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20 Times Flat-Earthers Were Trolled By Everyone On Internet

Image Source: Chaostrphic

The Flat Earth society has many followers all over the world and we find this fact to be more or less disturbing. After all, the shape of our planet (this is why it is called a planet, after all) is round and this matter is not supposed to be a subject of any kind of debate. However, the members of the Flat Earth society still claim that they have many ways to prove they are right. As you are about to see, the majority of people on the internet think differently and the variety of ways they troll flat-earthers is extremely amusing to see.

1. This is the best way to picture things

Image Source: Dutchster

As you can see, the claims flat-earthers have about the shape of the planet do not sound weird but also look weird. Hearing it is one thing but seeing their perspective is definitely a different story because you literally get the bigger picture! There is no way to beat that!

2. This needs to be repeated as a mantra

Image Source: Braincharm

As someone captioned this hilariously funny post, this extremely interesting post needs to be said out loud over and over again! This was posted in a Flat Earth Society media profile which makes things so funny! We are sure that everyone knows what a globe is and using it in this context is more than inappropriate considering the cause the members of this society defend.

3. Cat owner will relate to this one for sure

Image Source: Twitter

There are a lot of undisputable facts out there and this suggestion is very close to being one. It is extremely plausible, to say the least! Of course, this person was metaphorically speaking, but if we assume that there was an actual edge, cats would be able to push things off it. This post is super funny and also full of sarcasm.

4. This is an example of fine trolling

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that those familiar with Terry Pratchett’s work will love this one! The Disc World was probably the foundation of the flat Earth theory and you can clearly see why. Of course, the modern theory does not include a giant turtle because it would be too weird for someone to believe in!

5. The supporters of the theory need to explain this

Image Source: Tafeio

The images you see are probably a forbidden topic among flat-earthers for obvious reasons. They are made in a funny and sarcastic way but they sure do raise an important question. If we assume that the planet is not a planet but a disc, this means that the extinction of the dinosaurs probably happened in a different way than we all know.

6. Here is another great example of trolling

Image Source: Meme

Believe it or not, the art of trolling is a really fine matter and there is a lot to learn about it. You need to know the exact topic and the means you can use to push things just far enough for things to be funny enough without offending someone. This image is the best example for obvious reasons.

7. This is the true mechanism behind the society

Image Source: Happyjar

We have always wondered how did the society of the supporters of the flat Earth theory grew this big. Well, the reason is that these people probably choose a rather irrational way to accept facts and evidence. Even worse, they choose to accept those facts that they like the sound of and ignore obvious and logical arguments.

8. Here is one more interpretation of the theory

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen how Earth casts a shadow over the moon, but even this obvious and actually very simple proof of the fact that our planet is, in fact, a planet, is not enough for flat-earthers. They come up with all sorts of explanations about the rounded shadow that is cast over the moon which are not valid arguments.

9. This one is like a conversation we can hear

Image Source: Uol

There is a funny image of Janice from the Friends TV show with the caption that you can hear it when you look at it, because you immediately remember her annoying laughter. The same goes for these images as well. The funny conversation is so brilliant and yet simple that you can almost hear it. This is a joke, of course, so nobody can be offended by it.

10. Now this is one fine comparison

Image Source: Braincharm

We believe that Earth is the most beautiful planet in our solar system. The colors of our home planet are mesmerizing and its round shape is the reason it is actually a planet, and not a disc or similarly-shaped object. As you can see, someone compared it to a woman’s body and it is definitely way better looking than a flat disc!

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11. Someone has a brilliant sense of humor

Image Source: Twitter

The artist behind this brilliant short comic is an absolute legend and we salute them for the creativity! As you can see, the comic follows a rather simple scenario which is not plausible in real life, of course. This fact is what makes the whole thing funny and we would like to see more of this artist’s work.

12. Here is something that flat-earthers actually responded to

Image Source: Awkward

This is another brilliant way to explain in a very simple and easy to understand way how would our world work if it was a disc! However, despite seeing the obvious explanation right in front of them, the respond was that the real equivalent of the lamp is turned off somehow and this creates nighttime! Can you believe this?

13. Someone decided to use ridiculous facts against the theory

Image Source: Braincharm

You know what they say – if you cannot beat them, you should join them! However, someone decided to do things differently and chose a funny approach! As you can see, the person behind this collage suggested that the left image is a proof of Earth’s round shape because it was the axis of our globe and it rotates around that axis! This is pure trolling!

14. Here is one curious photo

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure where this photo was taken or who snapped it but we know that everyone would use it to troll flat-earthers. It is another association with Pratchett’s amazing books but this one is a bit different. As you can see, the tortoise is not carrying a disc, but a piece of flat land and it is absolutely hilarious to make the right association.

15. This is the best possible caption for the dress you see

Image Source: Braincharm

First of all, we need to say that this dress is absolutely stunning! Sure enough, nobody would wear it to a prom night or a ballroom dance but it is still a unique piece of clothing! The clever caption someone came up with really gives the image a whole new meaning and we love creativity behind it!

16. Now this can make your blood boil

Image Source: Reddit

When you see something so obvious that is definitely not worthy of being a topic of discussion or any kind of doubt, you never assume that someone would doubt it. However, flat-earthers actually think that the world map was created by simply copying an image which was taken from space. This really gets on your nerves and trying to explain the obvious becomes an annoying task!

17. This is funny but it is straight on point

Image Source: Braincharm

As you can see, someone came up with a really clever question that is also extremely funny! The person thought that it could be considered as a quality joke but an answer must be given as well because it would be strange for the planet to have curved rainbows if its surface was flat.

18. Here is another funny way to explain how flat-earthers become more and more

Image Source: Beautyofplanet

As we already mentioned, the supporters of the theory seem to be really blind for arguments and facts and they choose to believe a conspiracy that does not actually exist. They often become fans of the theory after mindless browsing of the internet for hours and hours until they convince themselves that the world is a disc and not a planet.

19. Now this is an interesting suggestion

Image Source: Braincharm

This person captioned their photo in the best possible way and we believe that it might be the best way to end the feud between flat-earthers and everyone else. The visualization seems a bit weird and we guess that some people would find it to be plausible but we all know the truth, right?

20. This sign will make the cogs in your head turn to a sudden stop

Image Source: Facebook

We already mentioned about simple things that everyone knows and which nobody would start a dispute about. However, the members of this society try to come up with the most bizarre ideas ever! They give their best to prove their point but this example will give you a glimpse at their argumentation. It is clear that there is no need arguing about the sea level and yet someone actually did it!

Written by Nick Martin

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