20 Pre-SmartPhone ‘Problems’ That People Born After 2000 Will Never Get

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Kids nowadays are used to being surrounded by technology! Every step of their lives involves some kind of a gadget! They will never know the struggle of not having a phone in your pocket, and all kinds of other different devices we use all the time now were also not available for everyone to buy! This list suggests many relatable and funny situations typical for the time when smartphones were still not invented.

1. This was the only way to make a call while on the go

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Ah, the good old days when we used to hang around the payphones and talk for hours! These phoness were the only way we had to connect with our friends when we were out of home.

2. Privacy was a mirage back then

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Living at home with your parents and siblings meant that you could not have a single talk on the phone without someone overhearing what you had to say to someone.

3. Having GPS navigation in your pocket was science fiction back then

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This funny image is super relatable! As you can see, the confused look on this kid’s face is familiar, because we used to like that when someone tried to give us directions!

4. You had to stick around the phone for hours

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Long conversations meant that you had to be close to the phone for a long time! The worst part of this was when you had nowhere to sit, so you just stood there with sore feet!

5. These contact notebooks were awesome

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We guess that having all your contacts in the smartphone memory is more convenient, but these old notebooks had their charm! Losing them was an issue, though!

6. This was a really cute thing that most of us had

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These transparent phones were one of the best things we used to have 3 decades ago! We guess that they should make a transparent smartphone to honor this legendary model!

7. We can take perfect photos instantly now

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Well, this was not the case twenty years ago, because we had no smartphones with cameras and no digital pocket cameras as well. We had to wait for the photo film to develop and often the photos looked like this one!

8. You had to carry a watch if you wanted to know what time it was

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One of the main functions of our phones today is also one of the simplest ones it features – the built-in clock! This is convenient, but  back in the day you had to either have a wristwatch or you had to ask people on the street who had one if you wanted to know what time it was.

9. We remember this like it was yesterday

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While things are much simpler and easier today, we actually tend to feel kind of nostalgic when it comes to the good old days! Looking with one eye through a tiny window on the back of a regular pocket photo camera in order to take a photo is really kind of weird, we guess!

10. This is was the only way to have some privacy while on the phone

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Today you can take your phone literally everywhere with you and you can choose to have a private conversation. Back in the day this was either impossible or very hard to achieve. It depended on lenght of the phone speaker cable!

11. This is the kind of struggle modern kids are not familiar with

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Seeing this tangled phone cable made us smile, because we could literally feel it and sense its smell, which was something like rubber and plastic combined.

12. Every call was a surprise

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One of the benefits of today’s phones is the simple fact that you know who is calling, or you can at least see their number. This was simply not possible a couple of decades ago when mobile phones were still not widely popular.

13. Today you can order a pizza or do whatever with a few taps and swipes

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Well, this was not the way it was back in the day. We had to source through phonebooks such as this or the Yellow Pages in order to do something super simple, like finding a pizza delivery place, for example.

14. This happened on a daily basis

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People who remember those old dial-up connections would definitely smile when they see this image, because they would also recall the feuds it caused all the time at home.

15. This is one of the most popular cameras back then

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We genuinely believe that maybe six or seven people out of ten had one of these! As we already mentioned, being able to immediately see the photos you took was either impossible or a luxury.

16. This was the way a person looked while taking a photo

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It actually looks kind of weird to see someone taking a photo with one of these, instead of using a smartphone. TImes change faster that we can realize, we guess.

17. Planning a trip required printed sheets like this one

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Modern GPS devices and phones make navigating your way everywhere around the world really easy, but it was hard to do it back in the day, because you had to prepare and print dozens of navigation sheets!

18. This was the only way to amuse yourself while spending time on the toilet seat

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We have smartphones with internet now and there is never a boring minute even while we are in the toilet, but it was not like that when we were kids.

19. This is relatable as well

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Sometimes you didn’t even have a shampoo or another product with a label to read, so times inside the bathroom passed slowly!

20. Here is another example of a typical personal phone book

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These notebooks were priceless because they often contained all of our contacts, and most people kept it either under the phone at home or in a special drawer!

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