit as a snack is not a bad idea but the right choice of fruit is of great importance, otherwise you might consume a lot more calories than you think.

12. Here is how peope eat what they don’t want and still gain weight

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One might think that eating junk food is always bad but it is just not so! In some cases a hamburger might be the better option. It is all about calorie counting!

13. Do not fall for marketing tricks

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Many products claim to have the power to make you skinny, at least that is what the packages say, but the reality is different!

14. Here is another comparison proving that eating healthy is a choice

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As you can see, the two full days of eating even contain sweets and snacks, so you don’t have to go on a restrictive diet.

15. It seems that superfoods are not the better option

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Sure enough, they are not unhealthy, but it doesn’t make sense choosing them over regular substitutes.

16. Sugar is not the problem

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The problem is usually the calories in foods containing sugar. You can eat sugar and still be healthy and lean!

17. Some people thing that drinking smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices is the better option

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Actually it makes no difference! Yes, drinking juice is easier and faster, but sometimes it contains additional sugar!

18. You can prepare a much healthier pizza at home faster than the takeaway option

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You can give this a try next time! You are likely to find that it is the better option! Of course, it involves buying the right products and spending some time preparing the pizza, but the end result would be totally worth it! Homemade is definitely the way to go!

19. So much for the avocado craze

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You may say that the avocado became the symbol of health food all around the world! In some cases the avocado is suitable to be included in a meal plan, but you need to know that it might lead for you to consume more calories than you thought initially.

20. We really like the caption of this one

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Many people seem to adore the healthy foods simply because they are popular, but in many cases they are not the better choice at all!

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