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20 Times Dogs Did A Great Job Ruining Perfect Photos

Image Source: Reddit

Dogs are man’s best friend and that is one undeniable fact. What dog owners know is that this friendship is like any other: it is not all sunshine and rainbows. As you are about to see, canines can sometimes cause inconveniences, especially when it comes to their humans’ personal space! Taking a photo with your dog around can be nearly impossible and this is why these people wanted to know the others how that feels. We are glad they shared their experience so we get to see these funny images.

1. The ears

Image Source: Reddit

Baby photos are always adorable to see but this one is a bit different. You can see the reasons for that right away: the doggo did not suspect its ears would have such an effect!

2. The group photo

Image Source: Imgur

Group selfies are always a nice idea especially when the people in the photo are the ones you love the most. Sometimes, pets feel a little envious and they take matters into their own paws.

3. The selfie

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another example of how jealous dogs can be. This smiling canine saw that his buddy was going to have his picture taken with their human, so he wanted to be in the picture as well.

4. The moment

Image Source: MDM

A great photo is sometimes the result of perfect timing or sheer chance. This is the case here: right before a doggo was going to have its picture taken, another canine added a twist to it.

5. The proposal

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like sharing the most important moments of your life with your four-legged animal friend. This is what happened there and the dog was obviously excited to be there!

6. The snap

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one image that was snapped at the right moment. The cute doggo you see happened to be in front, literally taking all the focus off the humans in the back. This is adorable!

7. The driver

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one accidental optical illusion that we really loved the moment we saw it! This curious dog decided to stick its head in front of the camera and the end result is nothing but hilarious.

8. The look

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that dogs can really steal the show if they want to, which is what happened here. Posing in front of a camera is sometimes hard but the result can still be as awesome as this image!

9. The friends

Image Source Reddit

Friend selfies are probably the most common type of image you could see in peoples’ social media profiles. As you can see, these images are sometimes unconventional.

10. The tongue

Image Source: Imgur

Doggos love the beach and that is no surprise. Dog owners know that taking their canine friends to play in the sand is pure fun and taking images of them is even better, even if some of the dogs get in front of the camera in the last second.

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11. The event

Image Source: Reddit

Public events such as concerts and movie projections are always fun but there are special moments worth sharing. This is not an ordinary event, judging by the audience!

12. The engagement photo

Image Source: Reddit

Someone shared this image of their sister’s engagement photo album. It seems that the happy couple thought their dog would make a huge difference as part of the photos and it did!

13. The car ride

Image Source: Imgur

Dogs love riding in vehicles with their humans but what they really enjoy is sticking their heads out of the window. This is what happened here but one of the dogs did it in the last second.

14. The stare

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that taking a simple selfie with your dog around is borderline impossible. As you can see, this husky was not happy about his human not paying enough attention.

15. The smile

Image Source: Reddit

Someone wanted to take a picture of their cat and they did but their dog joined the image in the last possible second. It still turned out to be a cool image, though.

16. The attention seeker

Image Source: Reddit

Dogs always need to feel loved and they want to occupy their owners’ private space all of the time. This is what happened here: the family dog wanted to be part of the photo.

17. The flying dog

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this image was meant to show the beauty of this huge yard and its surroundings but an unexpected addition literally flew in and became part of the frame!

18. The pug

Image Source: Imgur

Pugs are notorious attention seekers and they need to feel loved in every second possible. This is why this cute pug decided that this photo was going to feature it, too!

19. The special moment

Image Source: Reddit

A father and his baby always have the kind of bond that needs to be photographed all the time! As you can see, another family member joined the image by accident and it did not make it better, too.

20. The wiener dog

Image Source: DNK

It seems that dogs can intentionally steal all the attention simply because they can and they want to do it! This is what happened here: this couple’s photos received an unexpected twist!

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