20 Images Proving That Every Child Should Have A Pet

Image Source: Reddit

Many people believe that having a pet is related to a lot of  hustle and bustle and this is what is stopping them from getting one. While there might be some truth to that, it is definitely worth all the effort. You see, pets are not just animals you have at home; they are family members and they can teach you a lot of things. When it comes to giving lessons about love, relationships and responsibility, a pet is the perfect teacher, which is why every kid should grow up with an animal friend next to them!

1. We guess this is one way to stay close

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that both of these dogs wanted to keep their physical contact with that little girl, and they were able to do it, but one of them should really try harder next time!

2. This baby has nothing to worry about

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the newborn has the best possible guardian angel! We guess that this picture cannot get more adorable than it already is and that gentle giant is amazing!

3. This is what happiness looks like

Image Source: Imgur

This little boy appears to be really comfortable around his dogs, and for good reason! Feeling the love of all these friends is something everyone should have the chance to experience!

4. These two best friends love napping together

Image Source: Reddit

In most cases pets form long-lasting relationships with the kids in the family, and if a baby is born, the pets need to meet and accept the new family member. This cat obviously fell in love with the baby!

5. Snuggling on the couch with a couple of kittens is what we call life goals

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is something most people would choose to do every day for the rest of their lives! As you can see, this girl is enjoying the company of the kittens just like any cat lover would!

6. Taking good care of your pet is a must

Image Source: Imgur

The bed one little girl prepared for the cutie looks really cool and the bunny probably appreciates it! The girl bought the bed with the sole intention of making the bunny comfortable!

7. These siblings found the perfect place to take a nap

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, the dog is awake but it knows that it should not move, otherwise the kids would be immediately awaken from their nap. This is an example of how much dogs love kids.

8. This is our kind of fun

Image Source: Imgur

Here is a situation that is probably on many people’s bucket list! Having the chance to roll in the snow alongside many cute puppies is definitely a dream! We hope we get this chance someday, too.

9. There must be a story behind this image

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that seeing this image really surprised us but we guess that some people just act in a different way than others. In this case, the woman is taking her cat for a walk around the garage by carrying the animal on her back!

10. Here is how storytime is done the right way

Image Source: Reddit

This boy probably enjoyed how his parents are used to reading him stories every night, but he decided to show the family cat just how nice this was and the cat loves it!

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11. Some things never change

Image Source: Imgur

While the girl and the cat both grew and changed physically, their love and affection for each other never changed, because it was always as big as it could ever get! This is how animals teach love!

12. This boy became a man and the family dog was right next to him

Image Source: Reddit

Nothing can compare to the feeling of having your trusty dog right next to you when you enter the adult stage of life. It would definitely make anyone feel more secure and loved.

13. Hanging out together is the best time of the day

Image Source: Reddit

Pets and kids go so well together because pets require attention and kids are more than ready to give it to them! As you can see, these best buddies could not be more relaxed!

14. This cat calmed down the baby

Image Source: Reddit

The baby was crying while the mother was still in the bathroom, and it all of a sudden stopped and remained calm for a while. When the mom stepped out of the bathroom, she realized the cat calmed the baby down!

15. Here is how a strong connection between friends looks like

Image Source: Imgur

Seeing this image made us think about the fact that many people consider cats to be anti-social and to live on their own terms. This is not true and you can tell when a cat loves you!

16. Here is another gentle giant

Image Source: Reddit

The toddler decided to help the family dog pass through the doggie door, but the dog realized the toddler might be hurt and is patiently waiting outside.

17. Hugs are always welcome

Image Source: Imgur

This boy is sound asleep knowing that his best friend is right there beside him. This is a feeling that could keep you warm and comfortable for a long time!

18. We cannot think of a better babysitter

Image Source: Imgur

Seeing this just made our day! The doggo has the best facial expression possible! It shows a mix of a slight concern and happiness and it seems that the doggo is saying ‘can I touch the baby’.

19. Being by each other’s side is awesome

Image Source: Reddit

This is how true friendship looks like! All these buddies needed was a laundry basket for them to feel perfectly safe and comfortable.

20. The baby did not expect this sign of love

Image Source: Imgur

Big dogs easily fall in love with babies and this is how they often express their feelings! Everyone loves receiving kisses, right?

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