20 People Who Posted A Selfie And Regretted It Immediately

Image Source: Reddit

People are crazy about taking selfies during literally every step of their lives and there are certain ways in which we can look at this type of images. Some of them are more than professional and they sometimes feature amazing details but the majority of selfies are taken as an improvisation, meaning that they are more or less hilarious! Fortunately for us, such photos are often shared on social media and we can all enjoy them. The list below shows some nice examples of selfies that people probably regretted sharing.

1. The first thing you should do is pick the right background

Image Source: Reddit

We guess this person notices the background only after the photo was uploaded.

2. This group selfie did not turn out as expected

Image Source: Imgur

All it took was a sloth and the whole image turn out to be really funny!

3. Here is how fear kicks in

Image Source: Imgur

These selfies documented how fear become bigger and bigger in a matter of seconds.

4. This is kind of sad

Image Source: Reddit

This girl really wanted her friends to believe she had a boyfriend but it is obvious that she did not have one.

5. The background helped in this case

Image Source: Reddit

The mirror behind this woman caught a man staring in an inappropriate way!

6. This person acted like she was annoyed by the non-existent traffic

Image Source: Imgur

This is actually a classic attempt to seek attention.

7. Here is another woman pretending to have a boyfriend

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that such attempts should be carefully planned and checked before posting.

8. This doggo wants a bite

Image Source: Reddit

The girl is probably unaware that there is another candidate for that ice cream!

9. Here is how a really wild party should look like

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that this image is equally weird and creepy!

10. The toddler’s face says it all here

Image Source: Imgur

Apparently her dad was on the way to take her to a birthday party dedicated to Kesha!

11. Now this is one curious selfie

Image Source: Reddit

We believe this is the first bathroom selfie we see of someone who is technically standing outside.

12. This is an example of bad timing

Image Source: Twitter

We really hope that this is a collage and this person did not actually park on the rails!

13. This girl looks fabulous

Image Source: Twitter

However, we cannot say the same about the mess in her room! She obviously does not mind.

14. The focus is not on this person

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this image was not what this person expected it to be but we like it!

15. As we already mentioned, details matter

Image Source: Reddit

Before posting a selfie, you must check all the details like the reflections in the mirror!

16. Here is a selfie of a man who just learned to take such images

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that the people who received the image probably cringed upon seeing it!

17. This man has strange priorities

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this man wanted to make sure he captured the moment when the plane caught fire.

18. It appears that the doggo in the back did something

Image Source: Imgur

Maybe he could not hold it because he waited for his owner to take the perfect selfie.

19. Here is another dog who really wanted to ruin this selfie

Image Source: Reddit

And as far as we could see, the canine actually did it! It is definitely a funny image!

20. Everything looks fine here until you look in the back

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that there is a man who looks exactly like Voldemort in the back!

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