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20 Pics That Will Touch Even The Stone-hearted Ones Of You

Image Source: Twitter

People do random awesome things all the time. If you are left with another impression, you are probably not aware of just how many good individuals are out there, making the world a better place one step at a time. It does not take much for someone to make a difference, either, as the smallest act of kindness is more than enough. But there is a plethora of other things that could really touch your soul or warm your heart with their pureness or cuteness! As long as we are able to find nice things that leave a big smile on our faces, then there is still plenty of hope left in us for this world. In fact, we believe that everything is getting better as we speak, and the world is full of things that could warm your heart! If you still don’t believe it, you better see some examples, just like the ones below.

1. The awesome kid

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some kids are a lot more conscious than the rest, and seeing random acts of incredible kindness showed by children really gives us hope for humanity! This amazing little boy decided to do something remarkable and let his hair grow for a couple of years with the idea of donating it to kids who have cancer. The mission was accomplished and you can see just how happy he us about doing so!

2. The amazing mission of a lifetime

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another story that could literally melt your heart! These dogs have one thing in common – they are all elderly canines that nobody wanted to adopt until one man showed up! He adopted all these senior cuties to give them the life they deserve and to make sure that they live their last years in a happy environment! It takes a special person to do something as awesome as this, don’t you think? We have a lot of respect for this person!

3. The concert

Image Source: Reddit

Some people are not able to have an easy access to a variety of events due to different difficulties and disabilities. However, this does not mean that they are not willing to do what it takes to do it, and if they happened to be among individuals who are there to help, things get really wholesome! As you can see, this man is supported by the crowd and the fact that he is in a wheelchair was not a problem for the others who literally gave him a hand in probably one of the best experiences of his life!

4. The cutest photo model

Image Source: Twitter

People love their dogs so much that they often do the most extraordinary things in their honor! This is the perfect example. The person you see decided that their cut doggo deserves the best quality photos, so a professional photographer was hired, and the image you see is part of his work! The puppy totally deserves such attention and we can see that the process of taking the photos was a happy time for everyone involved!

5. The cute assistant

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that some people have a really responsible job that requires assistance almost all of the time! In this case, we see a vet in full gear, and what’s more important, we see the vet’s assistant! And we believe that this is the cutest assistant we have ever seen! This vet knew that the kitty would easily melt everyone’s hearts and shared this wholesome photo! We absolutely love it!

6. The calf

Image Source: Reddit

Just when you probably thought that nothing could possibly be cuter than a kitty dressed like a vet, we are giving you this image of what is probably the cutest calf ever! Just looking at this little smiling creature easily makes our day! Animals are awesome and we need to try and understand them more instead of thinking of ourselves as the superior beings on this planet.

7. The kind store staff

Image Source: Twitter

People who work in retail are often referred to as grumpy, but we beg to differ! As you can easily see, this is not entirely true! A lot of the workers actually love their job and they are not afraid to show that kindness is the right way! In this case, one person was overwhelmed by the kindness of the people who found her card and returned it! What an awesome thing to do for a complete stranger, right?

8. The escaping doggo

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is one really cool and funny story! There is a reason for this dog to be dressed like that! The cutie is obviously small and that meant he could easily escape through the fence, so his owners came up with this genius plan to prevent that from happening! As you can see, the end result is a sight that could put a smile on everyone’s face!

9. The things Mister Rogers did

Image Source: Twitter

There is a lot that could be said about Mr. Rogers! He will forever remain as an iconic TV host and his influence on millions of people will never be underrated! One of the most wholesome things he did was when he started saying ‘I am feeding the fish’ in the end of each episode in honor of a visually impaired girl who wrote him that she was worried his fish might not be fed regularly.

10. The wholesome gift

Image Source: Twitter

This is the most wholesome thing we have seen in a while! This person received the gift of a lifetime! Her grandfather gave her a set of books that were full of stories he wrote about all the times they were together and had fun until she was 5 years old.

11. The policeman

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a photo showing the simple joy of being there for the others! The policeman you see is from Sweden, and he took the time to play with a refugee child from Syria passing through the country with her family. How awesome!

12. The helper

Image Source: Reddit

A grocery shopper saw this elderly woman who was struggling with opening a plastic bag, so he did something that appears a small act of kindness, but it had a huge impact for the grateful woman! He simply opened her bag and helped her with the groceries! He definitely made her day, too!

13. The true friend

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a simple photo showing the kindness of one young man. He knew that the family cow was not feeling well and he did what every true fan would have done. He stayed by the cow’s side all night, and we think it was an incredible thing to do!

14. The graduation

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one happy elderly man whose smile is there for a reason! As you can see, he just graduated after more than half of century! He was in his senior year when he had to join the WW2 activities but he eventually decided to get that diploma!

15. The chess game

Image Source: Reddit

The elderly man you see made a move and really wanted someone at the mall to join him. A young man saw him and decided to join him for a game, which probably made the other gentleman’s day! What a cool thing to do!

16. The proud lady

Image Source: Imgur

Here is a photo that could not only make you smile, but it could inspire you as well! It shows the moment a lady received her greeting from the Queen for her 100th birthday! The smile on her face says it all and we hope we all look that good if we live to be a 100 years old!

17. The shopping bag

Image Source: Reddit

There is a lot that could be said about the honesty and loyalty of the people of Japan, and this image shows the Japanese way of understanding things! A person lost their shopping bag and after returning to search for it, the bag was noticed. Someone left it next to a tree, completely untouched! This brings back our trust in people!

18. The shelter

Image Source: Reddit

The best thing about this photo is the fact that there are no dogs in it! This is the wholesome thing about the image – it shows that the shelter is empty, meaning that all the canines were adopted! We hope every stray has an owner eventually!

19. The plush toy

Image Source: Reddit

This cool dad really brought a smile to our faces! He still carries the beluga whale toy his kid gave to him 18 years ago. The plush toy was supposed to make sure that the man would never feel lonely. It is a cool thing that the toy is still keeping company to that man in his line of work!

20. The cutest kitten

Image Source: Twitter

If there is anything we could say about cats, it is the fact that they can remain hidden if they want to, no matter how much time you spend looking for them! In this case, the kitten did a good job at hiding and being cute at the same time!

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