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20 Ordinary People Who Were Photobombed By Celebrities

Image Source: Mike Mitchell

All celebrities are mere mortals and despite their fame, status or influence, they can also do things that are common for ordinary people like us! To give some examples, we selected twenty funny cases in which famous people photobombed the pictures and selfies taken by regular people! They are hilarious and you will definitely have a good time scrolling down!

1. The Queen really made this selfie special

Image Source: Instagram

Not many people can boast with a selfie like that! Having a celebrity sneak behind you and photobomb your photos is one thing, but when we are talking about Queen Elizabeth II, it is a completely different story! Her Royal Majesty seems to be pleased to be a part of this selfie which is even better!

2. This selfie is full of energy

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this image made us smile from ear to ear! Just take a look at all those smiling faces! The fact that Bruce Springsteen noticed this woman taking a selfie and actually joined in while singing mid-concert is amazing! This is why the photo is special – it was taken at the perfect moment when emotions were through the roof.

3. Taking a selfie at Microsoft cannot get any better

Image Source: Reddit

Here you see a person who took a selfie next to this sign at the headquarters of Microsoft. The man’s intentions were only to prove that he was actually inside but he got more than he bargained for! As you can see, Bill Gates himself is lurking in the back and looking straight at the camera! This is one selfie to remember!

4. When you are a Slash fan, this is the dreamiest selfie ever

Image Source: Instagram

This sweet photo shows how an elderly lady proudly poses with her Slash T-shirt. She was probably a big fan and hoped to show it. However, something unexpected happened and Slash showed up right behind her, grinning from ear to ear. He intentionally added himself to the image and the woman was probably more than pleased!

5. Now this is the definition of a celebrity photobomb

Image Source: Imgur

These images are nothing but hilarious! As you can see, some person tried to have his photo taken next to the legendary Sylvester Stallone! All of a sudden the whole thing was ruined by someone. It was obviously not a random stranger, but Arnold Schwarzenegger himself! He casually got in the way of the camera, smoking a cigar and being the legend he is!

6. Arnie did it again

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that the ex-California governor loves to troll people and he did it again while in Paris, France. The group of people in the back just wanted to have their picture taken when Schwarzenegger came out of nowhere on a bike and the rest can be seen on the image! His great personality and sense of humor did it again!

7. This Ty Burell fan got way more than she asked for

Image Source: Reddit

This image clearly shows how a fan had the opportunity to have her picture taken next to the Modern Family actor Ty Burell. Little did the fan know, the photo got at least twice as epic than it was originally intended to be after Brian Cranston himself photobombed it! We like him a lot!

8. Here is how a casual selfie can be interrupted by someone very famous

Image Source: Twitter

This woman was unaware of what was about to happen when she wanted for someone to take a photo of her and her child. Suddenly a stranger appeared in the back and waved at the camera. But the smiling man is not a stranger at all! You recognized Nick Cage, right! Despite his career decline, we have always admired him, because he had his own style and presence!

9. Now this is one powerful photobomb

Image Source: Cheezburger

We all know how cool The Rock is! Mr. Johnson is one of Hollywood’s best actors and also a favorite among movie fans! The reasons for that are numerous and his success is no surprise! When a fen realized he could take an epic selfie with The Rock himself, he took the chance and the actor actually joined in, creating an epic image!

10. Dave Chapelle nailed this one

Image Source: Reddit

The lovely couple you see in front decided to have their engagement photos taken by a professional photographer and they were actually set up pretty good until an unexpected addition to the scenery made them entirely different. Dave Chapelle and his hilarious facial expression added a noticeable twist to the image!

11. Here is one really funny selfie

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

When people want to have fun, it doesn’t matter if you are a regular person or a prince! In this case, Prince Harry decided to participate in the picture because he knew he was going to be in it anyway! He showed his fun personality and the end result a selfie like no other!

12. The Canadian Prime Minister definitely knows how to join a selfie

Image Source: Twitter

We have no idea how he did it, but Justin Trudeau was able to see that these people were trying to take a selfie while he and his colleagues were in the back. They were probably his fans and he decided to join the fun by pulling of a smiling face worthy of photo! As you can see, the two women in the front got more than they asked for and their selfie turned out to be great.

13. These girls got an unexpected addition to their photo

Image Source: Distractify

Well, it is not exactly unexpected. They probably noticed that Ken Jeong was behind them and tried to include his image in the picture, but the actor noticed them, too, and joined them for the epic selfie you see! Their smiles really say it all and they could not be happier to be next to the star! We would like a photo with Ken, too, because he a favorite of ours after The Hangover movies.

14. Zach Braff appears to be happy to assist with photobombing this photo

Image Source: Twitter

The photographer who took this wedding photo in the middle of a crosswalk in NYC later realized that the smiling man who looked at the camera was none other than Zach Braff! He appears to be perfectly aware of the fact that he is photobombing the newlyweds’ photo but he obviously did it anyway! We guess the couple was not mad at all! After all having a celebrity interrupting your wedding photoshoot is not something to be angry about. Braff actually made it special!

15. Here is one high-level photobomb

Image Source: Hello

Not many people can say that they had their picture photobombed by none other than Bill Clinton! This little girl did not realize who was standing behind her but the former president had the clear intention of participating in the photo! He did it with his typical smile and he also appears to be proud of himself!

16. This is an epic concert selfie

Image Source: Reddit

These guys were able to make the perfect selfie without even realizing it at first. As you can see, they attended a Justin Timberlake concert and decided to use the singer and the stage as a background for an epic selfie. Little did they know, the selfie was about to become really glorious after Timberlake saw them and actually joined his fans! It seems that the person on the left realized that the singer joined in, because his eyes are about to pop out!

17. Norman Reedus intentionally photobombed this photo

Image Source: MTV

As you can see, it takes a little in order to intervene during a photoshoot and totally change the appearance of an image! Norman Reedus did it by just acting as his typical self! The actor and television host was probably proud of himself and you can easily tell that!

18. Aaron Paul trolled these people by joining their selfie

Image Source: Reddit

You would not expect a thing like that, but it seems that Aaron Paul was able to spot this couple’s selfie attempt from a relatively far distance and he immediately joined in the fun! The image was taken at Coachella and the couple would probably cherish this image as a sweet memory! Having your image photobombed by a Hollywood star at Coachella is definitely something to remember!

19. Maisie Williams joined this person’s selfie in the only possible way

Image Source: Twitter

Well, it seems that celebrities really do love photobombing ordinary people’s images and this is a trend we would never get enough of! Maisie Williams was able to photobomb this person’s selfie and he doesn’t seem to mind at all!

20. Now this is a rare kind of selfie

Image Source: Imgur

This lucky woman probably noticed Steven Tyler’s presence and decided to use him as a background, but the legend noticed her effort and simply joined in! it is safe to say that she got way more than she initially thought and she probably still keeps this image in a frame somewhere around the house!

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